29 Employee Advocacy Statistics for 2022


But B2B companies are now understanding another fact: employees can provide much more than their base job productivity. In this piece, we’ve compiled a list of compelling employee advocacy statistics that make the case for implementing your own employee advocacy program.

6 B2B Marketing TikTok Examples (That Are Actually Done Right)


But surprisingly, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for B2B marketers. billion users by the end of 2022, the time for B2B TikTok marketing is now. The high-reach potential of TikTok is one crucial factor for B2B marketers choosing the app. B2B TikTok Marketing Best Practices.

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B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


Why Employee Advocacy Matters for B2B. It can take months for a B2B marketing team to build up a company’s presence and credibility online. Why Employee Advocacy Matters for B2B. Usually, B2B marketers choose to focus on these goals and metrics: Brand Awareness.

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10 Tips for Success with B2B Marketing on Twitter


Marketing is a critical function for a B2B organization of any size. Social media marketing has seen rapid growth, with Twitter following close behind LinkedIn as one of the top two most-used social media platforms for B2B marketers. Why Should You Use Twitter for B2B Marketing?

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140+ Social Media Statistics that Matter to Marketers in 2020


Social media statistics are a key ingredient in any social media marketing strategy. Behold, our list of the latest social media statistics. General social media statistics. Social media advertising statistics. Instagram statistics. Facebook statistics.

What is Social Selling? A Full Guide for B2B Brands


While some B2B brands are still committed to more traditional sales methods, social selling can be even more efficient. In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of social selling and how it can help B2B companies generate more leads (and ultimately more revenue).

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Video for B2B Marketing [Podcast]


Episode two of our podcast, B2B Marketing Now, was posted last week and we learned so much about video for B2B marketing creating this episode. We invited Paul Carpenter to educate us on the value of video for B2B marketing, covering the why and how with video programming. That is a heavy list of statistics to hopefully inspire you to want to take action, but how do you get started? Video Marketing B2B Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Tips

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7 B2B Copywriting Strategies That Convert


For B2B marketers, the cornerstone of any successful campaign is having effective, engaging content. This is where applying B2B copywriting strategies comes into play. 78% of companies have a team of one or more focusing purely on content creation and B2B marketing strategies. .

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70% of B2B Marketers Want More Quality Leads

Convince & Convert

The battle between quality and quantity seems to occur over and over in our lives, especially for B2B marketers. What B2B Marketers Value in a Lead Gen Strategy. B2B marketing is all about generating leads. Because many B2B sales cycles can be lengthy, leads are the best indicator of future sales success. Leads are so important to B2B marketing that research firms study them all the time.

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LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which Will be Better for B2B in 2021?


When it’s time to launch a B2B marketing campaign on social media, LinkedIn seems like the obvious platform of choice. There’s no mystery why B2B marketers keep flocking to it – it simply works. Content relevant to B2B decision makers and said decision makers?

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How to Create An Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategies Summit

But the way you design your social media strategy might vary depending on the type of business you have, e.g. business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B). Social media and B2B marketing are a better pair than many business people think. LinkedIn for B2B Social.

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33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

Webbiquity SMM

As noted in the 2016 B2B Marketing Trends report , B2B marketing strategies and practices are in the midst of significant change, driven by new technologies and evolving buyer expectations for more “consumer-like” experiences. These changes are affecting tactics, budgets, messaging, and metrics as illustrated in the compilation of B2B marketing facts and statistics below. B2B marketing budgets are shifting to digital and social.

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Common B2B Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Over the years, B2B marketing has evolved significantly and continues to do so at such a rapid pace. While B2B marketers have access to all the help they need, many still commit critical mistakes that compromise the success of their marketing efforts. B2B Marketing Mistake No.

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What Is B2B Event Marketing and Why You Should Still Consider it in 2021


B2B event marketing has been proven to be as good as gold for this goal. . Here are some statistics to back those up. . 99% found unique value in this B2B marketing strategy that they did not get from other channels. What is B2B Event Marketing? B2B Marketing

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The Absolute Guide to B2B Advertising on Quora


Nowhere is this more true than in B2B marketing, where buyers aren’t (as) swept up by trends and viral ads. B2B buyers are increasingly using social media and user generated content to research their major purchases. This presents B2B marketers with a new playground.

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30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

Content marketing has become ubiquitous, with 93% of B2B marketers now using it. Find these answers and many more in this compilation of 30 compelling content marketing statistics and facts. 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing—but only 44% have a documented content strategy. ( B2B Marketing Insider ). 87% of B2B buyers say content has an impact on vendor selection; more than a quarter (27%) say it has a “major impact.”

