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12 (of the) Best WordPress Guides and Plugin Reviews of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Get the answers to those questions and more here in a dozen of the best posts and articles about WordPress from the past year. WordPress Guides and Commentary. How did WordPress win? by majordojo. ** 5 STARS.

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The Medium Is/Is Not The Message

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When social media took hold - the early days of Blogger and Movable Type - it changed everything for me. movable type. In fact being rejected was welcomed, compared to the usual radio silence. Pitching a story back then was the social equivalent to being ghosted these days. Just nothing back. advertising. blog platform.

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A Blog is a Better Social Media Hub Than Twitter


Movable Type , which is also popular, offers a free, non-commercial Blogger’s License and several paid, “professional&# upgrade options. Tumblr is also free, and extremely easy to use.

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Blog Hosting, Domains and Blogging Platforms – What We Wish We Knew


While this was a great way to test my passion for blogging (I was hooked within hours of starting) I did quickly move on from this set up to my own blog, with a professional design and a standalone blogging tool (I went to Movable Type initially).

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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Hawaiian Relaxation & More


Is Movable Type’s new dashboard too similar to WordPress ? Why you should never opt out of a spam email ? How to check shortened URL’s. Securing your home network. 15 top computer tech tips of 2009 from HTS Tech Tips. 25 high quality premium-like WordPress themes. 21 outstanding WordPress plugins. WordPress MyReviewPlugin.

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Turned six months old &

The Marketing Blog

Update : Just noticed that Gurunandan Bhat has a presentation on Using Movable Type 4.0 Last Week OSS Camp was a great success and I made some new friends out there Kinshuk , Pratham Kalia , Kurund , Ravi Shankar , Vineet and more… Ann & Jeremy have written insightful posts on Twitter tips for Marketers.

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The Future of Work Weblog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

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