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Survey: Canadians are OK with sharing personal data

Sherrilynne Starkie

This view is even more prevalent among Canadians millennials, at 86 per cent, according to a survey from the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). . Findings are based on an online survey, conducted in November 2017, of at least 1,000 people in each market.

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The Art of Surveys: How to Create Content that Stands Out and Performs


Joining the Radically Transparent podcast to unpack the ins and outs of surveys is the expert himself, Ramel Levin , Chief Survey Master at Global Surveyz. He reveals exactly how to find the content sweet spot by focusing on the content that’s high-performance and hard to create, like surveys, podcasts, and videos.

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[SURVEY] Key learnings from marketers who actively use buyer personas


After the results of our recent survey, created in partnership with Best Buyer Persona , we wanted to dig deeper into how marketers and their teams are creating buyer personas, from the tools in their audience-building arsenal to how personas influence they day-to-day.

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Twitter Surveys Users on Possible Options for Tweet Subscriptions

Social Media Today

With Twitter working on developing a new subscription option, it's sent out a survey to some users asking them about potential options they might be willing to subscribe for.

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A Survey of Targeted Facebook Ad Users [Results]

Jon Loomer

I decided to run my own experiment to survey those I was targeting. In this post, I wanted to share the results of that survey and what they mean to me. The campaign has reached more than 20,000 people so far, resulting in about 1,400 survey completions. Do you have any thoughts on the results of this survey?

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Survey Results: How has Social Media Behavior Changed with COVID-19

Ignite Social Media

Social Media During Covid-19 Survey Results. Our team surveyed over 600 consumers at the beginning of April to gauge their opinions on social media marketing tactics and how their social media behavior has changed. Only 20% express disapproval, which is right in line with the 21% of respondents who felt the same in our survey.

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Audiense and GWI integration: How to enhance your audience intelligence by combining social & survey data


Audiense and GWI have teamed up to provide a powerful integration, where you will be able to port your audiences from social to survey data, removing any previous challenges of joining these data points manually to enrich your audience insights.

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