How a Global Telecoms Giant Uses Talkwalker Social Listening for Crisis Management

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Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with operations spanning over 156 million mobile customers, 29 million fixed-network lines, and more than 18 million broadband lines. CASE STUDIES Case Study crisis management deutsche telekom social listening telecommunications telecoms

Britain’s Government Announces Plans To Regulate Facebook, Twitter And TikTok

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s telecommunications regulator will likely be in charge of enforcing new online safety regulations on the world’s biggest internet companies--and could sanction them if they fail to comply The U.K. 's


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The True Omni-Channel Is Convergence

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Many massive media and telecommunications companies banked on this happening (remember that whole Time Warner AOL deal ?). telecommunications. Convergence used to be a bad word. In the early days of the Internet, we tossed around the word "convergence" much in the same way that we toss around the words "social media" these days. It was this "be all. End all" catchphrase to let the world know that soon, we would not have multiple media platforms.

16 Billion Things To Think About

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Telecommunications companies started buying television studios and then built websites or bought magazine companies or newspapers or radio stations or whatever. telecommunications. It keeps happening. Something pops up on Twitter , or in your Facebook newsfeed or via email that has you shaking your head in disbelief. There is probably no topic (this week) that caused this kind of visceral reaction more than Facebook''s acquisition of WhatsApp.

The Tune-Up Of TV

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Three-quarters of the estimated five million homes that don't get TV signals over the airways or through cable, satellite or telecommunications companies have televisions anyway. telecommunications. How do you define TV? Before a recent flight, I downloaded the BBC television series, Sherlock , from the UK. I bought the series on iTunes. I watched the series on my iPad. There were no commercials. It didn't happen on a set and specific weeknight.

A Life Without Technology

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If you study history, many of the same arguments that are made as to why the Internet is ruining our society and culture can be found when we first saw the introduction of public speaking, the printed word, telecommunications and on and on. telecommunications. There's no doubt that technology brings with it some scary things. The scariest of them all is of the uncertainty. Social Network for Communities


To name a few industries at the top of my mind – like telecommunications industry, our prime differentiator is our Public Communities. The ambitious team has already set foot in social networking, telecommunications, file sharing and storage, user communications, and project management. Tweet During my time at SXSW, Austin 2012, I had a chance to meet up with some interesting people with innovative ideas and new products. One of them was the team from

4 Reasons to Use Chatbots in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry


Coming in various forms such as mobile applications, website-based applications, Facebook Messenger, and telecommunication, chatbots are redefining the way pharmaceutical and healthcare companies interact and engage with their clients. Gartner predicts that chatbots will replace 85% of customer service interactions by 2020.

Facebook Filed for a Trademark on the Word Meta. You Should See the Description.

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On October 28, 2021 Facebook filed for a trademark on the word Meta. Of course, that’s not surprising, since Facebook announced that they are changing the company name to Meta. If you go to the website you’ll be redirected to this web page on

5 Advantages of Doing Business in Dubai

Business owners will find a wealth of different amenities, including excellent telecommunications. The Dubai government has worked on making the business climate incredibly attractive to foreign business owners. Dubai has become an important global city and is a world power financially.

Know How Shopify Experts Can Make Your Business Grow

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From the data recorded from 2015, the International telecommunication union (ITU) has stated that nearly 43% of the world population uses the internet.

The Importance of Employer Branding & What it Means for Marketing and HR


With over 19 years of experience in people operations leadership within global telecommunication and networking organizations of all sizes, Maya Sweiry is currently serving as Oktopost ’s Vice President of Human Resources.

Learning About Creativity By Watching Creative Types

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Shirky (a professor from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University ) walks through five fascinating student projects that will truly get you thinking about the level of creativity that you bring to work each and every day. interactive telecommunications program. Observing creative types is an amazing way to think more creatively.

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New Study Reveals Consumer Attitudes Toward Customer Support During Holidays

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” Other key findings include: Telecoms and airlines are viewed as providing poor support : 39% of survey respondents report that the telecommunications industry is the worst for customer service, followed by airlines at 20%. In Helpshift’s 2018 survey, 51% of respondents stated telecommunications was the worst industry for customer service, implying some improvement despite the industry retaining its reputation for the worst service.

