A Domain Name Related Contest

Bill Hartzer

I was just interviewed by Borja for the Money Diver podcast about domain names and choosing the right domain name. As a part of this podcast, Borja and I put together a domain name related contest. Domain Names

Google Expands Domain Name and Icon Listings in Search Results to Web Queries

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Google has expanded its mobile search listing format, displaying website icons and domain names, to desktop queries

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I Just bought Bill.Ninja Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

As you may be aware, I am a big fan of the new gTLD domain name extensions, there are hundreds of them already in General Availability. So, I was hunting around today, using the technique below, to find available domain names and names that I wish to pre-register.

New gTLD Domain Name Forum Launched

Bill Hartzer

A New gTLD Domain Name forum has recently launched. As you may know by now if you haven’t been following my blog, I’m a big fan of the new gTLD domain names, and especially the keyword-rich opportunities they provide. Is.Com Better than a New gTLD Domain Name?

Apple Deletes Over 500 Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Apple has deleted over 500 domain names this week, and decided not to renew these domain names. Most of these domain names were registered by Apple exactly one year ago, and after coming up for renewal they have not renewed them.

Get The Best Domain Name By Avoiding These Mistakes

The Realtime Report

Get The Best Domain Name By Avoiding These Mistakes. However, it can be painstakingly hard to find an available domain name as well. Hundreds of millions of domain names get registered daily, which makes the most basic and effective names virtually taken already.

Facebook Takes Aim at Scammers Misusing Related Domain Names in New Lawsuit

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Facebook has filed a new lawsuit against two providers who've used Facebook-like domain names in order to dupe users

Apple Registers 682 More Nonsense Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

nonsense domain names. I’ve been following these nonsense domain name purchases since they started purchasing them a while back. Here are a few of the domains on the latest purchase: agruimjfsklcyp.com. It looks to me like these are both.com and.net domains.

Gmail Not Recognizing New gTLD Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

As you know, I am a pretty big fan of the new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) that are out, and even ones that have not been released to the general public yet. Then, I opened it and Gmail automatically made those domains (well only certain ones) clickable links. Domain Names

The New gTLD Domain Name Extensions Explained, Using Pizza

Bill Hartzer

So, here are the new gTLD domain name extensions, explained using pizza. Then came along the New gTLD domain extension, giving us so many more awesome choices: Hawaiian, vegetarian, mac ‘n cheese, pizza rolls, breakfast pizza, stuffed crust, and the hot dog in the crust pizza.

Registering Domain Names with Google Domains

Bill Hartzer

For a few months now, I have had the opportunity to have access to the Google Domains program, where you can buy (and transfer in) domain names. I thought that I’d tell you about my experience with Google Domains so far, and how it’s been going.

Google Thinks Domain Names Are Like Guns

Bill Hartzer

So, here’s an interesting question: when are domain names like guns? Well, apparently if you are searching Google, then domain names are so related to guns that Google shows a popular domain name registrar along with search results related to, you guessed it: guns.

Domain Names, Developed Domains, and Expired Domains

Bill Hartzer

When it comes to search engine marketing, one issue that many people struggle with is the domain name. There’s some confusion out there regarding domain names and how they effect a site’s ability (or inability) to rank well in the search engines. Domain Names

ZDNet Buys Domain Name: Immediately Gets 2 Year Old Trusted Site Banned in Google

Bill Hartzer

ZDNet recently bought a new domain name from the domain name aftermarket (a domain name auction), and almost immediately got their trusted, authoritative, 2 year old website banned in Google. What ZDNet failed to do was properly check out the domain name.

Domain Name Scam Alert: ICANN Does NOT Provide Domain Name Appraisals

Bill Hartzer

There is a pretty nasty domain name appraisal scam going around that you need to be aware of if you own domain names. The scammer’s only intent is to make money from a domain name appraisal service, which is fake. That is the price of this domain.)

Never Use a Hyphenated Domain Name for Your Website

Bill Hartzer

It’s solid proof that the right keyword rich domain name will out-rank a hyphenated domain name in the search results every time. They used three different domain names: – frictionlessowls.com – site had content rich with relevant keywords.

Google Removing Domain Names From Search Results Increases Internet User Vulnerability

Bill Hartzer

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, Google announced that they are beginning to remove the domain name from the mobile search results. Domain names generally have been removed from the mobile search results. The Domain Name System.

Godaddy Caught Registering Domains Names After Availability Lookup

Bill Hartzer

Godaddy , the domain name registrar, has apparently been caught registering domain names after someone has looked up the availability of a domain name. This guy claims that he looked up a domain name to see if that domain name was available.

Microsoft Buys 26 Contosoyams Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

I’m not sure what, but I am really curious as to why Microsoft recently registered 26 domain names at once: all related to the word contosoyams. The whole reason I bring this up is that Microsoft doesn’t normally register a lot of domain names all at once like this.

Yahoo!’s Domain Name Auction

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listed more than 100 domain names for auction at Sedo. was in the domain name business. Some of these domain names are actually pretty valuable and whoever ends up with them will have great keyword-based domain names that should do well in the search engines for years to come. For instance, what do you think of these names? Now is the time you want to put the domain name of your choice on your watch list.

