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Invasive or Indispensable: The Case of Permanent GPS

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

These terrifying statistics make me wonder if it’s time to change given that our privacy is starting to diminish. Facebook responded by apologizing and giving its users more privacy controls to manage the concerns of students who thought this approach was too invasive. More than 2,300 people a reported missing each day.

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Twitter's Shift Away From GPS-Tagged Tweets Suggests It Will Be Harder To Fight 'Deep Fakes'

Forbes Social Media

Twitter's shift away from geotagged tweets over the past seven years suggests even the oversharing user base of social media regards their locative privacy as sacrosanct and thus solutions to "deep fakes" that involve GPS-based digital signatures are unlikely to gain traction.

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How To Use Android Phone As A GPS Tracker Device


It’s beneficial to be aware of your Android phone’s GPS system. When a device is lost or stolen, GPS is useful. Android smartphones can be used as GPS phone trackers and as GPS receivers. A GPS tracker on an Android phone sounds like a good idea. So, how you can enable GPS tracking on Android phones?

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Has Social Media Killed Off Privacy?

Laurel Papworth

What with Tom Tom selling our GPS data to the police that then book us for speeding, and facial recognition connecting our faces to our social networks and the privacy implications that entails, are we thinking enough about the big issues in our rush to upload, tag and share content in online communities?

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Pure App Review


On your first login, Pure will request access to your data as well as your GPS location. Since Pure only allow connections with users nearby, the platform relies heavily on GPS data to function correctly. Pure uses your GPS information to ensure it only serves up potential matches that are closest to you. Pure App Pros.

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Apple Debuts iBeacon Location Technology in U.S. Stores

The Realtime Report

How is iBeacon different than using GPS for geo-location? Transmission through Bluetooth wireless technology gives your phone precise information about where you are in the store, while GPS transmitters don’t work well indoors and don’t distinguish well between locations only a few feet apart. And what about privacy?

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The Era Of Precision Mapping Of Social Media Is Coming To An End

Forbes Social Media

It turns out that the grand vision of mapping GPS-tagged tweets was based on an assumption that proved false and a privacy setting that Twitter changed in April 2015, meaning our mappable future is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier and fading rapidly.

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