Aggregate Social Network Data Using the New Group Report

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The Group Report allows you to compare and analyze your social strategy across networks by aggregating common metrics across channels and timeframes. More Networks, More Data. Turn Social Data Into Actionable Insights. After analyzing the Group Report for aggregate data across your social networks, you’ll have a better understanding of your social efforts as a whole. We’ve wrapped up our reports overhaul with an update to our Group Report.

The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is.

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk The Wrap, Newser and Content Aggregation: How Much Attribution is Enough? To me the real question is: when one site aggregates another’s content, how much attribution is enough?

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The Complete Guide to Data Enrichment


Data is the fuel that drives the B2B customer journey, but first-party data alone isn’t enough to provide the insights you’ll need to stand out from the competition. To get better and deeper data, you can use data enrichment. What is Data Enrichment?

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What You Need to Know About the CCPA’s New Data Collection Law AB 375

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The California Consumer Privacy Act protects personal data of California residents. Additionally, if your company has personal data on more than 50k people or collect more than half the revenue by the sale of personal data, yes. Is there a way around losing data?

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gazeMetrix: Monitor Your Visual Brand Mentions Based on Image Recognition


The monitoring tool allows brand to tap into a world of formerly unseen social data thus providing brands with new and valuable insights. With all the various monitoring and social data aggregations tools combined, brands are increasingly able to collect true insights. In order to gain valuable insights from monitoring online conversations in general, brands must demand greater quality in the insights and analyse the data in depth.

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Can Big Data Help You Make a Genuine Emotional Connection?

The Social Media Hat

How data and social media aggregation help you understand and connect with your customer on a more intimate level

Content Aggregation and Everything Else You Need to Know About it

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Here comes the role of Content Aggregation At this time of trouble for a business, the Content aggregation has emerged as a genie from the lamp. Content Aggregation - The Definition. Content aggregation is predominantly about garnering the content from digital sources on a pre-specified relevant topic. But what are Content aggregators? There are diverse benefits of content aggregation for your business, and we have listed a few below.

Data is the New Oil


Ranging from Facebook to Google to Zynga, thousands of companies are building sustainable businesses on the aggregation of personal data. Data mining has been likened by the World Economic to a “new type of raw material … on par with capital and labor.” The Rush for Data. The main problem with data aggregation is that malicious developers are not only accessing your information, but they are also able to access your personal identifiable information (PII).

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B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

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HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 megabyte, 65-slide data dump of marketing facts and statistics from a variety of sources. Content aggregation ?). You can get all of the details by downloading the free HubSpot Marketing Data Box for yourself.

How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations

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The amount of social data is massive, and marketers need a way to mine that data. Using location data is the key to making social media data actionable and more effective than only using traditional keyword strategies. Location data is powerful, and you can use it to enhance your marketing strategies. Customer service, event marketing, and targeted advertising are three top areas where location-data can be extremely powerful.

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10 of the Best Customer Data Platforms to Power Cross-Channel Marketing


Savvy marketers looking to gain ground in hotly contested markets will turn their attention to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). A CDP is a software package that creates a centralized hub for (mostly first-party) customer data. It pools data from multiple sources into a single, unified customer database. By making intelligent connections between collected data points, they create a customer profile. Strictly speaking, Segment is more of a Data Warehouse.

Who’s Driving the Data Movement? Social Media Managers

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What if the most valuable data person on your team is your social media manager ? When you think of all the many data roles on a team, social media rarely bubbles to the top. Instead, you think of: Data scientists. Or maybe there’s no data team and it’s just you and your closest confidantes, poring over the numbers together. Regardless, teams with social media managers are sitting on a goldmine of data and information. Your data is REAL data.

Using Big Data To Target The Right Consumers With The Right Offers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Behavioral Targeting Big Data Customer Experience eCommerce Personalization. Here is where to start: Harness the Power of Big Data, Big Testing. The notion of big data holds great promise for finding ways to personalizing the Web experience for individual customers. Marketers who can harness the power of big data will be able to make decisions based on evidence, rather than guesswork—giving them a distinct advantage over the competition.

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How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data

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Looking at data from the Webbiquity blog, several trends are apparent. Three of the top 12 traffic sources for this blog were syndication or content aggregation sites: B2B Marketing Zone , Social Media Informer and Social Media Today. Every blogger wants more traffic. How to get it? The key is a balanced strategy of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, syndication and guest posting. So where does blog traffic come from, and how does this change over time?

