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Promote Facebook Groups with Ads in Meta Ads Manager

Jon Loomer

Meta advertisers have long asked for the ability to promote Facebook groups with ads. Meta is rolling out built-in solutions for promoting Facebook groups within Ads Manager. Here’s an overview of how it works… Create a Campaign to Promote a Facebook Group Start by using the Engagement objective. That is changing.

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Two Ways to Promote Facebook Groups

Jon Loomer

There are two ways to run ads to promote Facebook groups. Within the ad set, select the Facebook Group conversion location. If you don’t see that conversion location, you may assume you don’t have the ability to promote your Facebook group. You may have an option for Group Joins.

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Facebook Removes Rooms from Groups

Jon Loomer

Facebook is removing Rooms from Groups. We received the following message when starting a Room in my private Facebook group: “Rooms in groups will be removed on November 16. Starting November 10, new group rooms can’t be created. Rooms is technically a Messenger product that’s been folded into Groups.

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Run Ads for Facebook Groups

Jon Loomer

After hearing some early rumors about this in July, Meta seems to be rolling out the ability to create campaigns to promote your Facebook group in Ads Manager. Select “Facebook Group” under Conversion Location. When creating your ad, select the name of your group under Destination. Here are the steps… 1.

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How to Build and Maintain an Engaged Facebook Community Group

Social Media Strategies Summit

Another way to reach and engage audiences on Facebook is through Community Groups. What Is a Facebook Community Group (& Why Should You Care)? A vast network of connected individuals can set your group’s growth into motion. They formed Groups as a place for individuals with similar interests to converge.

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Instagram Tests New Elements to Feed into More Enclosed Group Sharing

Social Media Today

More IG users are engaging in private groups, and Instagram's looking to feed into that behavioral shift.

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Meta, Miramar Group, and Swire Resources Revolutionize Customer Engagement on WhatsApp with Omnichat

Bill Hartzer

(from left) Ashley Guo, Strategic Partnerships of Meta; Alan Chan, Founder and CEO of Omnichat; Lucy Cheung, Director of Group Marketing and Corporate Communications of Miramar Group; Christine Tam, Senior E-commerce Manager of Swire Resources Limited; Pak Hui, Chief Operating Officer of Omnichat officiated at the opening ceremony of the Summit.