3 Steps to Set Achievable Social Media Goals For Your Business

Rebekah Radice

Jira Atlassian. If you want to achieve success on social media, you need to set the right goals. And yet, strategic goal setting is a challenge for over 80% of small business owners. Though the statistics might sound daunting, don’t worry.

The ABCs of Startup Marketing

Justin Levy

Recently Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot spoke at Atlassian Starter Day in San Francisco about startup marketing.

11 Facebook Principles That Will Improve Your Marketing

Rebekah Radice

Atlassian , makers of JIRA (a tool we use daily) and HipChat, nailed this idea. Atlassian’s video shows that they do what they say , use the tools they build, and embody their values. More than 1.7 billion people worldwide use Facebook.

Meet Team Sprout: Shweta, Senior Software Engineer

Sprout Social

As a team, we practice agile engineering using Jira, a project tracking software developed by Atlassian. Sitting down with Shweta, you quickly realize that one of her of most impressive qualities is her unique ability to balance highly technical knowledge with thoughtful communication.

How To Lead A Successful Marketing Team

Rebekah Radice

Atlassian’s JIRA is our system of choice for project management and daily accountability. Leading a high-performance marketing team is harder than ever.

Team 109

Grow Your Wiki

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Atlassian. About. Services. Contact. Archives. 21 days of wiki adoption. 9rules. adsense. advertising. analysis. Apple. AusWeb07. Barack Obama. better meetings. BlackBerry. blip.tv. boris mann. business. CeBIT. change. change management. citizen journalism. Clay Shirky. cognition.

Wiki 237

Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

Atlassian Confluence wiki karma. Rewarding badges and points systems on your intranet – social scorecards – could be the turning point for turning your enterprise 2.0 systems from a thing of work to a thing of play. Foursquare becomes Social Work and all the better for it.

Boutique Agency Experts Offer Tips on Finding Success on Social

Sprout Social

Rebekah Radice: Project Manager – Atlassian JIRA. Small agencies are not immune to big challenges. They often don’t have a well-known name to rely on to back their reputation, nor large budgets or a team with diverse skillsets. Professionals on small agency teams, or solopreneurs need to be savvy, have a reliable toolset and stay in tuned with what the market wants. Not only do they need to be good at marketing, but often they are managing new business, operations, HR and more.

NEASC Best Practices for Electronically Offered Online Degree and Cert. Programs - Delhi Computer Information Systems (CIS) - Confluence

Buzz Marketing for Technology

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