Twitter Adds Quick Replies, Welcome Messages to DMs From Brands

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Lithium Technologies. Businesses on Twitter can now take advantage of two new features for the social network’s direct messages: quick replies and welcome messages. Product manager Ian Cairns introduced the new features Tuesday in a blog post , saying that they begin rolling out Tuesday.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

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Lasica and Kim Bale review 20 powerful fee-based tools for professional social media monitoring, among them Radian6 , Lithium , Alterian SM2 and Attentio. Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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Lithium. Lithium also includes response assignment and reporting tools. Looking for an easy way to create a cool graphical email signature with trackable interactive buttons? Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info?

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Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Adds Photo Tagging, Facebook Acquires Oculus VR

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Lithium Technologies acquires Klout–ties social media influence to brand sentiment – social influence measurement company Klout has been acquired by Lithium Technologies (WSJ).

9 Criteria for Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Tool

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Social Media Marketing Alterian SM2 analytics Beevolve BP social media failure Buzzlogic Cision Converseon free social media monitoring tools HubSpot Jive Klout Lithium OneRiot Radian6 realtime alerts Scout Labs social media monitoring tools social monitoring tools Socialmention SproutSocial Sysomos Topsy Trackur UberVU Vosuc workflow

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Social Media’s NFL Week 1 Picks

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All sentiment was assigned by Lithium’s text analytics within their tool. 2011 NFL Picks social media sports Lithium NFL Picks NFL Week 1 PicksI am not sure about you, but today feels a lot like Christmas morning to me.

Week 9 NFL picks from social media

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This year I decided to break away from that method and decided to make my weekly selections with social media buzz metrics using Lithium’s social media monitoring tool ( full metrics here ). 2011 NFL Picks Lithium NFL NFL Social Media social media Week 9 NFL Picks

NFL Week 2 Picks via Social Media

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For those of you just tuning in, I have decided to use Lithium’s Social Media Monitoring tool to use social buzz to create my picks for the season ( click here for a full methodology). 2011 NFL Picks Lithium Social Media Monitoring NFL NFL Week 2 Picks social media Week 2 NFL PicksLast Sunday was a great week to be a coach potato watching the NFL. The docket was filled with tough games to pick that made for some excellent viewing.

Beyond Facebook Insights: Useful Facebook Analytics Tools

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In this post I’m purposely leaving out comprehensive suites like Radian6 or Lithium and focusing on solutions that are specifically (or at least mostly) geared towards Facebook analytics. What are the best third-party tools for advanced Facebook analytics? It’s a question I’m asked fairly often so I thought I’d do a round-up of options that are worth checking out.

Sure I love the conversation but…

Direct Marketing Observations

With this Salesforce/Radian6 deal, and Lithium grabbing ScoutLabs and MarketWire folding Sysomos into the mix, you are now seeing an alignment of B2B with social beyond just the conversation. I used to be a social media purist but I’ve evolved. Well we have evolved.

Why You Need to Respond Quickly to Social Media Comments


A comprehensive survey by Lithium Technologies revealed that 53% of Twitter users expect to hear back from brands within an hour of tweeting, and that number shoots up to 72% when the tweet in question involves a specific complaint. Guest post by Daniel Kushner, CEO of ————–.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #314

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lithium. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

How do you deal with the social customer?

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If you’re looking for inspiration on how to get started or want to see how some major companies are doing it, check out the virtual Lithium Social Customer Summit. My tract with Lithium’s Jenny Zaszut, discusses how Vistaprint participates and measures social media. Tags: social media Jeff Esposito Lithium Lithium Social Customer Summit Speaking

Change Management Is the Foundation of a Social Organization


Michael Brito is currently a Vice President at Edelman Digital. He writes frequently in his social media blog and just finished writing his first social business book, Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization which will be released in July 2011.

Why the Reddit Situation Really Matters to Associations


Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer at Lithium, said it best : Leadership is communication. This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. SocialFish and OCR partner on many online community strategy and implementation projects – contact us if you need help with yours.

Social Business at #Tech11


A big tip of the hat to Dr. Michael Wu at Lithium and CRM maven Paul Greenberg for spurring the synthesis of these two previously unrelated (at least in my head) ideas.

Clearing Clouds of Confusion – the 5 Categories of Social Media Software

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Key players: Crimson Hexagon , Lithium , Radian6 , Sysomos , Trackur , Visible Technologies. The social media software industry offers some amazing functionality, but it suffers mightily from murky messaging and customer confusion.

Social Media Correctly Picks Super Bowl Winner

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After analyzing the data with the Lithium Social Media monitoring software, the collective social Web decided that the Green Bay Packers would be the Super Bowl champs. Last week, I ran a report to decide the Super Bowl Champion using social buzz. Fast forward a week and we’re looking at a successful experiment for using. social media sports Green Bay Packers Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Super Bowl Super Bowl Champ

What’s a social CRM going to do for my business?

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lithium works with social listening tools to integrate mentions of issues or questions about your product into forums where you can communicate directly with your customers. According to Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang , social CRM will give businesses a way to really focus on listening to what their customers want and still have time to do business.