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The Sprout Data Pipeline: NSQ and Beyond

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One engineering challenge we face at Sprout Social is the diverse ways our customers want to access their social data. The Sprout reporting stack is made up of mostly big aggregate metrics that are generated from Hadoop-related tools, namely HBase, Map/Reduce and Pig. Both of these areas of our application have different querying requirements, yet each system needs to be sourced from the same upstream data. Independent, on-demand access to data.

Social Media–What Do I Do With All This Data?

Janet Fouts

You might be surprised to see what your aggregated message looks like. Notice that when you look at a larger data set the influencers will be different. In a small set a big fish makes a bigger splash while a regular positive supporter may make more long-term impact in a larger pool of data. One of the questions people ask in our initial social media strategy sessions is “How will I know if I’m doing it right?&#

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The beauty of data and graffiti

The Way of the Web

Anyway, what’s amazing is that there’s actually a markup language for grafitti, which is a specialised XML protocol dedicated to capturing the motion data created by tagging – allowing sharing, studying, cataloguing and analysis.

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How AI-driven customer personalization is driving the top line


AI is enabling the world’s largest brands and retailers to aggregate disparate customer data so they can better understand their consumer base, enhance their user experience online and offline and… Read More >>>. Blog AI & Innovation

How to Use Data to Enrich Your Content


Blog posts, whitepapers and other shareable content rely on supporting data—not because people just love a good color-coded pie chart (though they are pretty), but because numbers give stories shape. Here are the essentials you need to know to use data wisely and effectively. Finding the right data to support your content can take a lot of time. Make sure your data is credible. How can you test whether data is well-founded? Cite the data’s source properly.

What Is It Like To Be Your Customer?

Small Business Mavericks

Confronting Privacy Issues in Big Data Gathering was recently the subject of a Minority Report on the Business 2 Community site. In this article there are some interesting points made: 20% of companies using data analytics outperform their competitors. 80% of internet marketing companies are implementing big data initiatives. 49% of consumers are less willing to share their personal data for fear of identity theft & other privacy concerns.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


Using our understanding of the data we’ve gathered we can help other areas of the business predict the result they can expect from their activities. Ben Donkor , social data analyst, Microsoft. If you’re going to grow something, it’s potentially worth using the power of the aggregate, reaching out to smaller and more engaged communities rather than a large volume of people.”. Audience data guides local relevance. Look at where data can do some of the leg work. “[For

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New Research Shows How to Engage the Mommy Mind

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If brands could harness that data around moms, they’d be better equipped to market to them, learning what campaigns are causing negative sentiment and what potential initiatives they could take. In order to determine the topics moms discussed most on social, Insightpool’s data science team did a deep dive into the mom by creating filters around “children” and “kids”. Many brands stop at the data but aren’t sure what’s next.

How to Coach Marketing Teams to Measure Success


In today’s data driven world, B2B businesses need to rely on numbers more than ever before. Be a detective about your social data. Be a content aggregator, not a content provider on social media.

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Create the Ultimate Social Media Report That Impresses Your Clients (and Boss)

agora pulse

Some include goal-oriented overviews; others feature tons of data or lengthy explanations. Go for a data-heavy summary. Aim for the highest ratio of explanatory info to data. Once you’ve selected the social platform and time frame, export a Global Data summary in PDF or CSV format. If your team needs certain metrics only, create a more focused summary by exporting a PDF report with Selected Data. Dig Into Detailed Data.

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4 Ways to Thump Your Competition with Better Facebook Analysis

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Managing a Facebook page is a major part of many companies’ marketing and communication programs, but the data we use to measure the effectiveness of those efforts is sorely lacking. Facebook consistently changes what’s measured and how, adding complexity and incongruence to an already squirrely data scenario.

Using Google Trends to Identify Social Media Opportunities

Jon Loomer

Marketers should utilize available data sources — particularly free sources — to better understand how the social platform landscape is shifting. We can use Google search data (via Google Trends) to identify social media opportunities – especially related to advertising.

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Social media: the ultimate skills cheat sheet

Sherrilynne Starkie

Surface content sources, compile lists, links, aggregate and package content, publish and distribute content. Surface content sources, compile lists, links, aggregate and package content, publish and distribute content. Conduct stakeholder/key informant interviews and focus groups, interpret survey and poll data, document reviews. Interpret social media data and web analytics, identify thought leadership content, identify influencers, search engine research.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search A Social Media Scoreboard That Works March 25th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Clearly, there’s no shortage of data and possible social media success metrics.

