Twitter Announces the Re-Launch of its 'Chirp' Developer Conference

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The conference will bring together developers and members of Twitter's team to discuss the latest developments and answer technical queries

Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2020

Ignite Social Media

Social media conferences are an excellent way to learn about new strategies and approaches to social media marketing that other brands and industries are testing out. Check out our top picks for social media conferences to attend in 2020!


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LinkedIn Announces ‘Talent Connect’ 2022 Conference

Social Media Today

The event will explore the latest trends and insights into the HR and recruitment sector

LinkedIn Announces 2022 'Forward' Conference for HR Professionals

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's bringing back its HR trends conference for 2022

Fireworks Factory: a new concept marketing conference

Sherrilynne Starkie

I was lucky enough to be invited to the first-ever Fireworks Factory conference held on Galiano Island , British Columbia. The focus was on web strategy and I left the conference full of ideas and insights. Thanks to Darren Barefoot , one of the conference organizers, for this Storify summary of the event. Featured Headline Marketing BC conference Fireworks Factory Galiano Island

Video: content marketing conference presentation

Sherrilynne Starkie

I was asked to speak at the UA Canada national conference in St John’s Newfoundland a few months ago. events Featured Headline public relations Social Media conference speaker Content marketing engagement Sherrilynne Starkie UA Canada The goal was to give the union members a report on the progress of a content marketing program we are running to improve member engagement and further the organization’s change objectives.

Getting to the Heart of What Makes a Conference Amazing with #MDMC2019 Founders

Pam Moore

What makes an event or industry conference amazing? ease to get around conference sessions and special events. I have spoke and trained at hundreds of events, conferences and workshops. Creating an engaging, memorable and amazing experience should be a top goal for any event or conference organizer. The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) can teach us a lot about running and event.

LinkedIn Shares and Overview of Key Insights and Advice Shared at its 'Spark' 2022 Conference

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LinkedIn's Spark conference provided a range of insights and tips on how to maximize your professional connections

Google Announces its Marketing Live Conference for 2022

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Get the latest on Google's evolving digital ad tools at Google Marketing Live 2022

How to Evaluate Conference Call Services


There are many conference call service providers out there, all of which are competing for your attention. They all want you to come back, and use them as your main source for free conference calls. Beware Fake “Free” Conference Call Service. Many providers of conference calls may try to advertise “free” service, and actually offer you a trial, or a free service add-on with your paid enrollment. The Limitations of Free Conference Call Services.

Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference

Waxing UnLyrical

I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. What do you hope to learn at the PRSA 2015 International Conference? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference. Around the Web Events Public Relations Thought Leadership Ann Gynn Debbie Wetherhead eric schwartzman Jim Lukaszewski Lisa Caprelli Mandy Roth PRSA 2015 International Conference Shana Keith

Phenomenal Tips for Starting Your Business Conference

The Realtime Report

Starting Your Business Conference. If you have ever contemplated the idea of launching a business conference but have been overwhelmed by the idea of taking on such a big venture, you are not alone. Phenomenal Tips for.

Meta Announces 2022 Connect Conference, a Key Showcase of its Evolving Metaverse Vision

Social Media Today

Meta will be hoping to answer critics of its metaverse development

Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Social Media Today

Facebook has canceled the 'in-person' component of its annual F8 developer conference, planned for May, due to coronavirus concerns

Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2018

Ignite Social Media

In your plans, you should begin considering which social media conferences you want to attend next year. There are a lot of different conferences to choose from and it can be an overwhelming decision. This blog post will cover the top social media conferences we recommend attending. You actually have time to catch this conference in 2017. I personally have attended this conference and I highly recommend it.

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020


If you think of boring beige conference rooms when you hear the words “marketing conference,” think again.Attending a digital marketing conference today is comparable to attending a music festival.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Virtual Conference


Want to plan a virtual conference but unsure where to start? While similar to planning an in-person conference, shifting to digital requires an extra layer of organization, communication, and creativity. . Step #1: Build Your Virtual Conference’s Visual Identity, Format and Schedule .

Join Us At 2016 Social Fresh Conference – Special Discounted Rate

Ignite Social Media

You’re invited to attend Social Fresh 2016 , a nationally recognized conference cited by industry leaders as the best social marketing conference. So make your plans now to attend this year’s Social Fresh Conference on Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st, 2016. Learn more and register today at Social Fresh Conference. Join a select group of marketing and advertising professionals and learn how to up your social media game.

Monday Roundup: the #IABC15 (IABC World Conference) Edition

Waxing UnLyrical

Yup, I’m in San Francisco this week for the IABC World Conference ; I love love love this city. Monday Roundup: the #IABC15 (IABC World Conference) Edition is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: the #IABC15 (IABC World Conference) Edition. Around the Web Thought Leadership Andy Jankowski Gerard Braud IABC World Conference Paul Edwards Shel Holtz Tyler DurhamGood morning from the West Coast!

LinkedIn's 'Spark' Conference for 2022 Will be Held Later This Month

Social Media Today

The event will focus on key trends in professional development, and will feature actor Ryan Reynolds as a speaker

Your Annual Social Media Conferences Guide: 20+ Top Conferences to Attend in 2018

Buffer Social

Social media conferences are one of the best ways to learn from top practitioners in the field , connect with fellow social media marketers , and be inspired to do more great things on social media. We hope to make things easier for you with this go-to guide for social media conferences in 2018. This guide includes more than 20 top and biggest social media conferences throughout the year and their key details, such as date, location, and ticket price. Social Fresh Conference.

