9 Inspiring Examples of Higher Education Institutions on Social Media

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It’s hard to understate the importance of social media in higher education marketing. So, clearly, social media is a massive opportunity for higher education marketers. The biggest reason for going investing in higher education is to get a better job. Higher Education

Reddit Launches New 'Ads Formula' Education Platform for Marketers

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Reddit has launched a new advertiser education platform to help businesses make the most of their on-platform campaigns

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Snapchat Launches 'Snap Connect' Educational Insights for Marketers

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Snapchat has launched a new expansion of its Snap Focus education platform for marketers

How higher education social media has evolved in Europe

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Pursuing higher education is one of the biggest investment decisions we make. This has forced educational institutions to rethink how they use social media, especially since the start of the pandemic. The changing role of higher education social media during the pandemic.

Facebook Launches New Education Stream for Community Managers

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Facebook has launched a new, free education stream focused on effective community management

Snapchat Shares New Research into Evolving Approaches to Education

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Snapchat has shared some new insights into how students feel about education in light of COVID-19

Facebook Updates Educational Resources for Parents and Students Ahead of Back-to-School Season

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Facebook has refreshed its educational resources to help parents and kids as they head into the school year

TikTok Announces New Education Session on Creating Branded AR Effects

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TikTok is running a new education session on effective brand use of AR, which anybody can attend

Snapchat Launches New 'Snap Focus' Advertising Education Courses

Social Media Today

Snapchat has launched a new set of education courses to help marketers get the most out of its various ad options

Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success

The Realtime Report

Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success. This guide takes a look at project management education, skills, and more. Project Management Education and Training. Now you know about the education requirements and the skills of a project manager.

LinkedIn Launches 'LinkedIn Marketing Labs' to Provide Education on the Platform's Ad Tools

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LinkedIn has launched a new education platform to help marketers learn more about effective use of LinkedIn ads

How Brands and Creators are Using TikTok to Educate


Stemming from Kelsey’s trend-watch series on her Instagram @kelsey_tries , we’re chatting educational content, and how brands and creators are using TikTok’s quick video format to level-up our knowledge! If you’ve seen a surge of educational content on your #ForYouPage, you’re not alone.

TikTok Tests New 'Learn' Feed to Boost Educational Content on the Platform

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TikTok is testing a new, dedicated stream of educational content, putting more specific focus on learning and education in the app

TikTok Launches New 'Creator Portal' Education Platform to Help Creators Maximize their Efforts

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TikTok has launched a new set of education resources for creators in order to provide guidance on how to build an effective platform presence

Snapchat Offers New Ads Certification Recognition via its Snap Focus Education Platform

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It could be another way to showcase your industry expertise and knowledge

Facebook Announces Social Impact Education Conference for Nonprofits and Charity Groups

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The event will provide a range of opportunities for nonprofits to learn how they can best utilize Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Launches New 'Educator Hub' as Students Head Back to School

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Facebook has launched a new 'Educator Hub' to assist students, parents and teachers as they head back to changed school arrangements due to COVID-19

Facebook Launches New Education Campaign to Help People Detect Fake News

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Facebook has launched a new education campaign to provide tips and notes on how to detect, and avoid, fake news

Facebook's Running a New Series of Education Sessions for Facebook Group Admins

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Facebook has announced a new series of education sessions for Facebook group admins to help them make the most of their groups

Pinterest Launches 'Pinterest Academy' Education Resource for Marketers

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Pinterest has launched a new set of education resources to help marketers better understand how to maximize their Pin campaigns

On LinkedIn, Educate and Inform Instead of Interrupt and Sell

David Meerman Scott

I’ve noticed that salespeople are abusing LinkedIn more and more. They connect and then immediately go into selling mode. Social selling on LinkedIn does not simply mean transferring inane interruption selling techniques onto social media!

