How to Choose a Virtual Event Consultant

The Social Media Hat

A good consultant can provide valuable advice & guidance, while a bad one can cause problems and headaches. The post How to Choose a Virtual Event Consultant appeared first on The Social Media Hat.

What every consultant should know about social media analytics

Sherrilynne Starkie

These are essential skills and talents, but to be a successful social media consultant you must add some ‘left-brain’ qualities. A good social media consultant will be au fait with: Google Analytics and Tag Manager. A social media consultant brings other aptitudes to the analysis piece too. Analysis plays an important role every day in the life of a social media consultant. The best social media consultants or teams are a perfect blend of left- and right-brained.


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Five content marketing tricks of a great social media consultant

Sherrilynne Starkie

As in most professions, an experienced social media consultant knows certain tricks of the trade to content marketing work better, faster, easier. A social media consultant should invested in productive work, and use automation to perform repetitive tasks. The post Five content marketing tricks of a great social media consultant appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. Marketing Social Media consultant Content marketing OttawaSpecial Tricks.

What the heck are social media consultants and what do they do all day?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Social media consultants are not masters of the dark arts. Companies often call a consultant in because social media is not working. A social media consultant’s number one job is to set a strategy that aligns with the organizational goals and objectives. Most consultants spend time getting an understanding of the organization’s digital footprint and online audiences. Consultants provide strategic advice to sales and human resources too.

LinkedIn Launches New 'Business Manager' Platform, New B2B Aligned Marketing Consultancy

Social Media Today

LinkedIn's adding new tools to help marketers keep track of their on-platform efforts

Do You Need a Social Media Consultant?

Ignite Social Media

In either situation, you may consider hiring a social media consultant. The post Do You Need a Social Media Consultant? Social Media Marketing Social Media Strategy social media Social Media Agency Social Media Consultant Social Media Consulting Social Media ServicesNow, we may be biased, but whether you’re a small business or an established corporation, social media marketing is a vital marketing channel.

Blogging the Festive Season: The Blogger-Consultant-Speaker [Case Study]


The post Blogging the Festive Season: The Blogger-Consultant-Speaker [Case Study] appeared first on ProBlogger. Tara Gentile (now McMullin) is a blogger and business strategist whose online presence underpins her thriving consulting business at

Starting a Social Media Consultancy Business

Social media businesses grew from this need and today a consultancy is one of the most in-demand endeavors you can start. A social media consultancy business gives you an extraordinarily well-rounded role.


Social Media with Romona

The post BEST ONLINE CALENDAR FOR CONSULTANTS & COACHES (AND OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS) appeared first on Social Media Workshops | Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia | Social Media How To's with Romona. Read to stay up-to-date on the best practices of social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and personal branding.

Ergonomic Consultancy: A Business Opportunity


As a blogger and marketing consultant I spend a lot of time sitting down in front of a computer typing away and taking calls. In the process of doing so, I have realized that if you are looking for to start a business with a high potential for success, and one that can change lives for the better, entrepreneurs should consider the world of ergonomic consulting. So, a consultant practice that can show a company how to avoid these pitfalls would be high in demand.

How to Become a Successful Social Media Consultant

Sprout Social

Do you have what it takes to be a social media consultant? Let’s break down ways to become a successful social media consultant and how to get started. What do social media consultants do? What are the pros and cons of being a social media consultant?

8 Key Skills You’ll Need as a Leasing Consultant

The Realtime Report

a Leasing Consultant. This is where a leasing consultant comes in. A leasing consultant is a challenging but rewarding job and the right leasing consultant skills will help you be the best in the business. Some leasing consultant key skills include knowing how to network.

6 Ways to Get Paid as a Freelance Consultant

The Realtime Report

6 Ways to Get Paid as a Freelance Consultant. These days, more and more people are turning to freelancing or consulting for professional purposes. Of course, there are many special considerations that come with freelance and consulting work.

Consulting Services for Micro Loans?

Janet Fouts

Where does the consulting come in? I’ll give the next 10 people who l end $25 to help former Devadasi women start their own businesses 30 minutes of consulting time for your own business. I can help you with SEO, Facebook, Twitter or Google Ads, WordPress or general consulting about social media and digital marketing.

Free Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A Calls EVERY Friday


If you are a business owner, a coach, consultant, therapist, a Yoga, Reiki, or Meditation teacher and healer, a fitness instructor or anyone who promotes self improvement and infuses spiritual teachings into their work… JOIN US! With Yasmin & Elinor .

Know Your Options as a PR Consultant


For those choosing to go into PR—and many are, with PR projected to be one… Read More.

Looking for info on social media consulting fees?


If you’re working on your social media budget for 2011, and looking for information on social media consulting fees, Mack Collier has a good updated list of what social media consultants charge for various services. Featured budget consulting feesFor example: - Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Creation, assuming limited outsourcing of content creation and/or ongoing training – $3,000-$15,000 a month for 4-12 months. Most Charge – $3,000-$6,000 a month.

The Types of Social Media Consultants Your Brand Needs

Ignite Social Media

With over 68% of brand-side marketers having or planning to have internal resources dedicated to social media, the need for social media consultants is rising. Whether you are managing social media for a brand as a one-man-show or have a more robust internal team of resources – we’ve seen a tangible and measurable benefit to consulting with brands on their social media execution and strategy. Why Do I Need Social Media Consultants?

Steps To Starting A Social Media Consulting Business

With more people than ever using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, starting your own social media consulting business can be quite a lucrative venture. The post Steps To Starting A Social Media Consulting Business appeared first on

The 5 Steps to Developing the Ultimate Consultative Sales Pitch

Social Selling Masters

If so, it’s time you updated your… Continue Reading → Lead Generation Social Selling Best Practices consultative sales sales tips sales training Social sellingAre you ready to see dramatic changes in your ROI? Are you tired of talking to people who don’t want to talk to you, in an effort to qualify candidates for sales?

Agencies & consultancies: 6 views on the present and future of creativity


The recent movements of Accenture betting on its expansion in the creative field - in addition to other consultancies of the calibre of Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers - are reshaping the advertising sector. The consultancies are “everywhere you go” such as in the edition of Cannes Lions that has just started, Erik Oster commented the other day, in this article on adweek.

Should You Hire An SEO Firm Or Consultant?

Small Business Mavericks

Isn’t an SEO consultant an SEO company ? Are all SEO firms also consultants? One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a small business is whether or not you should hire a consultant or a full-on SEO company. A consultant prepares the plan for you to implement on your own. Hiring an SEO consultant can be less expensive than hiring an SEO company, however, there are some downsides. SEO for Small Business SEO SEO company SEO consultant

Avoiding the Client-Consultant Ego Clash

Waxing UnLyrical

Ah, the client-consultant ego clash. How do you deal with the client-consultant ego clash? Avoiding the Client-Consultant Ego Clash. Some of you know I’m adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University. For those who don’t, I am (!), and this is my fourth year teaching a class on “not-for-profits in the digital age.”

Having a #BadHairDay? Pantene offers consultations on social media

Social Media Today

What we can learn from P&G's "14-Day Challenge" which asks people to post pictures with a dedicated hashtag to receive personalized tips from style advisers

Facebook's Marketing Partner Program Integrates Smaller Agencies, Consultants

Social Media Today

The goal is to boost creative development by giving smaller agencies faster support and letting marketers assess the performance of creative before releasing it

Free Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A Calls EVERY THURSDAY with Yasmin


Please join me every Thursday at 1 pm ET for these Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A call for women business owners. The post Free Marketing Consulting & Coaching Zoom Q&A Calls EVERY THURSDAY with Yasmin appeared first on YMarketingMatters

3 Simple Social Media Tips for Boosting Your Visibility as a Coach or Consultant

Social Media Today

Coaches and consultants can increase their online visibility, traffic, and conversions with these three simple social media tips

Agencies Should Start Thinking More Like Consultants

Social Media Strategery

Consultant Steve…more than five years ago. After nine years as a consultant and five more at ad agencies, I’ve realized maybe the problem lies in how agencies build scopes of work rather than how I’ve interpreted (or ignored) them. When I was a consultant, our clients bought our people. They were buying our consultants’ specialized expertise, unique experience, or both. Consultants, on the other hand, have stayed above this.

