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Subscription vs. Ad Data Prompt

Jon Loomer

Use Facebook and Instagram for free, but you will see ads and your data will be used for ad targeting. Pay to subscribe for an ad-free Facebook or Instagram and your data won’t be used. The post Subscription vs. Ad Data Prompt appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital. You then need to agree to allow Meta to use your info.

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2020: The Year Data Saved The World

Waxing UnLyrical

I think it will be as The Year Data Saved The World. So, while 2020 will certainly be The Year COVID-19 Changed The World, I think it will also be The Year Data Saved The World. Using data to solve a problem. How you think 2020 will be remembered? Image: HCFM Communicate via Wikimedia Commons , CC BY-SA 4.0. Think about it.

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Meta Announces New Program to Share Data with Academic Researchers

Social Media Today

The new program marks a significant development in Meta's data research process.

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Does Gen Z Use Facebook? October 2023 Data

Ignite Social Media

To gain a better understanding, I analyzed the data to see whether Gen Z remains active on Facebook or not. Looking at data from Spring 2021–Spring 2023, it’s evident that TikTok emerges as the favored social media platform among US teens, closely followed by Snapchat and Instagram. million users. Gen Z closely follows with 65.8

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Unlock the Power of Data Insights with Oktopost’s New Homepage


If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by all the data coming from social media, Oktopost’s latest update is about to change everything. Introducing our new and improved Oktopost Homepage – A fully customizable dashboard empowering data-driven teams to measure the impact of social immediately upon logging into Oktopost.

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Social Data Analysis: The Pros and Cons of Social Data


But when it comes to social data, it’s not about how much data you have but rather how you leverage it. Their research and engagement can turn into precious data for your business. Social data analysis requires the right tools and thought processes to collect, analyze, interpret, and apply the data accurately.

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TikTok’s Still Sharing US User Data with China-Based Staff, According to New Reports

Social Media Today

New reports suggest that TikTok is not being as cautious with US user data as it has suggested.

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