How to Hold Conference Calls That Don’t Suck

The Realtime Report

How to Hold Conference Calls That Don’t Suck. When you hear the phrase conference call, you’re probably not struck with a sudden urge to participate in one. Conference calls and business meetings are often the dread of working-class business professionals, and for good reason.

Facebook Previews the Next Stages of Digital Connection at its Connect 2021 Conference

Social Media Today

Facebook - sorry, 'Meta' - has previewed its next level connection tools at its Connect 2021 event

Facebook Announces Social Impact Education Conference for Nonprofits and Charity Groups

Social Media Today

The event will provide a range of opportunities for nonprofits to learn how they can best utilize Facebook and Instagram

Meta Announces Speakers and Agenda for Next Week's 'Conversations' Business Messaging Conference

Social Media Today

Meta will outline its latest business messaging innovations at next week's single day event

Ottawa: Social capital conference | Sherrilynne Starkie

Sherrilynne Starkie

11 Highlights from Facebook's 2018 F8 Conference

Social Media Today

Facebook announced a heap of new and coming features at their recent F8 conference - here are some of the highlights

Pinterest Announces Second Annual 'Pinterest Presents' Conference, Highlighting Key App Trends and Initiatives

Social Media Today

The event will provide a platform for Pinterest to share the latest insights, tips and upcoming features for marketers

4 Conferences for Social Media-Aware Business Owners


As if there were any other kind of business proprietor these days, check out these four conferences for social media-aware business owners: 1. EmMeCon – Emerging Media Conference. Business & Marketing social media social media conference social media conferences social media for business owners

Lanyrd: Social Media Conferences & More

Jason Yormark

A few weeks ago I stumbled across another gem, Lanyrd and it’s officially my go to site for all things conferences. Lanyrd uses your Twitter account to effectively crowdsource conference information and it’s working. In addition to simply listing conference details, you can get information on speakers, sessions & content. It seems like almost every day more and more cool sites are popping up taking advantage of the social web.

How Conference Calling Helps Your Business


Conference calling can be beneficial to your business instead of a face to face meeting for several reasons. Travel costs are incurred, as are the external venue costs including the costs and availability of hotel accommodation, subsistence allowance, refreshments at conference and the conferencing facilities themselves. Conference calling reduces the need for employees or clients to travel to meetings, resulting in savings in money and time for them and your business.

5 Tips for a Fantastic Marketing Conference

Cody Ward

I recently attended a marketing conference in Indianapolis, IN called Connections - “Inspire the Future” The event was put on by ExactTarget , an international email marketing service provider. Inspired by how well this event was executed, I thought I’d share 5 tips from what I saw at the conference that in my opinion made it successful. Design your conference so they you can close, up-sell, and cross-sell your products.

Conference Spotlight: Build Grow Scale LIVE


If you’ve seen my extensive list of over 120 business, online marketing, and and tech conferences for 2015 , you know there are a LOT of events out there to choose from. Build Grow Scale LIVE is a conference for anyone who wants to earn their income online. Topics covered at this conference include the following. Unlike other well-known industry conferences, this caters to a smaller audience for a mastermind-like feel.

4 Technology Conferences to Create Your Traveling Schedule for 2013


Whether your interest is in the world of gadgets, or strictly corporate technology, the many upcoming tech conferences give each of us the opportunity to be better at everything that we do for both work and play. Aiming to take a broader look at the technology that powers our lives, the Technology Frontiers conference promises to help you to “transform your work, your life, your world,” and the wide-angle view that the event maintains should do exactly that.

Enriching Conferences With Real Interaction

Janet Fouts

Conferences have changed. The days of canned presentations where we hear the same old blah, blah, blah we heard at the last 3 conferences just isn’t going to draw a crowd anymore. This conference brings together business leaders, agency execs and their teams with keynotes and expert panels, as well as solutions providers and their tools, all in a dynamic, community-based setting.

6 Creative Name Tag Ideas for Your Next Conference

The Realtime Report

6 Creative Name Tag Ideas for Your Next Conference. Name badges are a gift and a curse. Leaving an event with holes in a silk blouse is often the cost of visibility at a networking meeting. Event planners should use more creative name tag ideas.

Free online social media conference | Sherrilynne Starkie

Sherrilynne Starkie

Introducing LaterCon: An Instagram Marketing Conference by Later


So to help do just that, this September we’re bringing you 16 speakers who live and breath Instagram to share their expert tips and brand secrets for our first ever Instagram marketing conference! With Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV , there’s a lot to cover — so we wanted to bring you a conference filled with insights on the platform that is changing the way businesses work. . What’s a Digital Conference? .

And the IABC Canada conference workshop winner is…

Sherrilynne Starkie

The November 1st there are six diverse and interactive pre-conference workshops, and featuring top experts discussing a wide range of topics including career planning, internal and strategic communications, insights on the use of multimedia and all the dos and don’ts when it comes to connecting with the Québec market. IABC 2012 Canada Business Communicators Summit: Win a pre-conference workshop pass for Nov.

Biden's First Press Conference Gets Quick Reactions

Forbes Social Media

The reactions to the press conference began to come in even as President Biden was at the podium, and those reactions were as divided as the nation. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia