Changes to Google News

Sherrilynne Starkie

Google is now using machine learning to group top media stories in Google Search and has implemented carousels to improve search relevance and make news easy to access. Searchers now see a carousel of articles at the top of the search results highlighting relevant news.

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Top news in social media

Sherrilynne Starkie

Each week I scan the hundreds of industry websites to keep abreast of the news. Here’s this week’s list of the most important, must-know social media news featuring LinkedIn, World Emoji Day, Instagram Sales and Instagram anti-bullying. The post Top news in social media appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie.

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Facebook Begins Rolling Out 'Facebook News' in UK

Social Media Today

Facebook News, Facebook's curated and personalized news tab in the native app, has officially launched in the UK

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Facebook Announces May Launch Date for Facebook News in Germany

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced the next expansion of its dedicated news tab

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Facebook Announces News Feed Algorithm Update to Put More Emphasis on Original Quality News Content

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update to help boost original news reporting, and improve the flow of quality information through its network

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Facebook’s fake news battle in Canada

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook Canada has launched a new fact-checking program aimed at helping combat fake news from spreading. . The initiative is a collaboration with Agence France-Presse (AFP) whose Canada-based fact-checkers will review news stories on Facebook in English and French and rate their accuracy. News stories flagged on Facebook will be reviewed by AFP who will check facts and rate their accuracy. Placing false stories lower in News Feed.

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Fake news: Can you tell the difference?

Sherrilynne Starkie

The majority of public relations professionals predict that in just five years the average person will not be able to distinguish between news stories and advertising copy, and what’s more, most people won’t even care. Fighting fake news. Clearly the PR profession is really worried about the viability of real news media. People are demanding transparency and accountabilty of their news sources (and count Facebook among them).

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Facebook Updates News Feed


Last week, Facebook announced that they are going to update its News Feed to display more “high quality content” that is relevant for the users. Only three weeks ago, Facebook introduced an update to the news feed that allows organic stories to appear near the top of the News Feed if the stories are still getting likes and comments, as this improves the experience of the news feed. Think about, “Would my audience want to see this in their News Feeds?”.

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Facebook Will Launch Facebook News in the UK in January

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced that its dedicated News tab is coming to users in the UK in January

News 158

Facebook Adds 'Feed Filter Bar' News Feed Control Tool, New Options to Restrict Post Comments

Social Media Today

Facebook has launched a new News Feed control option, which makes it easier to switch to different feed display listings

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Stop Reading the News

Ari Herzog

This is what Thoreau wrote in 1854: I don’t learn anything in the news. I’ve observed over the years that “breaking news” tends to be sensationalist and non-informative. Related Stories The Magazines are Coming How I Consume the News Facebook, LinkedIn, and Me.

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Top Five: Finally some good news

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week’s top 5 must-know social media news for marketing and communications professionals see a lot of good work by both Google and Facebook in the effort to improve the quality of news and reporting. Google to tell us the good news for once. Tell me something good” is a new experimental feature that delivers a daily dose of good news. Finally, some good news! Twitter struggles with Fake News issue.

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Why can’t the news be about news?

Sherrilynne Starkie

The Sun’s 24-hour news service’s current predicament is excellent news for Canadians, thanks to the CRTC’s decision against mandatory distribution. Sun News Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia). The fact that we are even discussing Canadian television news has got to be a good thing. We need better access to news; we need better news services, period. I think Canada’s TV news can do better.

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How to do news and media montoring: the complete guide


In this article, we explain how to monitor the news and media outlets with Awario. We go through reputation management, PR activities, and audience analysis and give tips to boost your PR strategy

Understanding Facebook's News Ban in Australia, and What it Means for the Platform Moving Forward

Social Media Today

Facebook has taken the drastic step of banning news content in the Australian market. Was that the right move for the platform

Facebook Will Block News Content in Australia in Response to New Media Bargaining Laws

Social Media Today

Facebook says that Australian users will now be restricted from sharing news content in response to the Australian Government's new media bargaining laws

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1310 News Powerlunch: Will Ottawa support the Sens this season?

Sherrilynne Starkie

I visited Mark Sutcliffe for the PowerLunch at 1310 News last week and enjoyed connecting with him and Kurt Stoodley, broadcaster and real estate professional. The post 1310 News Powerlunch: Will Ottawa support the Sens this season? Ottawa 1310 News Ottawa newsWe discussed the potential for reinstating weekly garbage collection Ottawa. The three of us talked about which issues would most help Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer in the next federal election.

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To Combat False News, Correct After Reading

The Realtime Report

To Combat False News, Correct After Reading. Study shows people are influenced more by fact-checks after they read news headlines, not before. The paper, “ Timing Matters When Correcting Fake News ,” appears this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Facebook news today

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook Foxes. Facebook is cracking down on violent, sexist content in response to an open letter issued last week by Women, Action & the Media (WAM). The group demanded that Facebook add gender-based hate speech to its list of forbidden content. The social network has today agreed to add gender-based hate to its list of unacceptable content and has committed to ridding its site of it and is updating its guidelines to training moderators.

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Facebook Launches Facebook News, a Dedicated Tab for News Content

Social Media Today

Facebook has launched the first stage of its new dedicated News tab, which will help users find more relevant, trustworthy news content on the platform

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Facebook Explains How the News Feed Predicts What We Want to See

Social Media Today

Learn how the news feed uses our activity to predict what we want to see and more Facebook takes us on a tour of the master AI system built to keep us scrolling.

