Facebook Adds 22 New, Free Training Modules to Facebook Blueprint

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Looking to up your digital marketing skills? Facebook has added a range of new training courses to its Blueprint education platform

Module 132

KCNN: Principles Module

Buzz Marketing for Technology

LEARNING MODULES. This Web site is an initiative of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. J-Lab. J-New Voices. J-Learning. | --> Get J-Flash newsletter. | RSS Feed. ABOUT. RESOURCES. RESEARCH. CITMEDIA SITES. CONTACT. Top 10 Rules for Limiting Legal Risk. Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive. Tools for Citizen Journalists. Twelve Tips for Growing Positive Communities Online. Make Internet TV. Training Citizen Journalists. Principles of Citizen Journalism.

Module 181

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Facebook Expands Breaking News Tags, Brings Local News Update Module to More Regions

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Facebook has announced the expansion of both its 'Breaking News' tags and its local news update option

Module 127

New Statistics Module: Discover a more efficient way to manage your Competitive Intelligence performance 


Forrester has predicted that Insights Driven organizations are likely to grow 8 times faster than global GDP, and will steal market shares to their competitors. However, to retain such favourable results requires long term monitoring and analysis of performance across all departments of an organisation. This is where Competitive Intelligence (CI) professionals are routinely faced with a set of common challenges.

Facebook Announces Removal of Trending News Section

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After various controversies, Facebook has announced that it's removing its Trending news module

Facebook Announces New Slate of Video News Programs, Replacing Trending

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new slate of exclusive video news programming, which could replace their Trending News module

Tips for using Pokemon Go for your business!

Freelance Social Media

Tips range from hosting a party with Lure Modules to offering discounts to the three different teams, Team Valor, Team Mystic, Team Instinct! Check out a few tips for using Pokemon Go for your business ! ShareThis

Module 109

Review: Social Fever: Stop Smartphone Addiction App For Android


Having such an app handy, you can connect better with the real world, make yourself more productive, and stay hydrated with its drink water reminder module. In this article, we will review the Social Fever app along with a detailed explanation of all its modules.

CleanMyPC – Is This Windows PC Cleaner Worth The Hype?


All the 8 modules are neatly placed and as soon as you click on each module you can take further actions. You will not have any difficulties in understanding what each button or module per se is meant to do. Module No. Module No. Module No. Module No.

IObit Malware Fighter Review 2021


Each option, module or button is clearly defined and tells you what it is meant to do. Furthermore, the best part about this module is that you can keep a track of your scan history. With a dedicated DNS protect module, no malware can tweak the DNS settings on your computer.

CleanMyMac X Vs MacCleaner Pro – Mac Cleaners Go Head To Head


This module is a combo of three features namely cleaning, speeding up, and system protection. App updater is a module you won’t find in Mac Cleaner Pro. The best part about this module is that once you have removed files using the file shredder , it becomes completely irrecoverable.

Advanced System Optimizer – Keep Your Windows PC Clean and Speed Up your Computer


PC Fixer module needs to be updated. In addition to this, there are individual modules to perform specific tasks. If you are giving your PC a fresh start this module is worth having. Using this module you can save yourself from getting this message.

Cision?s new social media influencer tool

Sherrilynne Starkie

Social Influencer Discovery module for Cision Communications Cloud enables communicators to identify and develop relationships with social media influencers. Having recently used one of Cision’s tools to try to build a social media influencer tool, and finding it wanting, I’m pretty interested in a new tool being launched today. .

CleanMyMacX Rolls Out Native Support For Apple Silicon Macs With M1 Processor


Apple silicon Macs are now going to have bigger and better disk space, thanks to the Universal Binaries’ help feature that CleanMyMac X has added to its System junk Module.

Apple 69

SEO Guidelines for Sponsored Content and Partner Links

Adam Sherk

Another common practice for publishers is to feature partner links in various locations such as sidebar modules or just above the footer. The modules typically include a link to the partner home page plus a few recent headlines. So publishers will need to decide for themselves how to define partner links, how to code those modules on their own sites and what they want their partners to do.

