iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 12 – Is The Upgrade Worth It?


Before you decide to count out your iPhone 12 and upgrade iPhone 12 to iPhone 13, you might want to consider some facts. iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 12, which one to choose? . But, first thing’s first – When Will The iPhone 13 Series be Available for Order.

Know How iPhone Helps In Taking Good Photos


It is safe to say that you can take good pictures using your iPhone. However, if you are wondering how to make these photos even better, using the inbuilt features of the iPhone , then this is the blog for you. To use an iPhone camera, you can launch it by following ways:-.


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How to Use an iPhone As Mac Mouse?


There are various features of the iPhone and iPad which are not found in any other phone. What can not be done through an iPhone? It clicks unbelievable photos and videos with its stunning camera and that is the reason that across the globe there is a great fan following of iPhones.

How To Manage Your Photos On iPhone


In this post, we will discuss how to remove selfies and manage photos on iPhone. How to Manage Photos on iPhone: With everyone being self-obsessed & clicking selfies in no time, the smartphone gets filled resulting in no storage space message. Devices- iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.

iPhone Hotspot not Working…. Try these fixes!


What if out of the blue, your iPhone personal hotspot stops working and you do not know the reason behind it. Well, via a personal hotspot feature, you can turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing phones, laptops to connect with your phone. Restart iPhone.

How to Fix iPhone Reminders Not Working


If you use Reminder app for your daily work management then you very well know the pain of missing an important appointment because of your iPhone reminders not working. Also Read: How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone. Tap on the Setting icon to open your iPhone settings.

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11 BEST iPhone Data Recovery Software & Apps in 2021


Here Are The 11 Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. Aiseesoft Fonelab iPhone Data recovery. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery. Recovering the lost data of iPhone/iPad/iPod. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery.

How To Use iPhone’s Secret Button- ‘Back Tap’ on iPhone?


We are today going to reveal the name of the iPhone’s secret button. With the list of improvements and new updates iOS14 has also introduced a new button on iPhone 12 and iPhones working on iOS14. Back Tap- The Secret Button On iPhone. Which iPhones Support Back Tap?

Pinterest Adds New iOS Widget to Enable Pinners to Feature Boards on Their iPhone Home Screen

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Pinterest has added a new widget for iOS which enables Pinners to display a board on their iPhone home screen

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Best Focus Apps for iPhone In 2021


In this article, we are going to talk about the Best screen time apps for iPhone which are proven to help users in focusing on their important tasks and limit screen time. Also Read: Solutions For iPhone Apps That Keep Crashing. Best Focus Apps for iPhone: 1.

TikTok Launches First LiDAR-Enabled AR Effect for iPhone 12

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TikTok recently added its first LiDAR-enabled AR effect, which is able to better detect and respond to the real-world environment

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Snapchat Announces AR Support for Apple's New LiDAR Capability for iPhone 12

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Snapchat will be among the first companies to utilize Apple's new LiDAR vision mapping technology built into the iPhone 12

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How To Refresh WhatsApp in Android and iPhone


So, keeping this in mind, I have come up with an idea to write an article on how to refresh WhatsApp in Android and iPhone (apple). How To Refresh Whatsapp in Apple IPhone. How To Give Access To WhatsApp on Your IPhone device. How To Refresh WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone (Apple).

How To Restore or Reset An iPhone Without iTunes


There are many people who encounter similar problems and get stuck while resetting their iPhone. If you too are one of these people, check this blog out to find quick ways to reset or restore iPhone without iTunes. Clear memory space on your iPhone.

Best Ways You Can Sync Your iPhone Photos To Mac


Why sync iPhone photos to Mac? Another way is to sync all your iPhone photos to mac as soon as you capture them. After all, you can save yourself from first transferring photos from iPhone to Mac and then sitting down and editing them. How To Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac.

Best Weather Apps for iPhone In 2021


Here we have accumulated a list of the best Weather Apps for iPhone. Also Read: Best Currency Converter Apps For Android and iPhone. Best Weather Apps for iPhone: 1. MyRadar Weather Radar: The first app on our list of Best Weather apps for iPhone is MyRadar Weather App.

How To Empty Email Trash On iPhone


You can pick older emails on iPhone and delete multiple emails at a time to keep a clutter-free mail box. Wondering, how to delete multiple emails and empty trash on the iPhone? Don’t worry, here we have a guide for you to empty trash on the iPhone.

iMessage Not Working On iPhone: Fixes


iPhone users, when sending a message to people in contacts, a part of them displays in blue color while some in Green. If you are experiencing iMessage not working on iPhone, try rebooting your device. For this, Open Settings on your iPhone.

New iPhone 5 Released!

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There is exciting news for techies and non-techies alike when it comes to the latest version of the iPhone. According to the San Francisco AP , it is anticipated that the new iPhone 5 will likely go on sale in a week or two. The new iPhone has three microphones instead of two, and comes with a sound enhancement feature. One big change: The iPhone is getting a new connector to attach to computers and chargers. 30, Apple will sell 8 million to 10 million iPhone 5s.

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What To Do If the iPhone Screen Went Black?


There are several iPhone users (especially iPhone X and 8 users) who are facing a hard time dealing with a black iPhone screen. Reasons Why You Are Seeing A Black iPhone Screen: Software issues. Culprit App is causing iPhone black screen.

How To Find Old Text Messages On iPhone


There are always a bunch of text messages on iPhone and iPad but you can’t find one you need at the moment. Similarly, you can find old text messages on the iPhone. No matter how you have lost your old text messages, you can always find and restore them to your iPhone.