Apple iPhone Doesn’t Recognize New gTLD Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

I’ve written before about how Twitter , Facebook , and even recently how Google’s Gmail were or were not recognizing the new gTLD domain names as real domain names. as real domain names, either! Domain Names

What is the Value of a Domain Name?

Bill Hartzer

Do domain names make good investments? Domain names are the real estate of the internet. In fact, with millions of people getting online, the value of a domain name can only go up. more focused on educating the visitors about the value of a good domain name.

Wikipedia Registers 11 New Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, has just registered 11 new domain names in the past 24 hours. Usually moves like this indicate upcoming projects, especially because Wikipedia does not have a history of regularly registering new domain names.

Apple Continues to Register Mystery Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

A few days ago, I uncovered the fact that Apple owns a bunch of mysterious domain names, most of which are resolving to a default Linux setup page on Amazon’s cloud. Here’s the entire list of domain names that I found, these are all pointing to an Amazon cloud server.

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking: Why UDRP Reform is Needed

Bill Hartzer

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is “a disgusting practice…”, according to Rick Schwartz (aka the Domain King), and co-founder of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. “I always think about the mom and pop with one domain and their entire lives wrapped up in it.

List of New gTLDs – New Domain Names Coming Soon

Bill Hartzer

Very soon there will be a lot more choices when it comes to registering and owning a domain name. There has been a big debate in the domain industry going on, and I recently covered the Namescon conference recently held in Las Vegas that I attended. Domain Names

Google Registers Google Analytics Domain Name Typos

Bill Hartzer

On a regular basis, I watch the domain names that Google registers, as sometimes it is an indication of things to come–sometimes the registration of a domain name may indicate a future project. Here are the typo domain names that Google registered today.

GoDaddy Domain Name Auctions Are Down

Bill Hartzer

GoDaddy , the domain name registrar, not only is a place where you can register domain names, but they also sell domain names on the aftermarket. GoDaddy’s domain name auctions are pretty popular, and apparently the site is down.

Apple Registers Another Set of Nonsense Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

And it’s been a while since Apple has registered a set of nonsense domain names. On December 31, 2015, they did it again, they registered 62 new domain names that consist of just nonsense characters. B.NS.APPLE.COM (has 4,169 domains). Domain Names

Google Using Twitter to Promote New gTLD Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Google is using promoted Tweets on Twitter to promote the use of new gTLD domain names. I am not sure how long Google has been promoting Google Domains on Twitter, but this is certainly the first time that I’ve personally seen this promoted Tweet. Domain Names

Microsoft Fails to Renew Engyro Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

Microsoft failed to renew the domain name Engyro.com recently when it came up for renewal. The domain name doesn’t currently resolve (at least not for me). Here are other domain names that Microsoft did not renew on April 7, 2014: diagram.biz.

Facebook Recovers Typo Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Most likely a result of Facebook having sued a whole lot of cyber-squatters recently, Facebook has recovered 44 domain names that are typos of the Facebook brand. As you might recall, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I previously reported about Facebook suing a group of domain name cyber squatters , people who owned typos of the Facebook.com domain name. Domain Names

Facebook Registers 21 Instagram Direct Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

In an offensive move, Facebook has registered twenty one new domain names in conjunction with their launch of Instagram Direct. Here is the list of domain names that Facebook registered recently. Domain Names

Beware of Domain Name Parking Scams and Schemes

Bill Hartzer

If you own a domain name, and you don’t currently have a live website on that domain, then one option is to park that domain name and potentially earn revenue from it. You don’t have to pay to park your domain names. Domain Names

Don’t Try to Sell a Celebrity Their Domain Name on Twitter

Bill Hartzer

There are several reasons that I can come up with right off the top of my head why you shouldn’t try to sell a celebrity a domain name on Twitter. Especially if that domain name is their brand or their name. Domain Names

How to Know if You Should Renew Your Domain Name?

Bill Hartzer

If you own domain names, then you are inevitably going to have answer the question: should I renew this domain name? Here are fourteen questions to ask yourself to help you decide on whether your should renew your domain name or not. Domain Names

Unwanted Domain Name? Join the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange

Bill Hartzer

Do you have a domain name that you just don’t want anymore? And you bought the domain name. But you ended up realizing that the domain name wasn’t so good after all. So, you just want to get rid of that unwanted domain name.

Why A Great Domain Name Goes A Long Way


His full name is Christopher Ahston Kutcher. When it comes to Internet sites, it is equally important to choose the right name. A Great Domain Name Can Make All The Difference. Pick a Name and Stick to It. Business & Marketing choosing a domain name domain nam

Laureate Education Sues Domain Name Proxy Service for Trademark Infringement

Bill Hartzer

is suing Domain Name Proxy Service, Inc. The Domain Name Proxy Service, Inc. In this case, you can clearly see that the owner of the domain name has the domain name under “privacy whois”, and probably for good reason. Domain Names

Does It Really Matter What Domain Name You Choose?


If so, you’ll want to be extremely careful about the domain name that you choose for your new official company website. The wrong domain name is one that could haunt you for years to come. On the other hand, the right domain name can help you get a healthy start and advantage over your competitors. When it comes time to check available domain names , keep this in mind: In the world of the internet, perception can very quickly become reality.