Pushing VS Pulling: 5 Steps to Transitioning into Consultative Sales

Social Selling Masters

If you’ve been in sales for some time now, you’re probably quite familiar with ‘push’ tactics; and equally familiar with the… Continue Reading → Lead Generation Sales skills consultative sales Social selling transitioningBefore we get into any details of making this transition, it is important that you fully understand each methodology.

An Open Letter to a New Social Media Consultant

Direct Marketing Observations

But before you can start selling yourself as a social media consultant. Tags: social media Marketing marc meyer social media consultant Below is an email response I gave to someone I did not know who is determined to reinvent themselves and reposition their very talented skills in the social media arena.

Should Consultants Compete or Cooperate?

Ari Herzog

Many social media marketing professionals consult in the greater Boston region. Or, is consulting focused more on the sale and less on building relationships with peers? As I learn of agencies that are formed to combine expertise of consultants in different regions of the country to work on common projects, I increasingly wonder if there is a value in regional consultants working together on common projects.

How a social media consultant can help your business


Adding a social media consultant to your team will fix this. Click To Tweet A social media consultant will devise an effective strategy and provide a workable delivery framework. That’s where working with consultants makes sense. Industry certifications prove a social media consultant’s practical skill too. Social media consultants know what they are doing when it comes to program implementation. Featured Headline Social Media consultant PESO model

Using Social Media To Grow Your Consulting Business


Here are Duncan Alney's slides from his Using Social Media To Grow Your Consulting Business presentation at the 2010 American Society of Consulting Arborists Annual Conference held earlier this month in Amelia Island, Florida. Using social to grow your consulting business - ASCA 2010.

5 Questions On Whether To Hire A Social Media Consultant Or Do It Yourself

Jason Yormark

So without further ado, here are the 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you determine whether hiring a consultant or firm is the right move. The bottom line is if you don’t have the right answers to the above questions, chances are you stand to benefit from a consultant or agency to help. I’ll be following up this blog post next week with a post on how to find and choose the right consultants/agencies as it can sometimes be a daunting task.

When Should A Business Retain A Professional Online Marketing Consultant?

Small Business Mavericks

Small businesses do it themselves, medium sized businesses retain consultants, and big businesses employ part or full time marketing professionals. When then, should a business seek the services of a professional online marketing consultant. Looking at the above, you would suggest that a medium sized business should look at a consultant whilst a large business should look at taking professionals onto their payroll. If so, you may not require the services of a consultant.

Social Media Consultants & Companies-The truth can be found in their numbers

Direct Marketing Observations

Let’s say I’m in a need of a social media company or consultant, and that business claims to be all things social. Before I get to that, let me first offer up that I know that there are lots of good, solid social media consultants and companies who do great work. Which leads to some really obvious questions: Why on earth would you want a company like this consulting on, creating, and or managing your Twitter program?

6 Takeaways From 23 Years as a Consultant

Convince & Convert

I have a lot of business and professional miles on these tires, because I started my consulting career when I was just 18, and have started or owned six companies since then. personal branding business advice consulting lessons jay baerThis is an interview I did for my friend Debra Ellis for her blog series Lessons Learned and Learning.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Social Media Agency Or Consultant

Jason Yormark

So let’s talk a bit about how to choose the right agency or consultant if you’re ready to make that investment. Experience – It goes without saying that you should never hire a consultant or agency with little to no experience. No matter what, make sure you are able to have meaningful conversations with your potential agency/consultant. Regardless, the above should help you navigate through your search for the right agency/consultant.

Using Social Media To Grow Your Consulting Business


Here are Duncan Alney’s slides from his Using Social Media To Grow Your Consulting Business presentation at the 2010 American Society of Consulting Arborists Annual Conference held earlier this month in Amelia Island, Florida. Using social to grow your consulting business – ASCA 2010.

The 5 Steps to Developing the Ultimate Consultative Sales Pitch

Koka Sexton

The post The 5 Steps to Developing the Ultimate Consultative Sales Pitch appeared first on Koka Sexton. Social Selling Strategies consultative sales sales tips Sales training social sellingAre you ready to see dramatic changes in your ROI? Are you tired of talking to people who don’t want.