7 LinkedIn Mobile Features That Accelerate Relationship Building and Lead Gen

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Are you making best use of these features within LinkedIn's mobile app

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Facebook Pages are getting mobile friendly

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook has just announced that business pages are getting a whole lot more mobile friendly thanks to new features and functions designed with hand-held devices in mind. More than 660 million people use only a mobile phone to access Facebook, so the improvements are smart and will help page owners promote their businesses and achieve objectives. Here page owners will be able to feature the most popular products and services on offer with one tap.

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Telematics: Ten Must-Have Features in 2021

The Realtime Report

Telematics: Ten Must-Have Features in 2021. Vehicle-tracking software has been evolving to a point where real-time data is not only available centrally but easily accessible to a mobile team of drivers and fleet professionals. Here are 10 must-have telematics features for 2021: 1.

YouTube rolls out a built in chat feature on mobile!

Janet Fouts

YouTube is rolling out a messenger like feature called Native Sharing' Share videos and chat with your friends without leaving the mobile app. Social Media in Action Video chat YouTube

Feature Friday: Musing about Mobile Networking

Ari Herzog

Tweet Share The following is a feature article by Rob the Web Guy. Here’s my problem: No one touched on the fact that most users access these social networks with their mobile devices! Make sure your URL appears on the mobile platform and adjust if necessary. Any better suggestions? -- Ari Herzog thanks you for reading Feature Friday: Musing about Mobile Networking on his blog. Feature Friday: Social Media Marketing Across Global Cultures.

8 Instagram Features Perfect for Small Businesses


While they might not always be obvious, there are tons of great Instagram features for small businesses that can help you grow online. Discover our top 8 Instagram features for small businesses in this blog post. Instagram Features for Small Businesses #1: Instagram Shopping.

5 New LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed in 2020


This year, LinkedIn released a ton of new features that are perfect for brands and businesses looking to grow online. New LinkedIn Features #2: Name Pronunciation. It can only be done on LinkedIn iOS and Android mobile apps. New LinkedIn Features #3: Reactions .

SoundCloud Mobile App Adds iPhone Playlists Feature


The SoundCloud mobile app is a key part of the SoundCloud experience. The SoundCloud mobile app team is always working hard to create a better experience for users. Their current move is to entice users to use their service rather than having stacks of music downloaded onto their phone with a feature that allows you to create playlists right on your iPhone. How the new SoundCloud mobile app feature works. What’s the point of the SoundCloud mobile app?

Top Five: New social media ‘stories’ features

Sherrilynne Starkie

The new CTA sticker suggestions are based on the CTAs already featured on the page. Now the feature is rolling to eligible YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers. Google is rolling out a new search feature: “your related activity.” This feature lets signed in Google users pick up on previous searches they’ve done related to the query they just added. The post Top Five: New social media ‘stories’ features appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie.

New: Visually Plan & Schedule Your Posts with the Later Mobile App


Today we’re announcing four (yes, four ) exciting features on the Later mobile app, making it easier to visually plan, schedule, and manage your social media directly from your phone. These features are available on all Later plans — including our free plan!

Uh-Oh, Instagram Features You’re Forgetting to Use

agora pulse

Social media managers often overlook these important Instagram features. Part of its meteoric rise can only be attributed to its commitment to continually advancing the platform, offering new features left and right at a nearly break-neck speed.

New LinkedIn Features Aim to Drive Engagement

Ignite Social Media

Recently, LinkedIn has introduced some new engagement features with the goal of improving user experience and encouraging engagements. Allowing page admins to post and interact from the mobile app was also released, making real-time publishing and engagement easier. The post New LinkedIn Features Aim to Drive Engagement appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. In the last few months, you may have noticed some changes to the LinkedIn platform.

Best Practices For Mobile Web Design


Mobile usage has increased by over 40% within the last decade. accessed the internet via their mobile devices. By 2022, the number of mobile online users is expected to be around 52.3 When making a site, it is advisable to optimize it for mobile use. This strategy has proven to be mediocre as some website features are specific to PC users. If you want to make a mobile-friendly site, you have to do it right. Some people love the simplicity of mobile sites.