20 LinkedIn Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2020


This year’s LinkedIn statistics paint a rosy picture, and we’re not surprised. If you’re in B2B marketing, we have no doubt your LinkedIn business strategy is already in full swing. LinkedIn user statistics. This is not news for B2B brands, but B2C brands might take note, too.

The social media video statistics marketers need to know for 2022

Sprout Social

In this article, we’ll share the latest social media video statistics from the Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate and other reputable sources to help you make sense of video’s value and feel confident incorporating it into your social media strategy. Facebook video statistics.

6 Examples of B2B Marketing Done Right on TikTok


But surprisingly, TikTok has emerged as a powerful tool for B2B marketers. billion users by the end of 2022, the time for B2B TikTok marketing is now. The high-reach potential of TikTok is one crucial factor for B2B marketers choosing the app. B2B TikTok Marketing Best Practices.

How to Create Value-Driven Content for B2B


In B2B sales, where research and deliberation are always a big part of the purchasing journey, content marketing will remain the dominant marketing growth strategy for the foreseeable future. B2B buyers are looking for content that makes their purchasing decisions easier.

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101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

Webbiquity SMM

of all marketers love blog posts about marketing statistics. Okay, that statistic was made up (though probably not far off the mark), but the social media and digital marketing facts and statistics below are real (or at least from generally reliable sources). B2b vendors? Social Media Facts and Statistics. B2B Infographics ). Facebook Facts and Statistics. LinkedIn Facts and Statistics. Twitter Facts and Statistics.

Social Networking Stats: LinkedIn Is Most Important Social Network for B2B Marketers, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

LinkedIn Is Most Important Social Network for B2B Marketers. When asked which social media method is most important for their social outreach, LinkedIn was the clear winner among B2B marketers (chosen by 30%) according to new research by BtoB. YouTube was significantly less popular with just 8%, and Google+ was most important for only 1% of B2B marketers. Social Media Statistics #RLTM scoreboard b2b b2b marketing btob social networking stats

How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy


So, why are B2B marketers lagging behind? One obvious answer is that traditionally, B2B marketers are, well, traditional. This is not to say that B2B marketing doesn’t exist but that despite its massive potential it’s still being used mostly to illustrate the complexities of the product in an easy to digest way: the classic “product demo” video. For most traditionalists, video doesn’t work for for B2B marketing for two reasons.

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How to Create A Linkedin Strategy for B2B Brands

Social Media Strategies Summit

In the US alone, research from Statista shows that B2B marketing spend has already decreased by over 50% in early 2020. Social media is the most popular platform for B2B marketing, says Content Marketing Institute: 83% of marketers are going this route.

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104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

Webbiquity SMM

Despite all the hype about online, 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing to be their most effective strategy. B2B content matters. 86% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Or maybe 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those without blogs. 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation.

20 Brilliant B2B Marketing and Digital Business Stats and Facts

Webbiquity SMM

B2B marketers today certainly live in “interesting times” (in the sense of the not-actually-Chinese curse ). Image Credit: B2B Marketing Insider. Here are four key takeaways from this research for B2B marketers: • Sales people won’t disappear, but their role is changing, and many are struggling to adapt. 55% of B2B buyers say they search for product/vendor information on social media. 12 B2B Marketing Facts and Statistics.

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The Value of Social Listening in B2B Digital Marketing


In recent years, B2B marketers have started to see the value of social listening and incorporate it into their marketing strategy. The importance of social listening for B2B marketing. Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of B2B sales efforts.

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Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog

Writtent Blog

If you answer “Yes” to at least on of these questions, our collection of blogging statistics will definitely be of great help to you. 7) B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. 10) 33% of B2B companies use blogs. 22) Article posting (79%) and social media excluding blogs (74%) are the most popular tactics for B2B content marketers. Do you have any other interesting blogging statistics you want to share with us?

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box

Webbiquity SMM

megabyte, 65-slide data dump of marketing facts and statistics from a variety of sources. While there is some excellent information here, the wide range of topics covered (B2B, B2C, consumer demographics, TV, online, mobile, print…) ensures that while almost every marketer will find some information of value in the report, each reader will also have to sift through a bunch of figures and charts they don’t give a flying rat’s tail about in order to find those nuggets.

