Survey Results: How has Social Media Behavior Changed with COVID-19

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” With that, brand marketers are trying to figure out how to adapt their social strategies to new social media behaviors. Social Media During Covid-19 Survey Results. How Consumers Feel About Social Media Ads in Light of the Pandemic.

Survey 138

Updated Survey: How Social Media Behaviors Evolved Due to COVID-19

Ignite Social Media

A global pandemic, a Presidential election, numerous social justice movements, and more led to a slew of changes to how Americans live their everyday lives… including our social media behaviors. Audiences are creating less content across social media today.

Survey 128

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Survey: Social Media Platform and Content Plans for 2020

Social Media Today

We can try to predict the future direction of social media, but what strategies are marketers actually planning to implement in the coming year? We conducted a new survey to find out

Survey 130

Survey: 90% of Marketers See Revenue Impact from Social Media

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However, 53% of marketers have trouble proving the value of social media and 31% struggle to secure budget for it

Survey 131

New Survey Looks at How Marketers and Consumers View Social Media Engagement

Social Media Today

The latest report from Sprout Social looks at the differences between how marketers and consumers view and utilize social platforms

Survey 171

Survey Finds a Third of People Don't Trust Social Media Companies with Their Data [Infographic]

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A new survey has found that social media users are increasingly concerned about potential misuse of their personal data

Survey 158

How to Survey Your Audience

Convince & Convert

One way to find out your customers’ opinions is by sending out a survey. The following are some tips to keep in mind, as well as some websites that will help you effectively survey your audience. Decide Upon a Goal A single, all-encompassing survey for every one of your marketing campaigns isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need several surveys out there for all your different projects. When generating your surveys, specificity is key (highlight to tweet).

Survey 111

SMT's 2018 Social Media Spending Survey - Part 1: Key Channels of Focus

Social Media Today

We recently conducted a survey of our audience to determine the key social media marketing trends and shifts of 2018. Here's part one of our report

Survey 129

The State of Social Media Marketing – Summary of Annual Survey Report (Part 2)


In a previous blog post , Jonas made a summary of a report called “The State of Social Media Marketing” from January 2012 in which he outlined the key points and conclusions drawn from the report. The findings are based on a survey, conducted among 469 marketers from wide varieties of industries, company sizes and levels of social marketing expertise. Social media monitoring continues to be an important component of social strategy.

Survey 183

How social media transformed PR

Sherrilynne Starkie

Back in December 2007, the Society for New Media Research Symposium did a study into the influence of social media in PR. In the survey of 300 communications professionals, more than half agreed that social media was becoming valuable.

The State of Social Media Marketing– Annual Survey Report


Tweet Recently, Awarness Inc released a report called The State of Social Media Marketing : Top Areas For Social Marketing Investment and Biggest Social Marketing Challenges in 2012. This report looks at key different areas of your social media strategy like monitoring, investments, human resource allocations and last but the most important one – the challenges. According to the survey, it is quite obvious that all social platforms will grow in 2012.

Survey 200

SMT's 2018 Social Media Spending Survey - Part 2: Where to Allocate Your Social Media Marketing Budget in 2019

Social Media Today

We recently conducted a survey of our audience to determine the key social media marketing trends and shifts of 2018. Here's part two of our report

Survey 118

How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Social media and influencer marketing have each significantly impacted the work of B2B marketers. Social Media Marketing Becomes a Thing. According to Google Trends, search interest in social media marketing took off in late 2008 / early 2009.

B2B 211

Social Media Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

Ignite Social Media

I got an email this morning from a non-profit I work with wondering how they should think about social media marketing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Social Media Marketing during COVID-19.

Our Industry, Your Answers: Breaking Down the 2018 JOTW Communications Survey

Waxing UnLyrical

A recent survey conducted by Ned Lundquist’s Job of the Week (JOTW) in partnership with Sword and the Script Media, LLC sought to find out the true status of our industry. Conducted in February 2018, the online survey solicited the thoughts and opinions of 5,500 JOTW newsletter subscribers, mainly consisting of senior in-house and corporate communications professionals across a variety of industries. Will Work for Media Impressions. Guest Post by Scott Kaminski.

Survey 150

[SURVEY] 4 crucial things marketers need from their audience research strategy


Social media scheduling, briefing creative and agencies, creating that newsletter, producing a deck for the sales team. Ask any marketer what a typical day looks like and we’ll be able to reel off a list longer than your arm.

Survey 121

Surveys: Essential to the PR Pro’s Toolbox

Waxing UnLyrical

My response was something only a current public relations graduate student, fresh out of taking her comprehensive written and oral examinations, and appropriately trained in methods by her “We mean business when we say research&# university would respond: The response led to a comment by Justin, who shared that the practice of conducting surveys is not one that PR professionals employ as frequently as they should. The problem with surveying is that it, allegedly, takes too long.

Survey 187

2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report


Tweet Recently, a report called “How Marketers Are Using Social Media To Grow Their Businesses” was released by Social Media Examiner. The report uncovers the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing. This study is based on a survey conducted for more than 3,800 marketers, with the goal of understanding how they are using social media to grow and promote their businesses.

The Impact of Social Media


Tweet Harvard Business Review Analytics Services has released a study on the impact of social media. But even though social media has great potential, many organizations do not properly integrate social media in their marketing and communication efforts, or only use it as a one-way communication channel instead of listening, analysing, and driving conversations. The survey was conducted among HBR magazine and newsletter subscribers during July 2010.

Tips for Social Media Advertising this Holiday Season

Ignite Social Media

This past year many marketers struggled with their social media advertising efforts. State of Paid Media Buying in 2020. 2020 was a unique year for social media marketing, but the state of social ad buying specifically had some interesting points we want to address.