Deleted Files and Folders On Windows Keep Coming Back, What Can Be Done?


Let’s have a look at both the modules of Advanced System Optimizer. 1 denotes the System Protector module which gives you protection against all kinds of malware and No. 2 denotes the Secure Delete module that can help you shred and delete files permanently. Secure Delete Module.

User Guides On Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Realtime Report

This system serves great with modules including marketing, sales, finance and operations and customer service that are mandatory for businesses in all industry verticals. Each module covers specific functionality and hence serves as an absolute system for any startup business.

Module 121

Step Up Your Android Phone’s Security With IObit AMC Security


The first thing that you immediately see once you are inside the module is all your payment apps. What this module essentially does is that it protects your financial transactions from bogus apps that may mimic your payment methods and steal your money.

Streamline Internal Communication with Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Microsoft Teams


Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Teams is a built-in module that enables platform users to quickly discover and discuss relevant advocacy content, share it with their social networks, and track engagement, without having to leave Teams.

Quick Ways To Stop Spinning Wheel On Mac


ii) For complete uninstallation, take the aid of CleanMyMac X that has a dedicated module to uninstall apps – Applications > Uninstaller. Looking for how to stop spinning wheel on mac, here are some effective ways that can help you fix the issue.

Are You Writing Intelligent Content? Should You Be?

Waxing UnLyrical

More specifically, structured content is a way of organizing, storing and managing content, breaking it down into easily identifiable modules and then assigning/using metadata tags and automation to publish this intelligent content from a single source to multiple distribution channels. When content is created in discrete modules or “chunks” in a CCMS and tagged, the metadata tags greatly streamline publishing material in different formats, to different channels and on different devices.

SEO Tips for Infinite Scrolling

Adam Sherk

Viewing the home page or any channel page with JavaScript disabled reveals a module with links to static archive pages organized by year and month (like this April 2013 page ): This creates a simple, easy jumping off point to all the content pages on the site. The concept is essentially the same thing as a comprehensive HTML sitemap, the difference being the links are accessible through a module on the home and channel pages instead of just a footer link.

SEO 196

Boost Your Blog Traffic: A Guide For Bloggers Who Want More Traffic in 2011


Over 5 modules we’ll walk you through our philosophies for building traffic to blogs. In the course we’ll cover 5 Modules: Module 1: Where to Start. Module 2: Get Off Your Blog. Module 3: Get More Google Traffic. Module 4: Advertising and Syndication. Module 5: Live Webinar. Are you looking for more traffic for your blog? If you answer yes – you’re not alone. In fact you’re in the vast majority of bloggers.

Make Learning Fun For Your Kids: ABCD Drawing App For Android


One of the first modules from ABCD Drawing app is Learn Alphabet that can be seen on the top of the homepage. All you need to do is, just tap on the module & the following screen will become horizontal.

4 Reasons the New Google Local Stack Sucks


Spend five minutes on the internet and there’s a good chance you’ll run into Google’s new local search result module, which Mike Blumenthal dubbed the “Local Stack” Google Local Stack showing results for “roofer in Livermore” If you have any issues with the new stack, you’re in good company. The short answer is that Google wanted a more consistent local search module.

Google 160

Pursuing A Diploma In Supply Chain Management In Dublin Ireland

The Realtime Report

Modules taught as part of the course are: Management Theory and Practice. Pursuing A Diploma In Supply Chain Management. In Dublin Ireland. With the fast expansion of the e-commerce sector, more businesses are looking to compete internationally.

Best Ways To Stop Screen Flickering On Mac


Let’s have a look at a few of its modules and see how it can help you fix the screen flickering on your Mac. Your MacBook is a spectacular device and you have probably given Mac a heads-up over its counterpart, Windows but still, it is far from being impeccable.

