Creating Product Packages: 3 Tips

The Realtime Report

Creating Product Packages: 3 Tips. Without a focus on user experience, it’s impossible to get people to consistently purchase your products and services, which is where product package design comes in.

Why Product Marketing Should Own Twitter


Shoshana Kordova, Director of Product Marketing at Datarails takes the hot seat. Arguably, one of the most important traits of a product marketer is being a good listener. This becomes especially true when launching new products.


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Pinterest Publishes New Guide on Optimizing Your Product Catalog Feed for Product Pins

Social Media Today

The guide covers all aspects of uploading your product catalog to Pinterest in order to optimize your listings

Pinterest Announces New Partnership with WooCommerce to Expand Product Listings

Social Media Today

The integration will feed a lot more product listings into the Pinterest ecosystem

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Pinterest Acquires Product Recommendation Platform 'THE YES' to Improve its Discovery Tools

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The acquisition will help Pinterest improve its product matching tools for each user

LinkedIn Adds New 'Products' Tab on Company Pages to Highlight Specific Products

Social Media Today

LinkedIn is adding new product showcase pages to your LinkedIn Company Page options, providing a new way to share information about your key products

Creating Your Product Visuals: 5 Steps to Consider


What is Product Photography? Product photography utilizes different strategies to present goods compellingly and inspire possible customers to purchase such items. Utilizing 3 D Rendering Create Attractive Product Images.

Staying Productive While Working Remotely

Waxing UnLyrical

But you can’t come up with good content if you have a work environment that’s not conducive to being productive. Staying Productive While Working Remotely is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Staying Productive While Working Remotely. Career Development being productive remote worker telecommuting virtual assistant working remotelyEd: our theme this month is content.

Twitter Launches Initial Test of New 'Product Drops' Launch Reminder Feature

Social Media Today

Twitter's looking to help merchants tap into discussion around the latest product launches in the app

Instagram Will Enable All Users to Tag Products in Feed Posts

Social Media Today

The expanded product tagging options will help Instagram build its eCommerce use case

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2021: End of year Product wrap up


If there was one word to describe our year, it would be ‘update’. We could have said ‘fast’, ‘innovation’, ‘collaboration’, and these are all great ways to define Audiense’ 2021.

Google Expands Requirements for Ads Relating to Financial Products and Services

Social Media Today

The new rules will mean that businesses looking to run finance-related ads will need to have official documentation from local regulatory authorities

The Secret to Work Productivity

The Realtime Report

The Secret to Work Productivity. Whilst this is probably a problem you have already looked to fix, and google has unsurprisingly left you with not a great deal of alternatives, we are going to try and explore the secret to work productivity and see what changes you can make to hopefully get that work done more effectively. Work When Productive: In the same vein as tackling the hard tasks first, working when productive is an important thing that many struggle with.

Instagram Product Tags Are Now Available to All Users in the US

Social Media Today

Expanding access to product tags could see a lot more people browsing and buying via their IG feed

Pinterest Establishes New Content Partnership with Tastemade to Promote Pin Product Listings

Social Media Today

The new partnership will help Pinterest generate more exposure for listed products in the app

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Selling products through social media

A good business sells products like none other. For 2020, let us take a very close look at how you can sell products through social media. There are subtle differences between the three, but all of them are excellent platforms for selling products. Types of products.

LinkedIn Adds New 'Products' Tab to Company Pages to Highlight Specific Products

Social Media Today

LinkedIn is adding new product showcase pages to your LinkedIn Company Page options, providing a new way to share information about your key products

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Boost your September with these Audiense product updates!


The summer is coming to its end and that means back to work, back to school… And back to Audiense Product Updates! Here you’ll find some improvements and a new feature we have developed in the last weeks… Hope they help you to get more value from Audiense for your brand!