NFL Week 6 Picks… from Social Media

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For those of you that are new here, each week we do a data dump of Lithium Social Media Monitoring ( congrats on the acquisition guys ), plug it into some formulas and poof there are the winners ( click here for more info).

The 3 Building Blocks of Social Business Evolution

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Guest post by Michael Brito , Vice President at Edelman Digital. He writes the Britopian blog, and wrote the new social business book, Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization (available July 26). Building a business is easy. Start with an idea.

Social Media’s Crowdsourced Week 11 NFL Picks

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For that I have no excuses except that my notion to pick the weekly winners using social media buzz collected using Lithium Social Media Monitoring and a series of formulas.

Social Media’s Week 7 NFL Picks

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So without further delay, here are the NFL Week 7 picks courtesy of Lithium Social Media Monitoring and Damm Estrella. So after a week of not watching football due to travel to Spain, this week’s edition of the Social Media NFL Picks is back with a vengeance.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)

Commonly heard vendors are Awareness, Mzinga, Jive, Telligent, Ingage Networks, Kickapps, Pluck, Lithium, Liveworld, and to some degree, recent counts have placed this space at 125 vendors , it’s a commodity and most have evolved past offering these features only.

Class 33

NFL Week Six Picks via Social Media

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It’s Thursday, so it is once again time for our weekly NFL picks utilizing buzz generated using Lithium’s Social Media Monitoring tool. If you are new to the picks, be sure to check out this post where the social media NFL picks process is outlined.

Social Media Predicts NFL Wild Card Weekend

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During the course of the season, we selected the winners of each of the week’s games using social media buzz collected using Lithium Social Media Monitorin g and a series of formulas ( click here for full methodology). With 17 weeks in the books, the NFL has entered its second season.

Social Media Picks the NFL’s Week 13 Matchups

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Instead of picking games on who has hotter cheerleaders, my gut or by throwing a dart at the list of games I am picking this season’s winners by using a series of social media metrics with the buzz generated by fans using Lithium’s Social Media Monitoring.

Social Media Predicts NFL Conference Champs

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For those of you that are new here, we use Lithium Social Media Monitoring to dump social data on the teams over a two week period and dump it into a slew of formulas ( more here ) and like magic out pop the winners.

Social Media Predicts Patriots, Giants Super Bowl

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using Lithium Social Media Monitoring and plugged into a series of formula ( more here ) with assigned points. During the NFL season and the last two weeks of the playoffs, we’ve picked the winners of each week’s match-ups using social media buzz. The data is pulled. While it may seem odd, the season saw these formulas produce a 132-123 mark and a 4-4 showing in the playoffs. The Wild Card round was 3-1, while the Divisional round ended up 1-3.

What Does Salesforce-Radian6 Deal Mean for Everyone Else?

Net-Savvy Executive

Social business software companies Jive and Lithium have picked up their own listening platforms. Every few seconds this morning, TweetDeck brings another comment on today's announcement that is buying Radian6. The announcement's not exactly a surprise—Radian6 was the obvious acquisition target in social media analysis (SMA), and their platform had supported Salesforce integration since mid-2009.

Social Customer Service Is the New Heart of Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Social Customer Service is the New Heart of Marketing.

NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions via Social Media

Jeff Esposito

During the 2011 NFL season, I picked the weekly winners utilizing social media metrics gathered using Lithium Social Media Monitoring and a series of formulas ( click here for full formulas).

Social Media Predicts NFL Divisional Playoff Winners

Jeff Esposito

We dumped data from Lithium Social Media monitoring and dumped it into some weighted formulas to pop out the winners ( more on the formulas here ). Throughout the regular season and first round of the playoffs, we have picked NFL games in a pretty unconventional manner.

Week 10 NFL Predictions via Social Media

Jeff Esposito

Each week, we pick the weekend winners using social media data pulled from Lithium Social Media Monitoring and dropping them into a series of formulas ( full formulas here ).

NFL Week 2 NFL Picks via Social Media

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If you are new to the blog or this series, I’ll be selecting winners of the weekly NFL games using social media mentions charted by Lithium Social Media Monitoring and run through a series of formulas ( full stats here ), against a friend from across the interwebs.

Do you need to own your community?

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Aside from the cost of a Jive or Lithium, creating your own community comes with the task of recruiting users to the platform and keeping them coming back.

Crowdsourcing the NFL’s Thanksgiving Weekend Winners

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With that said, my weekly picks using social media buzz metrics via Lithium’s Social media monitoring tool have not fared as well. Starting tomorrow, the NFL kicks off the 12 th week of the 2011 season. The bye weeks are gone and the stretch run is n full swing.

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They don’t want to end up being trilobites and have become part of a larger system: Recent acquisitions include Scoutlabs+Lithium(community), Filtrbox+Jive(Community), Techrigy+Alterian(WCM) and others.

Predicting Week 15 of the NFL season with @DanielEAgee

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The methodology uses buzz collected using Lithium Social Media Monitoring and some formulas to predict the winner of each of the weekend’s games (more on that here ). Over the course of the 2012 NFL season we’ve racked up a 117-83-1 mark predicting NFL games using social media buzz.

Five for Friday: Inmates more expensive than college, faxing and Klout

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This one looks at metrics that avoid gamification for companies from Lithium’s Michael Wu. This was an interesting week.