2020: The Year Data Saved The World

Waxing UnLyrical

I think it will be as The Year Data Saved The World. So, while 2020 will certainly be The Year COVID-19 Changed The World, I think it will also be The Year Data Saved The World. Using data to solve a problem. This is what I mean by 2020 being The Year Data Changed The World.

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Data Hacks at Facebook and LinkedIn Spark Concerns Among Users

Social Media Today

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are dealing with reports of new data breaches - but is it actually new data

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The Future of PR is Precision – Less Gut, More Data

Waxing UnLyrical

PR has become more challenging and practitioners can no longer rely on gut instinct alone – especially as they become more closely aligned with marketing teams that utilize technology and data to demonstrate results. Data that PR professionals should be assessing includes: Newsroom engagement.

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Common Data Recovery Myths Debunked


Losing data from your computer or laptop is probably like a nightmare. The reasons could be one too many, ranging from hard drive failure to simply hitting that shift+delete button only to realize later that what you have just deleted was critical data. Windows 10 Data Recovery Myths.

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Clubhouse Faces New Security Questions After Significant Data Breach

Social Media Today

The security of rising audio social app Clubhouse is being questioned after a major data breach was detected over the weekend

Facebook Rolls Out Data Use Check-Up to Ensure Developers Adhere to Data Usage Guidelines

Social Media Today

Facebook is rolling out its Data Usage Check Up Tool to all developers using its API in order to reduce data misuse

Survey: Canadians are OK with sharing personal data

Sherrilynne Starkie

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of Canadians, are pragmatic or unconcerned about sharing their personal data. The study, “Data Privacy – What the Canadian Consumer Really Thinks”, shows that people’s comfort with data-sharing is increasing. Forty per cent of consumers (44 per cent of millennials) state they feel comfortable with data exchanges. The post Survey: Canadians are OK with sharing personal data appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie.

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TikTok, China and the New Data Battleground

Social Media Today

With concerns rising about China's recent actions in India and Hong Kong, concerns around data gathering by social apps has also come into focus

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Twitter Updates Data Tracking Options for Website Click and App Install Campaigns

Social Media Today

Twitter has added some new data tracking options to help advertisers mitigate changes in data attribution

Facebook Adds New Volunteer Features for Earth Day, Shares New Data on Climate Change Awareness

Social Media Today

Facebook has added some new volunteer features for Earth Day, and published new data on climate change awareness

Strengthening Brand-Consumer Relationships with Data


In the right hands, data can be extremely useful for enriching people’s lives – from improving their shopping experiences to addressing their biggest pain points.

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Snapchat Shares New User Data on the Growing Excitement Around the Re-Opening of Movie Cinemas

Social Media Today

Snapchat has shared some new data on how Snapchatters are looking forward to returning to the cinema

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Facebook Shares New Insights into its Evolving Data Privacy and Protection Efforts

Social Media Today

Facebook has shared a new overview of its evolving data privacy and protection efforts

How is Lean Data Management Better Than Big Data?


Having data lakes with a lot of information collected from customers seems like a favorable idea amongst most businesses but is it effective? Think about it – collecting and storing large amounts of data requires storage costs computing power as well as human resources to process.

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YouTube Adds Connected TV Data to YouTube Analytics, New Insight on Returning Viewers

Social Media Today

YouTube will now provide more insight into how people are viewing your video content, with data on your connected TV audience

Humanize Your Brand with Data and Social Insights using these 5 Strategies

Pam Moore

It's easy to get lost in a sea of avatars and data insights. Marketers must use the data and social media insights to connect in a more human way. We should use the data to build more quality relationships and emotionally connect with the humans we want to do business with. The data can help us deep dive into factors that enable higher quality of everything including relationships. 5 easy ways to use data and social insights to humanize your brand.

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[PODCAST] Data Stories: Leaders at Work - Episode with Christina Garnett


Data Stories: Leaders at Work is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Rahul Jerome , founder of insight-intelligence.com and The Insight Network , co-organised by Audiense.

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Facebook Launches Next Stage of Campaign Against Apple's Upcoming Data Tracking Changes

Social Media Today

Facebook has re-upped its push against Apple's coming changes to in-app data tracking, which will make all data gathering opt-in

Snapchat Shares New Data on How Users are Looking to Celebrate Easter, Ramadan and Passover

Social Media Today

Snapchat has published some new data on usage during upcoming seasonal events, and key trends for marketers to note

New Data Reveals the Latest Social Media Usage Trends, Including the Rise of Reddit, TikTok and Snapchat

Social Media Today

The latest data from Pew Research shows that Facebook remains the key social app of choice, while younger users are flocking to Snapchat and TikTok

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TikTok Shares Latest Data on Content Removals and Enforcement Actions

Social Media Today

TikTok has released its latest Transparency Report, detailing all of its content removals and enforcement efforts in the first half of 2020

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When Social Media Meets Big Data


Big data meets social media. So unless you’ve been buried under a rock, you’ve probably heard of ‘big data’ as it’s one of the really hyped buzzwords in this industry. And if you haven’t, I’ll give you an example of my first encounter with big data. Rather it was an example of how big data works. Big data is the outcome of all the movements and actions we do online. This is an enormous, unimaginable amount of data.