SMT's 2018 Social Media Spending Survey - Part 4: What Organizational Challenges do Marketers Face in Achieving Success?

Social Media Today

We recently conducted a survey of our audience to determine the key social media marketing trends and shifts of 2018. Here's part four of our report

The 2018 Small Business Social Media Confidence Survey [Infographic]

Social Media Today

A new survey has found that many small businesses are struggling to get a handle on social media marketing, and utilize it effectively

Survey 127

Survey: 60% of Physicians Believe Social Media “Improves the Care They Deliver”

The Realtime Report

Many physicians are making use of social media – as a way to manage new information, discuss the latest journal articles or research, and to help provide quality care. ” The survey asked physicians how social media can be used for professional development and lifelong learning. Here are some of the highlights: 24% use social media daily to scan or explore new medical information. 14% contribute information to social media daily.

Survey 151

How Much to Charge for Social Media Management

Social Media Strategies Summit

It’s practically impossible for a business to operate in today’s market without a social media presence. Despite this fact, many business owners and marketing teams are missing the experience or resources to internally manage their social media presence in a strategic way.

December Social Media Updates

Ignite Social Media

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for everyone, but especially in the world of social media – a world that is changing by the day. Social didn’t slow down in December – read on for a round-up of December social media updates! December Social Media Updates. It feels like this is Instagram’s response to the privacy questions that have plagued the world of social media this year. That rounds out our December social media updates.

How to Buy Social Media Services: A Survey

Bare Feet Studios

As an initiative for the Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter in 2011 , I set up a survey of social media practitioners, looking at compensation and services. You can Download a PDF of the Social Media Pay Survey here. This was an anecdotal poll of social media pros, conducted via an online survey that was shared through the SMCHI email newsletter and to our colleagues on Twitter.

How Social Media Marketing Will Emerge Post-COVID-19

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There’s significant debate about whether the economy will recover in a V shape or a U shape but a big influx of ad dollars, particularly on social (where brands can move more quickly) will likely push up CPMs and CPCs and lower return on ad spend versus what we see today.

Survey on Social Media Analysis in 2015

Net-Savvy Executive

If monitoring or analyzing social media is part of your job—and you don't work for one of the software providers—please take part in a survey on the state of social media analysis at I'm looking into current trends and issues on the practice of social media analysis, as well as the technologies. The survey has 21 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Study Shows Marketers Plan to Spend More on Social Media Programs

Harp Interactive

Highlights and Statistics of Social Media Usage by Brands. The following information is taken from a survey of 137 brand marketers and ad agency professionals that point to a significant investment in social media marketing programs in the next 12 months. Of the marketers surveyed: 63% have already implemented social media marketing programs, and. Social Media Marketing Is a Small Portion of Total Budget But Spending Is Likely to Increase.

Study 240

19 Social Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking


You’ve been there: your boss asks how the business’s social media strategy is doing and you know a high-level rundown just won’t cut it. When it comes to measuring and proving your brand’s social media success, data speaks volumes — and that’s where social media KPIs come in.

What Behavioral Marketing Is and How to Apply It to Your Social Media Campaigns

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Search, social media, and online journeys can now be combined to connect different aspects of a person’s behavior with their purchasing habits, attitudes, peer influences, and brand loyalty. Advocacy of your brand on social media and online reviews.

New Survey Says We’re Spending 7 Hours Per Day Consuming Online Media

Forbes Social Media

Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmediaYouTube streaming has sky-rocketed, up 43% since the pandemic started.

Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 Tips, White Paper and Podcast

Pam Moore

Do you struggle with having what you think may be the best social media marketing plan on the entire planet yet have no budget to implement? You struggle with getting budget approved to implement your social media plan. Your executives don’t understand social media. You struggle with articulating the goals and objectives of your social media program to key stakeholders. This includes social media.

5 Major Differences in Social Media Usage This Year

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Every year we see new trends in social media behaviors emerge, but this past year has been a unique experience for all of us. Who’s Using Which Social Networks? Here at Ignite, we always apply Forrester’s POST methodology to our social media strategies.

Social Media Definitions: KPIs and Other Valuable Terms to Know

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The social media world is full of crazy terminology, and the terms keep adding up the more the industry evolves. Throughout this post we’ve outlined some of the most important social media definitions you need to arm yourself with to be dangerous. Social Media Definitions.

CPA 110

Top Five: New social media ‘stories’ features

Sherrilynne Starkie

Must-know social media news for communicators and marketers for this week include new Stories innovations from Facebook and YouTube, insight on finance journalists, a new editor for a LGBTQ+ magazine and search innovations from Google. YouTube Stories are like the Stories formats on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Stories continue to grow in importance for audience engagement across social media platforms.

April Social Media Trends

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Spring is synonymous with change and that certainly applies when it comes to social media. There were a whole host of new features and updates being rolled out over the past month from some of the top social platforms. Let’s talk about the April Social Media Trends! . Some of the biggest news to come out of the social media world as of late is Instagram officially releasing its shopping feature.

Social Media Influencers Weigh In On Coronavirus Trends With New Survey

Forbes Social Media

Social media influencers have power in the marketplace at any given time, directing attention and smiling on chosen products, brands, experiences, etc

Top 14 Social Media Management Tools for 2021


Social selling has become an almost inevitable part of B2B selling. Sadly enough, even though social selling is proven to increase company revenue by upwards of 16% , 3 in 4 sales reps don’t implement the strategy. Clearly, your buyers are now all over social media.

How Do You Measure Social Media Success?

agora pulse

Social media success means different things to different people. Yet everyone wants to know the answer to the ultimate question: Am I successful on social media? The first step is to understand what your social media goals are and measure against them. There are three primary purposes for social media. These goals are: Social Proof. Using Social Media for Social Proof. Customer satisfaction surveys.