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Trump's Plans For More Social Media Regulation Move Forward

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After calls from Donald Trump for reform of the way social media content is moderated, the US National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA), part of the Department of Commerce, has take the first steps to make it happen.

Direct Marketing

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The direct marketing process should also include database management, telecommunications, and digital media access. Direct marketing is a form of marketing most commonly done via leaflets, brochures, letters, catalogs, or print or digital ads mailed, emailed, or distributed directly to current and potential consumers. Marketers should take full advantage of the technological advancements made to enhance direct marketing outreach

What is the Future of Remote Work in 2021?

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While coping with this new digitalization, remote employees will now need to learn how to operate various telecommunication and security tools and applications to be able to work efficiently from home in addition to performing job tasks. What is the Future of Remote Work in 2021?

12 CEOs You Should Be Following on Social Media

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Strive Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwean businessman and philanthropist who founded the telecommunications firm Econet Global. Having a CEO with an active presence on social media can be beneficial for the organization for several reasons. For one thing, it seems employees like it.

Finding the Best Cable TV, Phone & Internet Providers in Your Area

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Telecommunication service providing companies tend to encourage their customers to bundle up by offering them discounted rates or promotional deals at lesser prices. Finding the Best Cable TV, Phone & Internet Providers in Your Area.

Social Media During Emergencies

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Utility companies need to get in on the action: Regardless of what type of utility, TV, Gas, Electricity, Telecommunications, updates on preparation and their own emergency steps should be incorporated as well. However, here in Hawaii, we’ve had 3 major tsunami evacuations in as many years and our own electric and gas and telecommunications companies remain silent. Some thoughts about social media during emergencies and disasters.

Did the Internet Kill Off the Phone Business?

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This is particularly relevant to the telecommunications industry. Tom Senkus is a freelance writer specializing in the emerging trends of telecommunications that provide solutions for small business and startups. Did the Internet Kill Off the Phone Business? by Tom Senkus. There’s no question about the disruptive power of the Internet on nearly every single industry.

Social Media Marketing: The Know How's

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Customer service is not just restricted to telecommunication, but also social media platforms for complaint redressal through reaching out to consumers complaining about the brand online. Gone are the days when social media platforms were just a means of socializing and a virtual school reunion.

Virtual Event Technologies Defined


A set of interactive telecommunication technologies that allow two or more locations to interact via two-way simultaneous audio and video communication. This is the first in a new series of guest posts by famed blogger on social media and events, Jeff Hurt, of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Image by Splitbrain.

Likeable’s Greatest Hits of 2021


It’s not always easy to make a telecommunications company funny—but when Ooma wanted lighthearted social content, we were certainly up for the challenge. “[Insert year] is already over?!” –us, us, every single December. But really, this year went by so quickly!

Getting More Out of Your IP Network with SIP Trunking


The current standard for providing voice telecommunication services requires bundles of physical wires and costly rate interface equipment (e.g. Schulzrinne and Handley realized that they could leverage the power of the Internet Protocol to improve telecommunications and modernize telephone systems. At, we have discussed about VoIP smartphone apps quite a bit.

The Most Engaging Industries on Facebook and What to Learn from Them


According to a recent study carried out by Socialbakers , a global social media and digital analytics company, the leading industry in terms of response rate on Facebook is the telecommunications industry. The most socially devoted industry next after telecommunications is airlines followed by finance, retail and fashion. Tweet As consumers in social media, we rarely go look for information on company websites.

16 unexpected ways to use WhatsApp for business

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Vodafone , a German telecommunications company, has embraced WhatsApp for customer messaging, reaching more than 200,000 customers via this channel each month.

