How do I get a verified blue checkmark on TikTok in 2022?

SocMed Sean

Are you interested in getting verified on TikTok and earning that blue checkmark? Here are some things to consider and steps to take. The post How do I get a verified blue checkmark on TikTok in 2022? appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean.

Meta Launches New Creator Monetization Initiatives, Including More Reels Payments and NFTs

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The new options will provide more pathways for revenue generation in Meta's apps


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Social Media Copyright and Fair Use Rules to Know

Ignite Social Media

Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash. It’s so easy to grab music, sounds or images on social media and reuse them. TikTok even encourages it. So is it ok for brands to do the same things individuals can do? The short answer is no.

22 Best Places for Finding Content to Share on Social Media

Social Media Strategies Summit

Whether you fill up your social media calendar months in advance or post content on the fly, you will need to have a steady source of content to post on social media. Consistent content is a challenge for many social media marketers.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Virtual Event Strategy: Getting Started With Elephantine Events

The Social Media Hat

Season 01 Episode 03 of the Virtual Event Strategist Podcast. The post Virtual Event Strategy: Getting Started With Elephantine Events appeared first on The Social Media Hat. Virtual Event Strategist Podcast Virtual Events Podcast Project Management Virtual Event Planning Virtual Event Strategy

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Brand Influence

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Ron Stefanski. According to recent statistics, 57% of companies in the U.S. say strengthening their brand is a top business objective. However, while most focus on brand awareness, it’s crucial to understand that brand awareness alone doesn’t create conversions and sales.

Crucial Skills for Today’s Workplace

Janet Fouts

It’s not news to anyone that we are confronted with an array of challenges in today’s workplace.

Skills 147

Inside The Audience of Taylor Swift: A Deep Dive Into the Success of the Album 'Red (Taylor’s Version)'


Taylor’s re-release of her classic 2012 album Red has been a massive global success by all means, and we felt it was deserving of its own Audiense analysis. Audience Intelligence

How to Measure Social Media ROI for B2B Brands


B2B Growth Marketing, Demand Generation, Field Marketing—however you badge it, it’s a numbers game. We are here to drive revenue. We are judged by results and the decisions we make about where to invest to get the highest return. The last few years have been tougher than ever.

ROI 137

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

How do I deactivate or delete my YouTube Channel in 2022?

SocMed Sean

At some point in time, you may have wondered: How do I stop using YouTube? And at this point, some of you might mean simply “pausing” YouTube, while others might mean deleting their accounts and channels altogether. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly alright to ask this question.

Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

Almost Savvy

It seems like you’re running a default WordPress website. Here are a few useful links to get you started: Migration. How to use WordPress Migrator Plugin? Migrate WordPress from Siteground to Cloudways. Migrate WordPress from GoDaddy to Cloudways. General.

TikTok Launches New Season of its 'Made for TikTok' Marketing Tips Series

Social Media Today

The video series includes interviews, tips and notes on how to maximize your TikTok performance

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5 TikTok Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Ignite Social Media

You can’t talk social media anymore without mentioning TikTok. The wildly popular social media platform has taken off since its launch in 2016 booming its way to the top of “best of” and “most popular” charts in countries across the world.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

10 Government Agencies Killing it on TikTok

Social Media Strategies Summit

TikTok might not be the first channel that springs to mind regarding government social media. The video platform’s most popular content categories include topics like entertainment, dance, and pranks – not necessarily the sort of thing you’d expect a government agency to be posting.

What Makes For A Memorable Virtual Event?

The Social Media Hat

21 Experts Share Their Most Memorable Virtual Events. The post What Makes For A Memorable Virtual Event? appeared first on The Social Media Hat. Virtual Events Engagement Roundup Virtual Event Plan Virtual Event Planning

What Is Digital PR & How Does It Improve SEO?

The Realtime Report

What Is Digital PR & How. Does It Improve SEO? The goal of digital PR is to expand a company’s internet presence. Online press releases are distributed to gain high-quality backlinks, social media mentions, and enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What Is Digital PR?

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How do I write a review on Facebook?

SocMed Sean

Are you interested in leaving a review for a business, product, or service on Facebook? Here are some things you need to know and the steps to follow. The post How do I write a review on Facebook? appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean.

Review 182

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Science-Based Emotion Regulation Skills You Need to Know.

Janet Fouts

When we can be effective with regulating our emotions we just feel better–in that moment and in the future too. Ah, but when we don’t do such a great job managing our emotions, we may rely on unhealthy strategies like avoidance, substance abuse, or overeating.

Skills 150

Content Marketing in 2022: What You Can Learn From BuzzFeed, Mashable, and VICE


While there are conflicting opinions on whether printed media is dead or not, one thing is certain: the increased use of the internet has brought about a gradual decline in the reach of print media. Audience Intelligence

What is Social Selling? A Full Guide for B2B Brands


While some B2B brands are still committed to more traditional sales methods, social selling can be even more efficient. If your sales strategy doesn’t include social media, leads who could have been brought to your business are likely going to your competitor.

B2B 135

Eight Common Instagram Issues and Steps to Resolve Them

SocMed Sean

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media app that is enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. You can use it to spend your free time checking out images and videos of just about anything, from your favorite sports teams to fashion to hobbies and so much more.

Issues 186

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Eight Common YouTube Issues And Steps To Resolve Them

SocMed Sean

Since its 2006 launch, YouTube has been one of the largest social networks in the world, and its popularity continues to grow. The simplicity of creating, uploading, and sharing videos is one of the reasons for YouTube’s ability to attract both viewers and content creators.

Issues 187

Meta is Developing a New 'Basic Ads' Product for Facebook to Counter Losses Due to Data Privacy Concerns

Social Media Today

Meta's looking for new ways to counter losses as a result of Apple's ATT update

A Look Into the Future of Social Media Marketing

Ignite Social Media

It’s hard to believe that we’ve provided social media marketing services for 15 years now. As the original social media agency in the United States, we have seen social media platforms grow from small startups into some of the most influential companies today.

SMSsummit Speaker Interview with Sarah Barnes of Harvey Mudd College

Social Media Strategies Summit

Sarah Barnes has more than 20 years of experience as a writer and editor for print and digital communications.

Maintain Mental Health While Planning Virtual Events

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Season 01 Episode 06 of the Virtual Event Strategist Podcast. The post Maintain Mental Health While Planning Virtual Events appeared first on The Social Media Hat. Virtual Event Strategist Podcast Virtual Events Mental Health Virtual Event Backup Plan Virtual Event Plan Virtual Event Planning

Here Are the 5 Best Practices and Tips to Follow in Your Web Design

The Realtime Report

Here Are the 5 Best Practices and. Tips to Follow in Your Web Design. It’s nearly impossible to do business today without an online presence. But where do you start? Start with your website. Today, it’s a well-designed website that is important to helping you build a successful business.

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Eight Common Facebook Issues And Steps To Resolve Them

SocMed Sean

Most of the time, Facebook works just fine. But, as popular as the social media platform is, there can be issues from time to time. Here’s how you can quickly fix some of the most common Facebook bugs. Facebook Messenger Keeps Displaying a Notification of a New Message, But There Isn’t One.

Issues 182

Back to the workplace? Lori Mihalich-Levin on the #MindfulSocial podcast

Janet Fouts

Whether you are going back into the office or the workplace after parental leave from work, from caring for a loved one, or because of the pandemic, how can you put your best foot forward and integrate without losing yourself in the process?