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Product development with your needs in mind


It’s that time again. here are the latest improvements at Audiense. Audiense News

Google Expands eCommerce Connection with Free Product Listings in Search

Social Media Today

Google will make its product listings in search available for free, expanding its eCommerce connection potential

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Pinterest Launches New Team to Accelerate Product and Feature Development

Social Media Today

The team will focus on new projects and experiments, which could help Pinterest accelerate its feature development

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Google Outlines Coming eCommerce Advances, Including Improved AR Product Displays

Social Media Today

Google has outlined a range of eCommerce developments in its latest marketing showcase event

3 Ways To Improve Productivity

The Realtime Report

3 Ways To Improve Productivity . We all want to boost our efficiency and enjoy a better work life balance, but it’s the time when we’re busiest that productivity proves the most elusive. Boosting your productivity at work is all about implementing time saving practices that will help you achieve more while working less. As well as boosting your own productivity, you also need to help your employees make the most of their time in the office too.

TikTok Previews Coming Ad and Product Display Options

Social Media Today

TikTok has previewed some coming ad options in a new presentation to advertisers

Meta is Developing a New 'Basic Ads' Product for Facebook to Counter Losses Due to Data Privacy Concerns

Social Media Today

Meta's looking for new ways to counter losses as a result of Apple's ATT update

Facebook Adds Shops in Groups, New Product Recommendation and Display Options Tied to Group Engagement

Social Media Today

The option will provide new ways to display product listings to Facebook users aligned with dedicated interests

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Pinterest Hosts First 'Color Takeover' Campaign, Which Matches Products with Color Searches

Social Media Today

The campaign will match products with color searches, as opposed to category interest

Google Adds New Visual and Text Search Options to Enhance Product Discovery

Social Media Today

The new options provide more ways to browse and shop in Google Search

Instagram's Rolling Out its New Sponsored Product Listings to All Merchants

Social Media Today

Promoted products will appear in the Shop tab in the app, helping to guide more people towards your product offerings

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Twitter Outlines Growth and Product Strategies in Analyst Overview

Social Media Today

Twitter has outlined its growth strategy in its latest Analyst Day overview for shareholders

LinkedIn Adds Product Listings on Profiles, New Engagement Options to Build Your Brand Presence

Social Media Today

The new options will provide more ways to showcase your expertise, and enhance your brand presence

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Instagram Adds New 'Drops' Product Showcase to Help Boost eCommerce Activity

Social Media Today

Instagram has added a new product showcase feature called 'Drops' to highlight new releases

Google Shares Key Product Trends for the Holidays, Based on Google Search Volume

Social Media Today

The listing highlights the key products that are gaining more consumer focus heading into the holiday rush

Google Adds New Product Listing and Discovery Options Ahead of the Holiday Push

Social Media Today

The new options provide more ways to add more context to your Google product listings

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Twitter Launches Live Test of New Profile Shops to Display Products In-App

Social Media Today

Twitter's looking to evolve its business display and eCommerce tools, with a view to developing new user behaviors and experiences

Pinterest Launches New Ad Tools to Help Brands and Creators Tap into Product Discovery

Social Media Today

The new Idea Pin ad options provide new opportunities for promotion, leaning into evolving usage habits

Instagram Tests New Ads on the Shop Tab to Highlight Specific Products

Social Media Today

The new ads will help to highlight your products on the front page of the Shop tab in the app

How To: Measure Success For a Product Launch

Waxing UnLyrical

I wanted to continue to earn passive income for products I had built, instead of sacrificing the sweet sunshine day-in and day-out in front of a computer. Understanding how different content and efforts have yielded sign-ups is critical to the overall success of how my product will launch. How To: Measure Success For a Product Launch. Measurement & Metrics measuring a product launch The Savvy SoloistGuest Post by Elise Perkins.

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Affinity segmentation is now available!


Affinity segmentation is here! We are so excited to share this launch with you. For Audiense, we want to be pushing the boundaries of innovation and reflect the scope of possibility within our industry.

Google Updates Search Ranking for Product Reviews to Better Highlight More In-Depth Information

Social Media Today

Google has announced a new search algorithm update in relation to product reviews, which is worth noting for marketers

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