The Success of Customer Service is Dependent Upon True Social Engagement

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

About 2 years ago, I connected socially with a corporate communications employee at a large telecommunications company. In the example of the telecommunications company, the representatives I spoke to were both “powerful&# people by title but were actually completely ineffective in actually adequately addressing user concerns. With social media now a mainstream activity — after all, nearly 700 million users are on Facebook , 300 million users are on Twitter , 61.4%

4 VoIP Apps for iPhones


By incorporating support for the numerous telecommunications technologies used by different mobile voice and data providers MobileVOIP enhances your communications options while reeling in excessive long distance expenses. Voice over Internet Protocol has come a long way baby! There are many VoIP apps now available and they give fits to your mobile, landline and cable telephone providers alike. There are those that will mourn the loss of gobs of money by these competing carriers.

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What is hashtagging and how to use it effectively

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The term was first used in 1971 when telecommunications companies introduced the # symbol to the touch-tone dialing keypad. To hashtag or not to hashtag? That’s the question frustrating social media marketers today. The short answer: Yes, definitely use hashtags.

3 Customer Service Secrets


That means you need to make them feel valued at every point of contact with your business: whether it be on-line, via verbal telecommunications, or face-to-face. Good customer service is the cornerstone of any business; it helps create the right impression and encourages repeat business, helping your business to grow and prosper.

Clay Shirky Is Back (And He's Taking On China)

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He holds a joint appointment at NYU as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and as an Associate Professor in Journalism Department. interactive telecommunications program. What do you really know about China, smartphones, business and how it impacts the world? There are only a handful of truly original, influential and innovative modern thinkers when it comes to business, media and technology.

Your Complete Guide to Web Accessibility and 7 Accessibility Must-Haves that Every Business Needs


This allows all people suffering from any form of disability to have easy access and use of ICT such as information kiosks, transaction machines, telecommunications equipment, multifunction office machines, and electronic documents.

US Govt. Social Media Keyword Watch List: Don’t Use These Words on Social Media Posts

Bill Hartzer

Telecommunications. A list of keywords that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to watch all social media accounts has been revealed. If you use one of these keywords on one of your social media posts, there is a chance that it may cause the DHS to start monitoring your social media accounts. If you want to stay off of a government watch list, I suggest that you don’t use any of these keywords on your social media posts.

How More Calls and Conversations Will Provide You with Strategic Business Intelligence

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

She leads the public relations, social media and content marketing programs for 800response and CallFinder, delivering telecommunications solutions and web-based marketing technology tools including sophisticated Call Routing platforms, real-time Call Tracking, Custom 800 Number service, and Call Monitoring services like Call Recording. This is a guest post by Jeanne Landau.

Your Complete Guide to Web Accessibility and 7 Accessibility Must-Haves that Every Business Should Consider


This allows all people suffering from any form of disability to have easy access and use of ICT such as information kiosks, transaction machines, telecommunications equipment, multifunction office machines, and electronic documents.

B2B Testimonials: Seven Things to Do When Clients Won’t (or Can’t) Talk

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Blind case studies: write those case studies, just use generic descriptors (e.g., “a large telecommunications firm”) in place of the actual client name (e.g., Recommendations and reviews are common in the consumer world, where customers routinely yelp, buzz and epine about everything from air conditioners to yard ornaments. Search for any local restaurant, retailer or other establishment and customer reviews are almost certain to be featured prominently in the results.

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8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan


Cell phones subscriptions will top 5 billion globally before 2011 (Source: International Telecommunication Union). What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! Things moved at the speed of light, right? I watched and experienced first-hand the marketing and social media landscape change, consolidate, focus, develop and evolve all at the same time. As I’ve said before, social media needs to be INTEGRATED into your overarching marketing plan. It’s not the magic pill.

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What Small Businesses Need to Kickstart a Programmatic Ad Strategy

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In the telecommunications industry, for example, the use of CRM data resulted in online campaigns that were 39 times more effective, according to Neustar. Business and customer data has existed for ages. Mostly, however, it sat hopelessly trapped in handwritten ledgers, filing cabinets, and floppy disks, a precious resource untapped.

5 stats brands need to know to engage Irish & UK consumers

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The telecommunications service provider ultimately drove 20 million impressions since starting their employee advocacy program. There is no denying the power of brand social media. From raising a brand’s global profile to supplementing research and development efforts, social media can help grow multiple aspects of any organization.