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Flipboard Acquires News App Zite

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Flipboard has announced they have acquired Zite and will be working with their team, as well as CNN, to create an “unparalleled personal magazine” for all readers. Flipboard acquires @Zite & partners with @CNN. — Flipboard (@Flipboard) March 5, 2014.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Grab content (articles, videos, whatever) from your web browser, email, or a wide range of apps including Twitter, Flipboard and Pulse, and save it in Pocket. 4) Flipboard. A hybrid curation app and social network—grab any content from the web and save it to your own Flipboard magazine.

Content Distribution: Eight Ways to Gain New Readers

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will use a tool such as Feedly or Flipboard to get their content delivered to them daily, but without the hassle of filling their inbox. By Gini Dietrich This whole digital world is a funny beast. Just when you think you have it figured out, it changes.

22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community

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FlipBoard. Flipboard allows you to cover many social platforms for sharing and posting information. By Stephen Waddington. In the past 12 months, the #PRstack community has created an app that has characterized more than 250 third-party tools.

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4 iPhone Apps that Work with Instagram


Flipboard. Flipboard is the great melting pot app that incorporates all of your growing mish mash of applications into a seamless magazine like look and feel. Instagram is like the Windows for photos. It’s the standard.

How I Write

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I follow interesting people and what they're linking to in spaces like Twitter , Google + , LinkedIn , Facebook , Flipboard , etc. flipboard. Wouldn't it be a magical world if someone could tell you - in detail - how to write a best-selling novel or a hit song? The truth is that there is a whole lot of secret sauce involved in outputting creative work. It's hard to describe why one piece of writing resonates over another.

ICYMI – Meerkat, Flipboard, Curator, Scrapbook

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Flipboard launches magazines for groups. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week? Subscribe here. Meerkat responds to Periscope threat with new features. Twitter is starting to test autoplay videos for some users. Twitter launches Curator for news publishers. With scrapbook , Facebook gives parents a way to setup a Facebook account for their kids.

New Media By Design

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With apps like Flipboard and people saving interesting online snippets in places like Instapaper , the look and feel of our news is beginning to morph, but the look and feel has not been re-invented and this is a very curious thing. flipboard. Why is it that the majority of online news sources all look the same? There is no doubt that news as we know it has forever changed because anyone and everyone can report on an incident live and in the moment.

My Love Affair With Pocket

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They have integrated their tool into several apps like Twitter , Flipboard , Zite and more (close to 300 applications). flipboard. Where do you save and read your online content? You would think that with all of this technology and content that we''re constantly creating, publishing and reading, that it would be a whole lot simpler to save, share and consume it. It''s not. It''s a mess.

Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product?

Home Categories Online Marketing SEO Social Media Website Measurement About Us About Virve Clients Contact Us Industry Partners and Resources The Team What We Do Subscribe Register Jul 1 Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product? You could call it crowd sourcing in some way, however in essence it is as simple as an aggregation of information from your network – pushed to your web interface through Flipboard. If you haven’t go into Flipboard yet, you need too.

Miss My Google Reader Updates? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Still Get Relevant Tech News

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Flipboard. One of my favorite News reading apps for the iPad is Flipboard. I like it because I can plug in just about any feed to Flipboard and immediately it turns it into news I can read, right on the Flipboard. To get my shares on your Flipboard is easy.

Find All Of The LMA Conference Blog Posts Right Here

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In an effort to bring them together, I am “flipping” them into one of my magazines on Flipboard. Here you go: View my Flipboard Magazine.

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

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” 5 Reasons to Consider Flipboard for Your Content Strategy by iMediaConnection. Content marketing success starts with developing a strategy and roadmap, but the rubber hits the road with the execution of tactics (and measurement of marketing results to support continual improvement).

To The Crowd #crushIQ


Your crowdsourcing campaign needs to be as natural as Pinterest, as social as Spotify and as shareable as Flipboard. This is a guest post by Jeff Barrett. There is a fear, in Advertising, that crowdsourcing will eliminate or decrease the need for some services. Embrace it.

This Week in Social Media – 4/17/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. While LinkedIn is pushing to become more of a content provider (see below), it''s also clear that Flipboard is continuing to shake up the traditional media business.

Apps of the Week: Customizing Your News

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Flipboard is described as a “personal magazine” for users to catch up on the news they care about. Flipboard allows you to choose a topic or search for one yourself to make into a “board” that has all the top stories related to the topic. Flipboard is the one-stop shop for all your news and social media monitoring. Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing Mobile Tips App of the Week business strategy flipboard news reader apps pulse Social Media zite

The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Two of the most successful companies in this space are StumbleUpon and Flipboard. This is a guest post by Jason Butlion. The way that we explore and discover content on the Internet has drastically changed in the last decade.

