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UGC, Sponsored Are The Two New Nofollow Link Attributes Introduce By Google


That is why they have recently launched two more nofollow link attributes that is UGC and sponsored. So, Recently Google has unfolded two new attributes of the nofollow link, and from now onwards nofollow link attributes (rel=”nofollow”) would be considered as a “hint” rather than as a directive for ranking purposes.

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Why Nofollow Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

Small Business Mavericks

Even today, many bloggers and webmasters are suspicious of nofollow links. Certainly, you don’t want all your inbound links being nofollow, but does it really hurt if some of them are? If you receive $50 or $100 for your article, does that nofollow link really matter? If not, then you don’t understand marketing.


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NoFollow Links in Press Releases? How To Revise Your Press Release Strategy

Bill Hartzer

Therefore, all links in press releases should have the nofollow attribute added to the links, so that the press release does not pass any SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) value to the website it’s linking to. But I have a suspicion as to why they are wanting us to put nofollow links in press releases now. But I digress.

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Facebook Rolling Out Facebook Articles

Bill Hartzer

I’ll also be looking to see how the links in Facebook articles appear, if they include the “nofollow” link attribute. A few things I’d like to see is whether or not there is a unique URL for the article, and whether or not the Facebook article is crawled and indexed in Google.

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How To: Make Your Links Do Follow Links in Google Plus

Bill Hartzer

I am not sure if Google has done this on purpose, but some links that are posted in Google Plus are automatically tagged with a nofollow link attribute, meaning that there is not any search engine optimization value added to the link. It is a “nofollow” link: Click on the image above it in order to enlarge it.

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SEO Guidelines for Sponsored Content and Partner Links

Adam Sherk

Make sure that links within sponsored content have the “nofollow” attribute or are coded so that they are inaccessible to crawlers. While Google claims to already discount most affiliate links, from an SEO perspective the safest course is to treat them like sponsored links and make them nofollow or inaccessible to crawlers.

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7 SEO Principles Bloggers Must Remember

Convince & Convert

Nofollow links to sites with which you don’t want/need to share link equity. You could nofollow them, but then you’d be tricking the person you made the reciprocal link agreement with (which most people would agree is a “gray hat” move). This site is deep, not flat.

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