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How to analyze customer sentiment to improve customer experience

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That’s what sentiment analysis is all about. In this post, you’ll learn what customer sentiment analysis is, why it matters and how to do it right. Table of Contents What is customer sentiment analysis? Why do you need to analyze customer sentiment? Why do you need to analyze customer sentiment?

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Social Mention Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide For Marketers

This is where social media sentiment analysis comes in to save the day. To help you out, today, we will explore the many benefits of social mention sentiment analysis and how to get started. What is social media sentiment analysis and why does it matter? Sometimes, they have enormous resources at their disposal.


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How To Master Brand Sentiment Analysis – Beginner’s Edition

What people think and feel about your company, products, and services is your brand sentiment. In the absence of magical powers that can help you see into customers’ minds, brand sentiment allows you to dig deep into the mentions and messages that your brand receives to discover the underlying emotions that are being expressed.

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Top 10 Sentiment Analysis Tools for Social Media


Is it possible to monitor, understand and use to your advantage the sentiment behind millions of conversations taking place on social media? With the help of advanced social media sentiment analysis tools and best-practices it is! U nderstanding the emotion behind every comment, like, and share on your brand's posts is very important.

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Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Sentiment (and Why You Should)

Social Media Today

With COVID-19 dominating discussion, it's worth keeping an eye on if and how your brand sentiment is impacted by evolving trends.

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Facebook Provides Tips on How Brands Can Help Address Anti-Asian Sentiment

Social Media Today

Facebook has provided some new tips and notes on how brands can ensure that they're doing their part to counter anti-Asian sentiment.

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Sentiment Analysis: What is it and how does it work?


Sentiment analysis is the ultimate buzzword. With any luck, this guide will help you learn more about sentiment analysis: from how it's used to the ins and outs of the mechanics behind it. And as buzzwords go, it's a concept that's very often misunderstood.

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