Messenger Launches New Initiative to Celebrate the Work of Influential Teachers and Educators

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Facebook Messenger has launched a new initiative to celebrate the work of teachers, as part of National Teacher Appreciation Day

Facebook Outlines the Next Elements in its Free Group Admin Education Series

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Facebook has announced an expansion of its Community Education series, designed to help Facebook group admins maximize community engagement

Amazing Educational Instagram Accounts To Learn & Inspire


But despite having all the fun on Instagram, have you tried to follow some amazing educational accounts? Best Educational Instagram Accounts That You Should Follow. This is another best example of Instagram’s educational account.

Facebook Announces Education and Insights Sessions as Part of Cannes LIONS 2021

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The sessions could offer new insight into how to make best use of Facebook's evolving ad and creator tools

Facebook Launches Updated Education Courses for Instagram Marketers

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Check out these new education courses from Facebook Looking to get a better understanding of how Instagram can help your business?

The Web-Educated Buyer versus the Salesperson Expert

David Meerman Scott

Your salespeople should assume that they are the last place a buyer goes, not the first. They must assume that very little of their knowledge is proprietary. Sales Strategies New Rules of Sales & Service Business to Business

Snapchat Launches Updated Snap Ads Education Courses for Marketers

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Snapchat has updated its 'Snapchat Explore' platform education course to help marketers get a better understanding of its ad options

Is Marketing Education Keeping Up With Social Media?


Most social marketers are getting by without formal education or training, but they could be thriving. Here are the facts you need to know about why there’s an education gap in social marketing, why it matters, and what you can do about it.

LinkedIn for colleges: Best practices for higher education

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Known for establishing business connections, LinkedIn expanded into the education space by creating University Pages in 2013. Specifically designed with education in mind, LinkedIn Pages for have special sections like Alumni, where you can connect with other graduates.

LinkedIn Provides New Performance Insights for Higher Education Marketers [Infographic]

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LinkedIn has shared some new insights to help higher education marketers maximize their campaigns

Facebook Provides Free Education on Facebook Pixel, Video Ads and More

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Facebook has outlined its latest 'Summer of Support' training and information sessions, which cover some key elements for digital marketers

Twitter Updates its 'Flight School' Platform Education Courses

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Twitter has updated its 'Flight School' education courses to

Facebook Announces New Privacy Education Initiatives for Businesses and Developers

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Facebook is looking to help businesses and developers understand their privacy obligations with new education courses

How to Juggle Both an Education and a Career

The Realtime Report

How to Juggle Both an Education and a Career. You don’t just leave the hospital in order to pursue your education. Online learning has come a long way, and, coupled with this strategic guide, you can succeed at your career, ace your education, and have it all: Before You Enroll. It will either be your work, your education, your social life, your health, or perhaps all of the above. You will need to read a lot once you start your Master’s or continued education.

Facebook to Host Digital Literacy Education Sessions for Journalists Ahead of European Elections

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Facebook has announced a set of education sessions for journalists to help stamp out misinformation during the upcoming European election campaign

5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage

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Here are five brands that do an exceptional job of educating their audience, which then drives purchase. To take the educational value one step further, Whole Foods puts posters around their stores explaining things like updated sustainable seafood safety lists, and the source and taste of the different types of mushrooms they offer. So Why Aren’t More Businesses Educating? What are your favorite examples of businesses using education to engage?

Social Selling Education 101

Koka Sexton

My advice is keep sending them educational materials, then drop in something on your company, and they will click on it. They made use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, aided by an educational curriculum, to try and positively impact the sales of their financial products. Any good salesperson tries to establish a fairly warm relationship with a prospective client before trying to sell him a product.

Social Media Game Platform Koji Produces COVID-19 Educational Tools

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Educational game creator Koji allows anyone to make a new form of interactive social media content to share. Once a Koji game title is completed, the designer can get the result out via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Medical Office Administration: The Skills and Education Required

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Medical Office Administration: The Skills and Education Required. Education and Medical Office Administration. The healthcare industry employs around twelve percent of the entire American workforce. That’s expected to grow even further. The large baby-boom population is aging. People are remaining active for longer. With so many patients and staff to look after, it’ll come as no surprise that there are plenty of openings in medical office administration.