4 Translation Apps for iPhones


The creative developers that bring you the following iPhone apps are leading the way. Translate Professional , optimized for the iPhone 5, is especially handy because it can be used offline. They can also be copied into your other iPhone apps. iPhone Apps Tech & Gadgets how to translate on iphone iphone app iphone apps iphone translation iphone translation app iphone translation apps

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Best Killer Apps for Android and iPhone


While the name might spark some hysteria, but Killer Apps refer to the ones which eliminate or remove apps running in background of your Android or iPhone to lower CPU use and battery. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the best killer apps for Android and iPhone.

Here’s How to Record Calls on Your iPhone


So let’s check out the workarounds to check if you can record phone calls on iPhone easily. Here’s How to Record Calls on Your iPhone. Since we are talking about workarounds to record calls on iPhone, you need to depend on third party tools like call recording apps.

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Stepwise Guide To Set A Custom Ringtone On iPhone


Do you ever wish to have a custom ringtone on your iPhone but always dropped the idea because of paying Apple a certain amount? This article is all about creating and setting a ringtone on the iPhone of your choice. Also Read: How to Record and Capture Screen on iPhone and iPad.

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How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On iPhone


So there comes a handy Wi-Fi calling feature for the iPhone. In this particular article we will be discussing how to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone when you are lacking cellular network. Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone. Advantages of Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on iphone.

18 iPhone Photography Tips You Need to Know


Learning how to take professional photos with your iPhone is good for more than just expressing yourself better. Use these 18 iPhone photography tricks to elevate your game. iPhone photography: Composition tips. One simple iPhone photography trick is called the rule of thirds.

Find Out How to Fix Your Frozen iPhone


And when it comes to cell phone freezing, both Android smartphone as well as iPhone users had experienced the issue. So in case your iPhone freezes & your user experience is going down big time, don’t worry at all. You can use a few tips & tricks to fix your frozen iPhone.

How To Delete iPhone Backups On Mac


And one of the possible reasons for clogged space on Mac other than duplicates is obsolete backups of your iPhone. In this article we have tried to address this situation and come up with effective ways on how to delete iPhone Backups on Mac.

Outright: iPhone App for Budgeting


At idaconcpts.com we often review iPhone and Android apps and we are always on the lookout for iPhone apps that really catch our eye. The iPhone app provides you a quick overview that used to take me a good half of hour of input everyday with my Excel spreadsheet. iPhone Apps Tech & Gadgets budgeting app budgeting apps budgeting iphone budgeting iphone app budgeting iphone apps budgeting software outright outright iphone outright iphone app

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How To Eject Water from An iPhone and Improve Sound Quality


In this digital age, people use their iPhones everywhere even in the rain or while taking shower, and because of this water spills into the speaker of the iPhone, and the sound gets decreased. All the models of iPhone come with IP67 and above rating.

4 Coupon Apps for iPhones


In this brave new world in which we find ourselves, the iPhone has emerged as a kind of new type of digital Swiss army knife. Display your coupon on your iPhone to the cashier and your savings are deducted. Groupon seems to be the leader in the burgeoning new coupon category for iPhones. Groupon has an extremely clever iPhone app. It always has another tool ready to save the day.

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How To Download Instagram Without App Store On iPhone


& that’s why we are going to talk about downloading apps like Instagram without accessing the App Store on your iPhone. Download Instagram App on iPhone Without App Store. So let’s use the methods that won’t require jailbreaking yet you can download Instagram on iPhone easily: 1.

How To Add Music To A Video On iPhone


If yes, we have brought for all iPhone users the best ways to kickstart their video editing practice. Don’t worry, you can always use your iPhone to its best. You can always add life to the videos you have shot on your iPhone with no need of highly-priced software or tools.

Unlock iPhone Even after Wearing Face Mask


release that may have a new feature that will let you unlock your iPhone even if you are wearing a mask. release we can expect that the iPhone users who would be trying to unlock their devices will see another security layer to pass.

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad


We have accumulated a list of 5 Best News Apps for iPad and iPhone that can help you stay updated with the world news on the go. Best News App for iPhone and iPad: 1. Flipboard is undoubtedly one of the best News Apps for iPhone and iPad available in the market.

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Here Are The Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone


So we have narrowed down the best AR apps for iPhone without wasting too much time. Check Out The Best Augmented Reality Apps For iPhone in 2020. However, one thing’s for sure that there are plenty of AR apps for iPhone which can blow your mind easily as mentioned below: 1.

iPhone 4 First Impressions

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking iPhone 4 First Impressions Written on June 25, 2010 by Justin Levy in iphone , video 6 Comments - Leave a comment! I wanted to share some of my 1st impressions after having the iPhone 4 for the past 24 hours. If you can’t see this video, you can check it out over on my YouTube channel : Are you the owner of a new, shiny iPhone 4?

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App Providing Shortcuts on iPhone Returns From Ban

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Launcher was banned by Apple last year for a violation of their design guidelines, due to the ability of the app to create a widget that leads to other applications and functions on the iPhone. Apps Mobile Apps Social Media Apple iPhone apps launcher launcher app Once banned by Apple back in September 2014, a popular app has made its return to the App Store.

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Droid vs iPhone


I think we can all agree that the Android is sort of a geeky man phone and the iPhone belongs in the pockets of the hipsteriest hipsters you know. On the other hand, you (theoretically) have the iPhone’s “we won’t put crap on our market” policy, which is good (in theory). I don’t want this to become a network showdown, since it’s the ANDROID AND iPHONE SMACKDOWN, but we have to say it: Verizon (and whatever) is flat out better than AT&T. First, let’s discuss style.

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