How to Track Mobile App Conversions

Convince & Convert

To understand the meaning behind downloads for your mobile app, you need to know how to track conversions effectively. On a mobile app, a download is by no means a conversion, although it does have valuable data that can increase your conversions. A conversion is when a mobile app boosts sales, whether directly or indirectly. So, without further ado, we’re here to school you on the right way to gain and measure conversions on mobile apps. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

How to Connect Mobile Internet to PC via Tethering


but using the mobile network as a hotspot on your PC can help you big time. Since using a mobile network as the hotspot on your computer/laptop may be more accessible & secure than using a public network, it also has its own limitations.

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Mobile Trends for 2013


With mobile technology rapidly growing and changing it is exciting to see what we can expect to happen in the future. I discovered an article written by JWT on the 13 Mobile Trends for 2013 and picked out a few that I already see happening in my own mobile use. Yes we still make calls on our mobile phones, the original purpose, but today there are so many faster, more exciting, and richer ways to stay connected to our friends and family. Mobile as a Sixth Sense.

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The 10 Key Mobile Trends for 2011


Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important. In case you are not convinced: according to Morgan Stanley, within five years the number of mobile Internet users will surpass the number of desktop Internet users. And, according to the TNS Digital Life report, mobile users spend 3.1 So it’s really not exaggerated to say that marketers should be well informed regarding the mobile evolutions. Mobile is part of the mix! Mobile banking a must have.

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Twitter Shutting Down Tweet to Text Feature


The original service, tweet via text feature has been winded off by Twitter with no confirmation if it’s a temporary or permanent decision. Discarding the feature had been announced by the tech giant that shocked a lot of users all around the world.

Carlsberg Launches Crowdit: A Non-Branded Mobile App


We frequently see companies making use of mobile apps to promote their brand. Today, Carlsberg launches a different kind of branded mobile app: a non-branded app. Crowdit allows the user to discover places and events via searches, routes and an augmented reality feature allowing for a real-time walkthrough visualisation of the city. The mobile consumer. Similar Posts: Social, Local, Mobile: The SoLoMo Revolution. Social Media Gone Mobile.

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Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features. This week's must-know news from the world of social media includes new features and functions from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and Twitter. The new feature lets people hide posts in feed from certain accounts, without unfollowing them. Now, Facebook says users can report conversations straight through their iOS or Android mobile devices. New features for Twitter apps. Four new features for LinkedIn.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus (Full Review 2020)


But Is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus as capable as Kaspersky Antivirus for PC? Before diving into a detailed explanation of its features, let’s first take a look at its Pros and Cons. Lesser features when compared with other software. Anti-Theft Features.

The 6 Best Features of iOS 7

The Social Media Incubator

After a few failed attempts and then finally a successful installation, we have our 6 best features of iOS7. Now that you have heard our favorite features of the new operating system, leave a comment below with your favorite feature! Apps In the Media Mobile Apps Mobile Tips ability to multi-task Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system organizing and finding photos Apple rolled out it’s long awaited iOS 7 update to it’s customers on September 18.

Top 8 Mobile Shopping Trends in 2020


Mobile commerce has seen an incredible evolution over the last decade. From the original smartphones to voice commerce, and every small trend in between, staying ahead of mobile commerce trends can feel like an uphill battle. Fast Loading Mobile Apps that Work with Voice Search.

Sum-up on Facebook’s Recently Launched Features


Since then, Facebook has maintained their flow of introducing new features. In this post, I will therefore make a sum-up of them to give you an actual overview of the features relevant for brands to know. Offers on Facebook : By the end of February 2012, Facebook announced the launch of a new feature called Offers. The platform already began testing this feature last year. Read more about this new feature here.

4 Invincible Ways Mobile Apps Fuel Business Growth

Convince & Convert

Mobile apps opened vistas of opportunities for small businesses. Today, from customer relationship management to documenting expenses to facilitating payments, mobile apps are playing an increasingly significant role in fueling business growth. Another big impetus for most businesses is the steadily decreasing cost of building a mobile app. Building a feature-rich app is pretty affordable now compared to what it was just a few years ago.

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How Effective Norton Mobile Security is in 2020?


Is Norton Mobile Security as good as its elder PC cousin? There are a lot of different antiviruses for mobile devices available in the market that can provide better security for less. It lacks many great features that can be really useful. No Anti-Theft Features.

5 Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps to Create Powerful Social Media Videos

agora pulse

Use these mobile apps for social and get started crafting fantastic content right away. Here are five easy-to-use mobile apps to help you create powerful social media videos. Here are some of its most important features: Camera functionality to help you capture pro-quality video.

