Flipboard Acquires News App Zite

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Flipboard has announced they have acquired Zite and will be working with their team, as well as CNN, to create an “unparalleled personal magazine” for all readers. Flipboard acquires @Zite & partners with @CNN. — Flipboard (@Flipboard) March 5, 2014. ” Klaas confirmed that the Zite app will indeed be shut down, but says the two teams will be working together in order to get the best features of Zite into Flipboard before that occurs.

Flipboard Confirms It Was Hacked Twice: 150M Users At Risk As Passwords Stolen

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Flipboard, the news app with 150 million users, has been hacked. Not once, but twice. With passwords stolen, here's what you need to know


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ICYMI – Meerkat, Flipboard, Curator, Scrapbook

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Flipboard launches magazines for groups. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week? Subscribe here. Meerkat responds to Periscope threat with new features. Twitter is starting to test autoplay videos for some users. Twitter launches Curator for news publishers. With scrapbook , Facebook gives parents a way to setup a Facebook account for their kids.

4 iPhone Apps that Work with Instagram


Flipboard. Flipboard is the great melting pot app that incorporates all of your growing mish mash of applications into a seamless magazine like look and feel. So it is therefore ironic that that epitome of old time journalism, Time, in a commendable act of selflessness, honored Flipboard as a Top Fifty Innovation, thus effectively drawing attention to the medium that may one day supersede it. Instagram is like the Windows for photos. It’s the standard.

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Apps of the Week: Customizing Your News

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Flipboard is described as a “personal magazine” for users to catch up on the news they care about. Flipboard allows you to choose a topic or search for one yourself to make into a “board” that has all the top stories related to the topic. Flipboard is the one-stop shop for all your news and social media monitoring. Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing Mobile Tips App of the Week business strategy flipboard news reader apps pulse Social Media zite

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The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Grab content (articles, videos, whatever) from your web browser, email, or a wide range of apps including Twitter, Flipboard and Pulse, and save it in Pocket. 4) Flipboard. A hybrid curation app and social network—grab any content from the web and save it to your own Flipboard magazine. Invite others to follow you on Flipboard.

End Of Blogs

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So, in one sense, Trapani is right: old school newsreaders may have been replaced by things like Flipboard and others, but this better not be the end of blogging. flipboard. I love my blog. I love your blog. I love blogs. Call me old-fashioned. Loving blogs has nothing to do with me not loving the newer stuff. I love Twitter , Facebook , Google+ and other places to publish, share and connect too, but I have a soft spot for blogs.

My Love Affair With Pocket

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They have integrated their tool into several apps like Twitter , Flipboard , Zite and more (close to 300 applications). flipboard. Where do you save and read your online content? You would think that with all of this technology and content that we''re constantly creating, publishing and reading, that it would be a whole lot simpler to save, share and consume it. It''s not. It''s a mess.

How I Write

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I follow interesting people and what they're linking to in spaces like Twitter , Google + , LinkedIn , Facebook , Flipboard , etc. flipboard. Wouldn't it be a magical world if someone could tell you - in detail - how to write a best-selling novel or a hit song? The truth is that there is a whole lot of secret sauce involved in outputting creative work. It's hard to describe why one piece of writing resonates over another.

New Media By Design

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With apps like Flipboard and people saving interesting online snippets in places like Instapaper , the look and feel of our news is beginning to morph, but the look and feel has not been re-invented and this is a very curious thing. flipboard. Why is it that the majority of online news sources all look the same? There is no doubt that news as we know it has forever changed because anyone and everyone can report on an incident live and in the moment.

The iPad And The Marketing Professional

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Flipboard. Flipboard is free. flipboard. What is your holiday season going to look like? The holidays are around the corner. The road rage of parking at the shopping mall and elbowing your way through the aisles to get that special something for our loved ones (and those mooching off of us) is upon us. It's amazing how the happiest time of the year has become such a stress-inducing labour of disdain.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #20

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It's something that you can see if you're a fan of Instapaper , Readability , and Flipboard. flipboard. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

Find All Of The LMA Conference Blog Posts Right Here

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In an effort to bring them together, I am “flipping” them into one of my magazines on Flipboard. Here you go: View my Flipboard Magazine. I just got back from the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference, and see the blog posts and summaries beginning to show up here and there. Stop back regularly, or subscribe to that magazine, as I will be adding posts as they are published.

Facebook Reader a welcome feature

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However, the social network has been working on Reader for more than year, according a report in the Wall Street Journal and is said to resemble Flipboard. Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned. I have had a Reader account for several years now, but hadn’t really ever used it. I did, at one time, make use of an RSS reader called BlogBridge.