Pinterest Publishes New Data on Emerging eCommerce Behaviors

Social Media Today

Pinterest has published new data on the rise of grocery and food shopping online amid COVID-19, which could have wider implications for eCommerce

Social Business + Big Data = Business intelligence


quintillion bytes of data. To put it into perspective, we have produced more than 90% of all online data that exists in the world today within these past two years. Combined, this online data equals Big Data. Being exceeding interested in the talk of Big Data, I’ve recently been inspired by the research and development of Big Data related software and applications. The point of Big Data and thereby BDAs is neither marketing nor PR. Tweet.

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Facebook Looks to Provide More Data Transparency with Revamped 'Access Your Information' Tool

Social Media Today

Facebook has revamped its personal data access tool to make it easier for users to find out what data Facebook's tracking

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[PODCAST] Data Stories: Leaders at Work - Episode with Allie Wassum


Data Stories: Leaders at Work is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by R ahul Jerome , founder of insight-intelligence.com and The Insight Network , co-organised by Audiense.

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Facebook Tests New Prompts to Encourage Users to Allow Data Tracking as IDFA Changes Loom

Social Media Today

Facebook is looking to provide more context on data tracking a means to negate the expected impacts of a coming change in iOS

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Data-driven vs data-informed creativity: 6 experts share their visions


The debate around whether organizations should adopt a data-driven or a data-informed approach is not new. We wanted to gather the opinions of a few industry professionals on creativity, and the pros and cons of it being either driven or informed by data.

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Facebook Under Investigation For Massive Data Leak

Forbes Social Media

The Irish Data Protection Commission has launched an investigation into the massive leak of Facebook user data online. Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Innovation /innovation Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Social Media /social-media technology

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Digital Data Tracking and Privacy: The Future Implications of COVID-19

Social Media Today

Both Facebook and Google are now contributing location tracking data to help combat COVID-19, but privacy advocates have warned that there are dangers with this approach

Pinterest Shares Trend Predictions for 2021, Based on Usage Data

Social Media Today

Pinterest has published its 2021 trend predictions based on user activity and interest this year

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How Does A Data Recovery Software Work?


Why do you need a data recovery software for your Windows 10 PC? Or why should you learn some data restoration techniques? There is a way – you can use data recovery software to get those precious files back. How Does A Data Recovery Application Work?

Twitter Updates Data Sharing Policy, Which Will See More User Data Provided for Advertising Purposes

Social Media Today

Twitter has announced a change to its data sharing policy which will see it provide more user insight for ad targeting, and no way to opt out for most users

[PODCAST] Data Stories: Leaders at Work - Episode with Lewis Wiltshire


Data Stories: Leaders at Work is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Rahul Jerome , founder of insight-intelligence.com and The Insight Network , co-organised by Audiense.

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Facebook Takes Legal Action Against Data Scrapers in Latest Enforcement Effort

Social Media Today

Facebook is taking two companies to court over data scraping, which saw them extract data on Facebook users for digital intelligence tools

Data 165

TikTok Remains the Most Downloaded App in Q1 2021, According to New Data

Social Media Today

The latest report from App Annie shows that TikTok remains hugely popular, while the recent messaging app controversy had an impact

Data 171

Data Loggers and Environmental Monitoring: 5 Things to Know

The Realtime Report

Data Loggers and Environmental Monitoring: 5 Things to Know. A data logger is the piece of equipment used to efficiently accomplish this task. Data loggers and environmental monitoring have gone hand-in-hand for years, but now their importance has vastly increased.

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Big data: seeing the forest and the trees

Sherrilynne Starkie

You can see the forest and the trees in big data, according to Nora Young , the Canadian author and the host of CBC Radio One’s Spark, in her opening keynote at last week’s Fireworks Factory conference held on Galiano Island, British Columbia. Her topic was “Big data as a new information ecosystem.”. Harvard calls big data the sexiest job of the 21 st Century. Young said that we all generate data about our everyday lives. It’s messy data.

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LinkedIn Provides More Market Data with New 'Sales Insights'

Social Media Today

LinkedIn is launching a new 'Sales Insights' platform to help businesses better understand emerging market shifts

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Google is Considering its Own Update to Data Tracking on Android in the Wake of Apple's IDFA Change

Social Media Today

Google is considering an update to the way in which it collects user data on Android devices

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