Marketing Nutz Launches Social Profit Factor: Social Media, Branding Training Academy for YOU!

Pam Moore

It is THE social media training academy for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, CMOs, CEOs, directors, recruiters, sales professionals, real estate agents, speakers, authors, network marketers, artists, franchisees, franchisors and YOU! After working in corporate America for 15+ years, plus 7 years running a successful marketing agency, we saw a need not being fulfilled by any agency or training program. Can’t find the training and information needed to learn?

Big Announcement! THE Social Media Training Academy and Member Community for Business is Here!

Pam Moore

We have been working the past year on a game changing online social media training academy and member community to help solve your biggest problems and challenges related to social media marketing, digital marketing, and branding. I am excited to announce that TODAY we officially open the public doors to our brand new Social Profit Factor training academy and member community! Can't find the training and information needed to learn?


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Getting everyone social media trained

Sherrilynne Starkie

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn,” said Ben Franklin about social media training never. Social media training. Depending on the job, training might focus on the basics, technology, best practices or business strategy. Basic training should position the social media policy as a framework for employees to make appropriate and smart decisions. Subject matter experts could benefit from social media training too.

Google Expands ‘About This Result’ Panels to Europe, Launches New Digital Literacy Training Program

Social Media Today

Google's new library training program will help educate older users in digital literacy

Facebook Partners with Coursera on New Digital Skills Training Initiatives

Social Media Today

The new initiatives will provide additional training opportunities for those looking into emerging areas

Getting everyone social media trained

Sherrilynne Starkie

Not every employee has the same learning requirements however, depending on the job, training might focus on the basics, technology, best practices or business strategy. Basic training should position the social media policy as a framework for employees to make appropriate and smart decisions. For example, a major fashion brand might provide specific training on Pinterest or a museum might train staff to take excellent quality digital photographs for Instagram.

Google Announces New, Free Digital Skills Training Sessions Online

Social Media Today

Google is expanding its free digital training sessions online, in order to meet demand amid the COVID-19 lockdowns

Announcing The Social PR Apprentice™ Training Program

Waxing UnLyrical

But one thing you should DEFINITELY do today is check out my NEW training program, which you are hearing of before anyone else. More deets here but basically: An incredibly compact and effective training program that gets you up and running with solid Social PR IMMEDIATELY. 12 13 lessons in total (2+ hours of recorded instruction, NOT counting the bonus training), that you can take in ANY order, ANY time you want, and AS MANY times as you want. ” mini-training.

Facebook Expands 'Rise' Ad Agency Skills Training Program to More Regions

Social Media Today

Facebook is expanding its Rise ad agency skills training program to more regions

TikTok Partners with TSPA on New Initiative to Provide Support and Training for Content Moderators

Social Media Today

TikTok has announced a new partnership to provide additional support and training for content moderators

LinkedIn Launches New Code Training Integration with GitHub, Enhanced LinkedIn Learning Options

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has added a range of new coding courses, as well as new language translation tools

Irresistible Content Curation and Creation -Free Webinar Live Training

Pam Moore

Register now for a free live online training webinar event on Thursday, August 17th for some immediate relief! Free Irresistible Content Curation and Creation Training Webinar – Here is What you will learn: . and more… If you are serious about better using content marketing to grow your business, don't miss this unique training. Need us to help train your team?

Meta Partners with Adobe on New Social Media Marketing Training Course

Social Media Today

The new course includes insights from internal experts from Meta, as well as explainers on how to utilize Adobe's creative tools

32 social media training resources and courses every marketer needs

Sprout Social

And continuing your social media training is the best way for you, and your team, to achieve a quick knowledge and credentials boost. The more team members you onboard, the more important it becomes to keep up with the best training resources out there.

How to Train the Instagram Algorithm to Show you the Content You Want

Jenn's Trends

If you’re tired of seeing weird videos or photos in your Explore page, content from people you don’t really want in your feed, or Reels of topics you don’t actually want to see, then it’s time to reprogram your Instagram algorithms! It might sound complicated, but it’s really not!

Facebook Adds 22 New, Free Training Modules to Facebook Blueprint

Social Media Today

Facebook has added a range of new training courses to its Blueprint education platform Looking to up your digital marketing skills?

Module 131

Facebook Partners on New Program to Provide Digital Skills Training to Minority Communities

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new initiative, in partnership with Coursera and Goodwill International, to provide training to 6,000 COVID-19 impacted workers

Facebook Announces New Women's Safety Training Events to Help Improve Online Safety and Inclusion

Social Media Today

The sessions will showcase the various tools and processes that Facebook has on offer to assist

A Helpful Guide To Free SEO Training

Small Business Mavericks

Chuck Price just gave us the 2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online and it is nice to see all that help in one place. These aren’t just little tutorials, these are MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — and he shares his suggestions for the courses he would use in training an organic search specialist. Tools for Small Business free online seo courses guide to free seo training courses internet marketing services MOOC

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training For Your Team – What You Must Remember

Social Media Marketing

Many have had to go completely digital to use the new system while many others have to properly train their staff with the new technology in hand. Teaching your staff how to use the new system means you have to adequately train them. User adoption is only possible when your staff is trained. Looking for the Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Courses The ideal way to ensure that your staff is prepared for the jump is to train them well in advance.