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Facebook Responds to 'Counterproductive' Australian News Content Revenue-Sharing Regulation

Social Media Today

Facebook has responded to the Australian Government's proposed regulatory reform which seeks to make Googe and Facebook pay news publishers for use of their content

Top Five: Social networks invest in quality news

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week’s must-know social media news for marketing and communications professionals includes headlines about Facebook’s attempt to clean up, support for journalism from Twitter and Google, the continuing importance of links in SEO and some new, clever features from LinkedIn. COO Sheryl Sandberg has unveiled five new ways Facebook will address issues of privacy and fake news. More insight makes for smarter use of this important news distribution tool.

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How I Consume the News

Ari Herzog

When the pandemic began — and even before that when people ran amok and didn’t know what to do — I actively consumed the news. No more news channels. In time, and on my own terms, I gradually reintroduced the news.

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New Research Shows that 71% of Americans Now Get News Content via Social Platforms

Social Media Today

Pew Research has published its latest study into social media news consumption, which underlines the significant role that social apps now play in distributing critical information

Top Five: The news Facebook tributes tool

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week’s top five social media news for marketers and PR pros! SS: Any plan to reduce Twitter spam and noise is good news. The post Top Five: The news Facebook tributes tool appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Learn about great podcasts, Reddit ads, Snapchat’s new features, Facebook tributes and Twitter’s fight on spammers. 20 Marketing Podcasts You should be listening to.

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Facebook Provides More Context on its Australian News Ban, and How it Will Move Forward in the Region

Social Media Today

Facebook has provides some more context on its recent decision to remove news Pages in Australia

News 146

Facebook Agrees to Restore Australian News Pages After Amendments to Government Code

Social Media Today

Facebook will restore Australian news publisher Pages on its platform after the Australian Government added new amendments to its proposed Media Bargaining Code

Facebook Rolls Out Easier Access to Chronological News Feed and Other Feed Sorting Options

Social Media Today

Facebook is giving users some new, simple options to sort their order in which content is presented in their News Feed

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Social Media News #Australia April 12th 2021 – TikTok, Nielsen, Instagram Guides and more #Livestream

Laurel Papworth

Social Media News with Laurel Papworth – We look at TikTok Influencers, Nielsen and Twitter, Holocaust #ItStartedWithWords campaign, and more! Australia #socialmedia #News #qanda. Social Media NEWS from Laurel’s studio in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

Facebook Announces That it Will Reduce Political Content in News Feeds as Part of a New Test

Social Media Today

Facebook will reduce the amount of political content in people's News Feeds as part of a test to see how people respond

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Facebook News Feed Update: Now What?

Jon Loomer

You’ve undoubtedly heard by now about the big Facebook news feed update that was announced recently. The news feed is sorted and customized based on a ranking system. Social Media Examiner conducted a Facebook Live to discuss the news feed update that resulted in more than 5,000 shares, 400,000 views, and 1,000 comments. Examples… In 2014, the news feed was updated to show fewer text updates from pages. The post Facebook News Feed Update: Now What?

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Top Five Social Media Must Knows: The new Google News

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top Five Social Media Must Knows: The new Google News. This week's top 5 social media must-knows include Hootsuite and Pinterest, Google News and AI, New Buttons for Instagram, Facebook user loyalty and new features from WhatsApp. The new Google News: AI meets human intelligence. Google is rolling out an all new Google News, which uses the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence—the great reporting done by journalists around the globe.

News 163

Facebook Begins Registering News Pages in Europe Ahead of Broader Rollout of News Section

Social Media Today

Facebook has this week put the first call out for news organizations in Europe to register their Facebook Pages

News 112

Google Announces $1 Billion Partnership Program with News Publishers in Europe

Social Media Today

Google has announced a new $1 billion investment in partnerships with news publishers

Social Media News #Australia March 8th 2021 Livestream

Laurel Papworth

In today’s news broadcast we are covering the Quiet Australian vs speaking up on family abuse, domestic abuse, elderly abuse, financial abuse etc. Social Media NEWS from Laurel’s studio in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

News 52

LinkedIn Rebrands Editorial Team to LinkedIn News as it Continues to Expand News Coverage and Content

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has re-branded its editorial team in an effort to better represent its evolving mission to connect its users with relevant information

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Facebook News Feed Changes. Stay Calm. Don’t Panic.


#Facebook News Feed Changes. 7 tips to improve your chances of your followers seeing your posts [link] Click To Tweet Now that it’s been over three weeks since the announcements from Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes, I hope everyone has calmed down a little. Engagement bait will be demoted in the News Feed. So they say… #5 Don’t use clickbait headlines and false news. This goes into the News Feed. #7

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Top Five: Research shows that Facebook is successfully tackling fake news

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top 5 must-know social media news for the week includes stories about a new Messenger, Soundcloud’s Instagram integration, YouTube’s changed engagement metrics, the fight against fake news and Snapchat’s power with youth demographics. New research: Facebook is successfully tackling fake news. Three new, independent research reports indicate that Facebook is successfully tackling the fake news problem.

Ottawa’s Capital City News

Sherrilynne Starkie

A couple of weeks back Ottawa saw the launch of a new local community newspaper, Capital City News. News (Photo credit: Wikipedia). I counted one news story, five news in briefs, one sports story among all the PR stories and advertisements. Decoding the News: Bias in Newspapers ( Produced by Sun Media as a grass roots publication, the newspaper is published in weekly neighbourhood variants across the region.

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