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Upcoming Mobile Game App Development Trends to Follow in 2020 & Beyond

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the rapid increase in the smartphone count, mobile gaming is becoming the new trend in the market. A number of game developing agencies, which were earlier developing games on platforms like desktop and console are gradually inclining towards mobile gaming.

Sum-up on Facebook’s Recently Launched Features


Since then, Facebook has maintained their flow of introducing new features. In this post, I will therefore make a sum-up of them to give you an actual overview of the features relevant for brands to know. Offers on Facebook : By the end of February 2012, Facebook announced the launch of a new feature called Offers. The platform already began testing this feature last year. Read more about this new feature here.

Top Five: social networks push new shopping features

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top Five: social networks push new shopping features. Facebook introduces new shopping features. New templates for collections ads are designed to deliver the rich experience of print catalogues on mobile. The post Top Five: social networks push new shopping features appeared first on Sherrilynne Starkie. REPORT. Sherrilynne Starkie. Owner. items . followers . votes . views. Listly by Sherrilynne Starkie.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Full Review (Best of 2020)


Bitdefender Mobile Security hasn’t been any short of the best Android Antivirus in the market. When you compare it with many of its rivals such as Norton mobile security and Kaspersky security , the features and functionalities that Bitdefender offers is unrivaled.

Mobile Technology and Your Small Business

Ari Herzog

Mobile technology is not one thing. Mobile technology is all these things and more. In my opinion, mobile technology is the future of all communications for your business, internally and externally. They (and you) believe in the creation of the social web and mobile technologies are the key reasons for this substantial climb. Is your small business taking advantage of mobile technology? This is what mobile technology can do. Features mobile

Use a Mobile Tracker to Know Where Your Friends Are Hanging Out


All this has been made possible by an application popularly known as a mobile phone tracker. . What is a Mobile Tracker? A mobile tracker is an application that gives you real-time updates on the location of another mobile device.

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Facebook Tip: Changing From Mobile To Desktop View On Your iPad Or Tablet

SocMed Sean

If you are a tablet owner, though, you probably know that apps like Twitter and Facebook treat your tablet as a mobile device by default. It took me an hour of finding workarounds for Twitter and I document the process of switching to the Twitter desktop view (not the mobile view) of Twitter in this blog post. So in an effort to not duplicate solutions created by others, I consulted Google and conducted searches for: tablet switch facebook mobile – Nope.

iPad 219

Gone Mobile

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Gone Mobile Written on January 5, 2010 by Justin Levy in announcements , blog , miscellaneous 2 Comments - Leave a comment! You can now access a mobile version of [ justinrlevy.com ] when you use a touch mobile device such as an iPhone or Droid. Previously this blog had utilized the Carrington theme to create a mobile version of the site.

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McAfee Mobile Security: The Best Android Antivirus in 2020?


Without wasting any more time, let’s get going: Malware Protection offered by McAfee Mobile Security: Primary purpose of an Antivirus application is the security from Malware. Malware Protection offered by McAfee Mobile Security is second to none. Backup Feature.

Facebook Gets Dark Mode for Mobile: Here’s How to Enable It


After enabling new dark mode features for its Messenger last year and then WhatsApp, Facebook integrated the dark mode in its Facebook desktop version as well a couple months back. Let’s see how you can enable Dark Mode for Facebook Mobile. How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Mobile?

Monday Morning Reads: Mobile Apps; LoTR Revisited; Funky SEO

Dave Fleet

Lots of really interesting reads in the Monday morning reading hopper this week: a look at why dictatorships would be unwise to cut Internet access; several pieces on the latest in mobile applications; a new take on the Lord of the Rings and a couple of neat videos. Mashable: Text a Nearby Group of Friends With GroupMe’s New Foursquare Feature. Weekly Reads mobile social media youtube

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Get Ready For The Mobile Marketing Explosion

Small Business Mavericks

Thanks to their mobile phones, people are now spending more time online than watching TV. Mobile usage, especially smartphones and tablets, has increased. of total mobile usage while tablet usage consisted of only 4.3% of total mobile usage. Feature phone usage consisted of 54.3% of total mobile usage. In a word, it means you need to start thinking about your mobile marketing message today.

5 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Changes

Convince & Convert

It’s been nicknamed “Mobile-geddon.” There are two major changes at play in Google’s recent move to favor mobile: First, Google will adjust its search results order to favor mobile-friendly sites. Second, apps will be discoverable in mobile search results with deep links driving new app downloads. With about 60% of online traffic coming from mobile, it is no surprise that Google is making moves to cement mobile as king.

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