47 Social Media Statistics to Bookmark for 2017

Sprout Social

That’s why it’s absolutely critical for any marketer to stay up to date on the newest social media statistics. While those social media statistics might not be that shocking, it does show how the landscape of the industry can drastically change in a just a few years. Here’ are the 47 most essential social media statistics for 2017 and beyond (Click below to jump to each section): Instagram Statistics. Facebook Statistics. Twitter Statistics.

B2B Testimonials: Seven Things to Do When Clients Won’t (or Can’t) Talk

Webbiquity SMM

But obtaining and publishing client ratings and reviews is much more difficult in the b2b world. So, what can you do if you’re a b2b marketer who has an abundance of delighted clients, none of whom can provide public endorsement? Use statistics: write about your clients as a group rather then individual entities, for example: implementing your 1,000th customer system, hitting the 1 million user mark, or achieving 98% customer satisfaction.

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14 Tweetable Reasons to Include Facebook Advertising in your Marketing Plan

Harp Interactive

Categories: Social Media Marketing Tags: facebook ads , Facebook Advertising , facebook marketing , facebook statistics , Social Media Marketing Almost every type of business can benefit from a solid Facebook advertising strategy. From local shops to enterprise B2B companies, Facebook ads are proving to be an important. Social Media Marketing facebook ads Facebook Advertising facebook marketing facebook statistics

2011 B2B Marketing Trends

Webbiquity SMM

MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. As MarketingSherpa notes, “Year after year, the greatest challenge that B2B organizations face is generating high-quality leads.&#. This may be just a statistical hiccup or it may be due to the continuing economic slump. As B2B marketers become more mature with their social marketing practices, their perceptions on the effectiveness of this tactic will improve.&#.

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106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

Webbiquity SMM

Or have too many social media marketing statistics.” How does B2B social media marketing differ in effectiveness from B2C use? Which network drives half of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs? Find the answers to those questions and many more here in 106 digital marketing facts (well, mostly) and statistics from two dozen sources. 21 Social Media Statistics. 54% of B2B marketers said they have generated leads from social media. (

4 Unexpected B2B Sales Techniques That Close the Deal [Infographic]


This is especially true in B2B sales, where the cycle is longer, and there are more people you need to convince. If you’re in a holding pattern with a potential B2B buyer that should be a slam dunk for your product and sales methods, it’s time to switch up your strategy , think outside the box, and give your brain a little push. A sales process that is overly reliant on sterile facts, data, and statistics will tick off all the boxes on the buyers’ checklist. B2B Marketing

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50 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Move You to Action

Writtent Blog

We’ve curated 50 of the freshest mobile marketing statistics to inform you, as well as some analysis and action items to inspire your strategy: Mobile Marketing Statistics on Global Trends. Mobile Marketing Statistics on Technology. Mobile Marketing Statistics on Strategy. 41% of B2B buyers access content marketing through a smartphone. What Do These Mobile Marketing Statistics Mean? The mobile marketing statistics have spoken, and it’s crucial.

If You’re B2B, What Day You Tweet Doesn’t Matter

Convince & Convert

One of my favorite findings from the research (which analyzed more than 250,000 social media messages sent via the Argyle Social platform in 2011), is that despite what you may have heard, for B2B companies it really doesn’t matter what day you send your tweets. This particular dataset (B2B, Twitter, Weekday) found no discernible pattern that you can act upon, but that’s not at all true for our entire study. (at least on weekdays).

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Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

” Or that49% of B2B journalists write blogs, and 84% are on Twiter? Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. Citing these and other statistics, Laurie Sullivan ponders the meaning of the term “search engine.” 85% of B2B journalists are on Facebook.

Media Fragmentation: 3 Strategies For How Business Marketers Can Keep Up

The Realtime Report

For example, research shows that B2B decision makers today use an average of 10 different sources when making purchase decisions about complex, enterprise-wide technology solutions. Our experience with research tracking media consumption and buying behaviors in the B2B tech markets shows significant shifts in who is involved: 20 years ago: B2B tech buying largely done in IT departments with CIOs and IT managers unilaterally driving purchase decisions.

Report 142

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

How does social media use differ in B2B vs. B2C companies? General Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics. An amazing statistic, given that nearly 20% of the adult U.S. General Marketing Facts and Statistics. Just 9% of B2B decision makers consider vendor content trustworthy vs. 67% who trust research from professional associations, 50% from industry organizations, 44% from analyst reports, and 40% from independent product reviews. ( B2B PR Sense Blog ).