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American Apparel: “We’ve made as much as $50K in one flash sale on Twitter”

The Realtime Report

Twitter has proven itself to be a valuable marketing tool for edgy clothing brand American Apparel. In an interview recently posted on the Twitter blog , American Apparel’s Director of Marketing Ryan Holiday discusses a single flash sale on Twitter that earned $50,000 for the clothing brand. ” Consistently Engaging.

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How Molson, Airbnb, and American Apparel Scored Social Media Gold in Sochi

Convince & Convert

» Social Image of the Week 2014 olympics airbnb american apparel molson Olympics sochi social image of the week viral games' Here are three examples of companies – some official sponsors, some not – who have successfully made an impact around the Olympics with smart social media marketing tactics. Read the whole entry. »

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The Secret Behind Nike’s Great Social Media Content

It’s not just great shoes and apparel that make this company incredibly successful, but a commitment to amazing social media and marketing campaigns too. Nike is one of the biggest athletic companies in the world, with a value of around $34.8 billion as of 2020.

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Social Media Anxiety Is A Real Problem. This Book Author Knows What To Do About It

Forbes Social Media

It’s not because you actually care that much about athleisure apparel or what Aunt Edna is doing on her vacation.

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Does Posting More Often on Instagram Reduce Reach? [Report]

Social Media Today

We looked at the data based on 476 fashion and apparel brands. Does posting on Instagram more often result in less reach per post?

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Emerging Social Media Trend: Selling Out Is The Norm


Gen Y might not buy logo’d apparel, but they have no problem wearing it and promoting it in their Vine videos, Snapchat snaps and Instagram photos if brands pay them. Millennials don’t have the same hang ups about “selling out” that Gen X did. Selling out is no longer seen as something negative—it’s the norm.

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Where to Buy Masks Made in America Today

Ari Herzog

BGreen Apparel. Groceries Apparel. Los Angeles Apparel. California: Bella+Canvas. Cotton/Fleece. Brandt-Sorenson. 0 (Name your price.). Buck Mason. Citizens of Humanity. City Threads. Face shield. Goodfight. 1:1 donation. 1:1 donation. Hedley & Bennett. 1:1 donation. Hedley & Bennett. 1:1 donation. Joah Love.

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