Top Five: Social networks invest in quality news

Sherrilynne Starkie

The aggregate link data using 27,000 queries shows a very strong correlation between links and ranking. This week’s must-know social media news for marketing and communications professionals includes headlines about Facebook’s attempt to clean up, support for journalism from Twitter and Google, the continuing importance of links in SEO and some new, clever features from LinkedIn. 1 Facebook’s Sandberg outlines new plans to tackle misinformation.

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The 2013 State of Community Management Survey


All of this information would be helpful to community program owners but there is little aggregate data available to assist in answering these questions despite some excellent research at the strategic level like McKinsey’s The Social Economy study, which suggests there is $1.3 From the Trenches Useful Data

What You Need To Know About Facebook, Content And Brands

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There's always many different viewpoints to bring to data like this. But, this report is not taking into account the aggregate effect of brands that are present on a channel like Facebook and (hopefully) engaged with the people they are connected to. It's all about the fleeting moment. For the longest time, there was a commonly held sentiment that the brands who create the best (and most relevant and most contextual) content will win. Creating content is not easy.

These Facebook Ad Metrics Are Going Away. Are You Prepared?

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The data isn’t straightforward and the algorithm for estimation isn’t clear. Actions (as an aggregate metric). The Actions metric helped you track these results as an aggregate.

Facebook Dynamic Formats and Ad Creative

Jon Loomer

Create a Data Feed File for a Catalog. There is aggregate reporting only. According to Facebook: Reporting in the metrics tab will reflect the aggregate performance of all the variations of your ad, but not individual formats or creative combinations.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In reality there must be hundreds of firms out there doing social media analysis in some form or another but I tried to hit the most popular ones with the single-minded goal of finding a firm that could deliver the most strategic value from the 2+ years of social media data that’s out there.

How are association publishers building new and existing revenue streams?


The Angerosa Research Foundation —a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the association publishing and communication professions through industry research—is gathering data on diverse sources of media-related nondues revenue at associations across the country. All information will remain confidential and used in aggregate form only, and participants will receive an Executive Summary of the findings and a discount on purchasing the full report. Useful Data

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The Best Free Tools for Twitter Analytics

Adam Sherk

Twitter has created its own free analytics tool , however it is still in beta and not yet available to everyone: The data is fairly basic; the publishers we work with that already have access have not found it particularly useful yet. But it is always good to get data straight from the source and the toolset will continue to evolve. Topsy also provides data on the top links in the past 24 hours for each profile. What are the best free tools for analyzing a Twitter profile?

Some Social Tools You Should Know About

Direct Marketing Observations

Inside View gives users an aggregate view of the social presence and activity of a company. Note that it may take some time for Tweriod to gather enough data for analysis.). Thanks to the folks at imediaconnection , I give you 15 social tools you should know about. Friend or Follow tells users whom they’re not following on Twitter. helps users manage customer service at scale on Facebook and Twitter.

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Create Facebook Pixel Events for Time Spent

Jon Loomer

Create a variable called “DLV – gtm.timerEventNumber” using the Data Layer Variable type. Use the data layer variable name “gtm.timerEventNumber.” Create a variable called “DLV – gtm.timerInterval” using the Data Layer Variable type.

Attribution Modeling vs Marketing Mix Modeling


But these days, marketing, and especially digital marketing, has become highly focused on data, analytics, and determining the return on investment for initiatives launched under the marketing banner. Marketing executives have become practically obsessed with tracking every dollar spent on ad campaigns, sponsorship, blogging, video content, social media, influencers, and other data points. It draws on marketing and sales data, revenue, benchmarks, costs, and outside factors.

Why You Should Claim Your Instagram Account on Pinterest


Now when you (or anyone else) shares content from your Instagram account to Pinterest, you’ll be able to see data for every action taken on that Pin, across all of Pinterest. Here you should see data for the number of impressions, saves, and clicks your Pin received in the past 30 days.

Facebook Pixel Events: An Introduction

Jon Loomer

The base pixel code is what identifies the data as being connected to your ad account. Second, an event utilized on websites around the world means more data for optimization. The Facebook pixel allows advertisers to better track, optimize, and target.

How social listening benefits your organization at four levels

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Data gleaned from listening, can even be used to help make larger business decisions. Some of the more common challenges a social media manager faces including gauging message sentiment at scale, quantifying qualitative data and measuring their campaign effectiveness.

Facebook study confirms there’s no echo chamber online


And this means that, when considered in aggregate, our weak ties—with their access to novel information—are the most influential people in our networks. Humanize Useful Data"People are more likely to share information from their strong ties, but because of their abundance, weak ties are primarily responsible for the majority of information spread on Facebook.

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