Meta Announces Participants in New Training Program for Black-Owned SMBs, New Support Events Throughout Black History Month

Social Media Today

Meta has announced a new program of events to provide support and training for Black-owned SMBs

Language Training to Develop New Business Opportunities


Language training can help you develop the skills you need to learn new languages quickly and effectively, thus helping the organization go to the next level and be even more competitive within the space that they operate in. How can language training help develop new business opportunities?

Meta Announces New Training and Support Resources for Female-Owned Businesses

Social Media Today

The new guides and resources will help female-led businesses navigate the ongoing impacts of the pandemic

Google Launches 'Accelerating Retail' Digital Marketing Training Program for Businesses in Europe

Social Media Today

Google's launched a new program to help European retailers boost their digital presence

Retail 170

Facebook Launches 'Summer of Support' Program to Provide Digital Marketing Training to Businesses

Social Media Today

Facebook will run a series of digital marketing education and information sessions over the US summer to help businesses maximize their online efforts

Across the USA by Train… With Kids and For $0

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

However, another viral post stemmed my desire to write about my own train experience. Last year, Derek Low shared his experience traveling across the US by train for $213. My husband, being a train buff , had his own plans, and earlier this month, we embarked with my 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter on a nearly 4,000 mile trip (total was 3,968+ miles) from NYC to Washington DC to Chicago to Denver to Salt Lake City to San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Facebook Offers New, Free Training Sessions on Groups for Business, Messenger and More

Social Media Today

Facebook continues its program of free business education lessons with new overviews of groups, Messenger and more

Walmart Increases VR Training Program, Using Facebook's Oculus Go Headsets

Social Media Today

Walmart has announced a significant expansion of its virtual reality training program, using Facebook's Oculus Go headsets

TikTok Announces New Funding and Training Initiatives to Provide Support for Black-Owned Businesses

Social Media Today

TikTok has announced the next stage of funding for its Support Black Businesses initiative

What’s the ROI of Training Rides?

Waxing UnLyrical

In other words, for most people, this event requires real commitment and real planning in the areas of fundraising and training. Typically, to overcome the second problem, internal resources are tapped to organize between one and three training rides in the big city. The costs associated with these endeavors are primarily staff time: a staffer spends 4-5 hours planning the training ride, and on the actual day, 1-2 staff accompany the riders for between 2-4 hours.

Facebook Announces New Training Tools to Help Boost Digital Literacy

Social Media Today

Facebook has released some new tools to help teach digital literacy to business owners and job seekers

What Are Osha Training Requirements? A Complete Guide on What You Should Know

The Realtime Report

What Are Osha Training Requirements? However, business owners can see a significant reduction in the number of injuries that take place on their watch by making proper safety training a priority. When it comes to safety training, the guidelines put in place by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are a good starting point. They also provide training, education, assistance, and outreach to help enforce these health and safety standards.

5 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers at Your Business

The Realtime Report

5 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers . With that in mind, today we’re going to share five tips that business leaders can use to train social media marketers. Given that fact, business leaders should conduct collaborative training procedures that encourage team members to work together. When implemented correctly, a social media campaign can enhance a company’s reputation and generate a large number of quality leads.

Facebook Commits to Training a Million Business Owners in Digital Literacy by 2020

Social Media Today

Facebook is launching a new set of programs to help train small business owners in digital literacy

Social Media Online Courses and Training

Laurel Papworth

Course Online Communities social media Training campaign Facebook google plus online strategy Twitter workshop Shares My online courses are on Udemy – please scroll down to “teaching” – to join the 3000+ social media students undertaking my courses! How to Automate, Autoschedule and AutoFollow on Social Media : .

U-M Researchers Train Tech Tool to Find Relationship Clues from Written Conversations

The Realtime Report

U-M Researchers Train Tech Tool to Find Relationship Clues from Written Conversations. The researchers then trained a deep-learning classifying tool to look for those characteristics and the relationships they represented in all of the Reddit and Enron messages, and the movie dialogue.

9 Instagram Courses and Training to Boost Your Skills Fast (Free & Paid)


We’ve put together a list of 9 online courses and training, covering everything from planning content calendars to learning the basics of photography and graphic design. Looking for ways to boost your professional Instagram skills?

Do You Have A Social Media Training Policy?

Small Business Mavericks

You know, all the marketing strategies in the world are going to be useless if you aren’t training your employees to interact with the customer correctly. Your social media marketing plan should include appropriate training for your employees. allowing comments and feedback on training — it’s social, so it should be collaborative. regular training sessions to address current issues — track mentions of your business so you pick up on them.

Advanced Social Media Training in Sydney August 2019

Laurel Papworth

You can find out more, book tickets and schmooze around at Advanced Social Media Training – 3 Days in Sydney, Australia. 3 Day Advanced Social Media Training in Sydney. OTHER SYDNEY TRAINING: If you are looking for a “Facebook and Instagram course” only , please go to Facebook and Instagram 2 Day Sydney Course as this 3 day course is for advanced strategies across multiple platforms, departments and accounts.

15 Free Social Media Training Courses and Resources


Social media training courses are a great way for digital marketers to level up their skillset. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best social media marketing training courses available for free online. 15 of the best social media training courses and resources. These courses and resources offer the best social media marketing training. Social media training courses for beginners. Social Marketing Training – Hootsuite Academy.