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Nears Deal With Stripe, Spotify Drops Free Listening Time Limit

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Facebook could launch its Flipboard-like news reader this month – Facebook may launch “Paper,” a news reading service for mobile devices similar to Flipboard, before the end of January (re/code).

This Week in Social Media – 4/10/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. As always, all of the links above are available on Delicious and This Week in Social Media Magazine on Flipboard. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Google Reader Causes Pivot (and Purge)

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Since xPotomac and SxSW have passed creating more time, I plan on starting anew , and rebuilding on Feedly and Flipboard with new voices on a wider range of topics. Well, the RSS apocolypse is upon us thanks to Google’s planned sunsetting of Reader.

How the New Delicious Stacks Up

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It's very reminiscent of Flipboard or other similar iPad apps that rely on a thumbnail and a headline to encourage further exploration. In the last week, we've seen major changes from Google+ and Facebook. You can now add Delicious to that mix.You'll recall that last December , Yahoo!

This Week in Social Media – 4/3/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. Flipboard has launched user-created magazines and is partnering with Etsy. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Google+ Continues Attempts to Start Major Trends in the Social World


Google+ is also benefiting from several new partnerships, with organizations such as Flipboard. Google+, the social media product of the search behemoth Google, has made several changes recently in an effort to court new users and to continue developing the product as a key social tool.

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Flipboard – Personalized social magazine. Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product?

Facing Information Overload? Cronycle Can Help You Filter Through the Web’s Flood of Content

This is where tools like aggregators such as Feedly or Flipboard come in. Image courtesy: CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr, 25031050@N06. With the noise of information out there on the web, readers need help to find the topics that interest them most and collaborate with their teams.

This Week in Social Media – 7/24/2013

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customers love to complain on Twitter, Flipboard makes users’ magazines available on the Web, the CIPR issues guidance on social media measurement, the mix of journalism and marketing needed in brand newsrooms, the royal fuss over real-time marketing and more, it''s This Week in Social Media.

11 Google Reader Alternatives to Consider


Allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Google+, Pocket, Evernote, Yammer, HootSuite, Flipboard, Readability, or email. July 1st is just about here, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to choose your alternative RSS reader of choice to replace Google Reader.

My Latest Addiction: Genieo

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And in what is nothing less than a stroke of GENIUS (pun intended) Genieo can do what products like Flipboard and My6Sense can’t – it can tell the difference between ATTENTION and INTENTION.

This Week in Social Media – 6/26/13

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better

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Flipboard : You will now have it as a share option! Social Media The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better. you know how I said I only recommend tools that I use personally? Well, this is the one exception. Social Warfare is the best all-around social sharing plugin you can use.

InstaBRAND on Instagram

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You’ve already seen this evolution in mobile news apps like Flipboard, Flud News, etc. Instagram is at the forefront of the visual media revolution, challenging norms on text heavy social networks.

This Week in Social Media – 7/17/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine.

This Week in Social Media – 7/10/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine.

5 iPad/iPhone Apps to Complete Your Social Fetish

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Flipboard. Flipboard is also a personalized magazine app that you can create an account or just select topics of interest to create a Flipboard. Recently, Flipboard has a new Audio category where you can actually listen to content shared by people you follow and has accessibility for the visually impaired. Bottom line: Flipboard is great for reading what your followers share, has a cool audio and video section, and curates content in an easy to read fashion.

SXSW 2011: Strong on Networking; Less on Content

Dave Fleet

I just arrived home from South by Southwest Interactive after six days down in Austin, Texas.

The 10 Golden Rules Successful Social Media Managers Live By

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Use tools like Feedly, Pocket and Flipboard to search and curate the best content from hundreds of blogs around the web. I was a bit nervous before writing this post because there are so many possible golden rules for social media managers.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing For Your Blog


Medium not only attracts readers but also publishers from reputable sites, like HuffingtonPost , Lifehack , Thought Catalog , Flipboard , just to name a few. Photo Credit: Pineapple Supply Co. This is a guest contribution from Tiffany Sun of Rabbut.

This Week in Social Media – 4/24/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Social News Curation: Simplifying or Adding to our Social Media Overload?

Flipboard Flipboard is only for the iPad, so if you don’t have one, you won’t get to take it for a test drive. Buy Ugg Bailey Button at Ugg Classic Cardy Download iPad eBooks Thank you very much for the flipboard, you don't know how much you helped me:).

This Week in Social Media – 5/22/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.