Microsoft Safety Scanner – How It Fairs Up Against Traditional Antivirus Applications


Data protection modules where you can protect data from ransomware and even password protect your data.

Facebook Ad Hacks Every Mom-preneur Needs

Twenty4 Social

I am doing something I’ve never done before and taking a module straight out of my 10X Sales and Scale Course and sharing it for FREE on this weeks episode. On this weeks episode, we’re doing a deep dive into the powerful ways to turbocharge your business using Facebook Ads.

How to Avoid a Social Media Crisis During COVID-19


Crisis Management Module. During these uncertain circumstances, if you want to learn more about how our Social Media Crisis Management Module can alleviate any fears you may have, feel free to contact us.

7 Best Equalizer Apps For Android You Need To Enhance Sound Quality!


You can do it using some of the best equalizer apps that helps you to modulate and balance out the sound frequencies. An excellent sound Equalizer for Android that not only modulates the sound frequencies but also offers readymade profiles for sound distortion.

5 Facebook Group Features You May Not Know About (But Should)

agora pulse

Learning Modules. Learning modules are the way to go. Learning modules allow you to essential create courses and educational information that group members can work through, like taking an online course. How to Set Up Learning Modules. These Facebook Group features can offer enormous value to your audience and visibility to your brand—and you may not even know they exist! Facebook groups are a cornerstone of social media marketing.

5 Facebook Group Features You May Not Know About (But Should)

agora pulse

Learning Modules. Learning modules are the way to go. Learning modules allow you to essential create courses and educational information that group members can work through, like taking an online course. How to Set Up Learning Modules. These Facebook Group features can offer enormous value to your audience and visibility to your brand—and you may not even know they exist! Facebook groups are a cornerstone of social media marketing.

Fixed – Windows 10 Taskbar Items Flickering And Flashing


This module scans your computer for various issues, one of which could be possibly be making the Windows 10 taskbar flicker. To use this module – 1. The taskbar is a very useful and important UI element of Windows 10.

Fixed – System Restore Not Working Windows 10


It even has a Backup & Restore module which lets you take a backup of important system files and you can restore them when in need. Here is how you can use this module – Want to know more about Advanced System Optimizer, here’s a comprehensive review – 1.

How To Check RAM Speed In Windows 10?


This amazing tool offers the information about processor [name, cache levels, number, process, codename & package], real time measurement [internal & memory frequency], mainboard, chipset and memory type [size, module specification & timings] You can install CPU- Z from here.

How To 108

7 Best Junk File Cleaners for Windows 10


Dedicated malware removal module, startup manager, disk cleanup, removes fragments from drives, efficient file shredder. It is powered with several modules that can help optimize your PC and boost its startup time.

Understanding “Recently In” Facebook Ad Location Targeting

Jon Loomer

Facebook Blueprint’s Training Module on Location: Confusion. One of these is a Blueprint Training Module on Core Audience Targeting. To add to confusion, this module has a specific section on Location-Based Audiences. Facebook’s Blueprint module on Location Targeting appears to potentially have a mistake. Location targeting on Facebook can be a powerful feature.

Module 131

Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Adam Sherk

3) Editors’ Picks – Creating an Editors’ Picks RSS feed allows you to provide five links to priority content that will potentially be featured in a special module within Google News: There are some specific guidelines to follow for the RSS feed. 7) Spotlight – the Spotlight section and the module on the home and channel pages is algorithmically generated, but if you regularly publish longer-form articles and opinion pieces you have a chance of being pulled in.

Reuters, Rogers and social dashboards

Sherrilynne Starkie

It also has a stock sentiment module, which features opinions from hundreds of thousands of sources captured and curated by WiseWindow , which uses statistical techniques and natural language processing to deliver predictive data in realtime. Reuters has launched Social Pulse , a social media hub on Reuters.com which highlights social media’s most shared news, companies and influencers. It displays the news that is most popular in Reuters social network.