Miss My Google Reader Updates? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Still Get Relevant Tech News

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Flipboard. One of my favorite News reading apps for the iPad is Flipboard. I like it because I can plug in just about any feed to Flipboard and immediately it turns it into news I can read, right on the Flipboard. To get my shares on your Flipboard is easy. Just add the Twitter account @jesseslinks to Flipboard, and you'll now be able to read the news I share right inside Flipboard. Want these on Flipboard?

How Companies Like Bored Panda, REI, and Vox Are Growing Their Organic Reach on Social Media

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Over the last year, we also had a few successes sharing our blog posts to Flipboard. Flipboard drove between 1,000 to 3,000 visits for each of the blog posts! Interestingly, we only have about 2,000 followers on Flipboard at the moment.). All this isn’t to say that you should create an account for your brand on Tik Tok or Flipboard right away. Maybe that’s Tik Tok or Flipboard. Flipboard – a news and social network aggregator.

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Nears Deal With Stripe, Spotify Drops Free Listening Time Limit

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Facebook could launch its Flipboard-like news reader this month – Facebook may launch “Paper,” a news reading service for mobile devices similar to Flipboard, before the end of January (re/code). Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Spotify: Facebook’s new Trending section. Facebook.

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Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools

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Flipboard – Get your personal magazine. Flipboard is a useful app that creates “smart” magazines on topics you choose, and automatically updates them as relevant new content goes live online. You can follow publications and you can share content on Flipboard or outside the app (Twitter, Facebook or by email). Finding, curating, and sharing valuable content is a very time-consuming process.

The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed in 2019

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We also want to give Flipboard a quick shoutout here, too. While it’s not an RSS aggregator like Feedly, you can follow topics on Flipboard and it curates the world’s news stories to help you stay informed. We’ve used Feedly to follow specific influencers and industry news, and Flipboard to keep up to date with bigger stories. Similar tools: Flipboard , Quora , Pocket. Marketers are faced with an ever-growing list of responsibilities.

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The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed in 2019

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We also want to give Flipboard a quick shoutout here, too. While it’s not an RSS aggregator like Feedly, you can follow topics on Flipboard and it curates the world’s news stories to help you stay informed. We’ve used Feedly to follow specific influencers and industry news, and Flipboard to keep up to date with bigger stories. Similar tools: Flipboard , Quora , Pocket. Marketers are faced with an ever-growing list of responsibilities.

SXSW 2011: Strong on Networking; Less on Content

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However, by forcing myself to meet new people, I was also able to enjoy serendipitous meetings with folks like Kendall Aliment , Roger Dooley (neuro-marketing – fascinating), Patrick O’Keefe , Eric Kim (check out Twylah – it’s very interesting), Avesta Rasouli (founder of Coloft ), Christel van der Book ( Flipboard ) and Andrew D’Souza ( Top Prospect , a social recruiting site).

Are You A Blogging Addict? Take This Test To See!

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You spend as much time reading through your Flipboard, RSS feeds, Tailwind Tribes, or any other content source for blog topic ideas as you do talking to people in real life each day. (1 NOTE : I originally published this post back in 2010 and the response was amazing! I recently took some time to update it and thought I would republish it with updated info and questions. I hope you enjoy it! –Sean. There are 2 types of cat people in this world.

Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Paper App

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It is not like a Flipboard app where you can customize your news and pick the stories you want to see. This week’s SMI App of the Week is Facebook’s new Paper app. It’s hard to ignore when a social media giant releases a new app. On Feb. 3, Facebook released it’s highly anticipated Facebook Paper app. It grabbed the attention of most as some anticipate it may be able to replace the Facebook app someday.

One Super-Easy Way To Convert Traffic And Avoid 404 Errors

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They can subscribe to your RSS feed and receive updates of new articles via email, via mobile apps like FlipBoard or via popular RSS readers like NewsBlur. When it comes to blogging or Websites, traffic is good… but what you do with that traffic can make the difference between life and death of your blog and your business.

The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better

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Flipboard : You will now have it as a share option! Social Media The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better. you know how I said I only recommend tools that I use personally? Well, this is the one exception. Social Warfare is the best all-around social sharing plugin you can use. Unfortunately, my site isn't compatible, or I'd be using it myself. I have however helped other clients and colleagues install it.

Choose Your Own Adventure With Content Marketing

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Flipboard. Ford Vision: Transparency, Humanization, and Knowledge. This week’s show welcomes special guest Scott Monty, internationally recognized consultant in social media and marketing. Scott spent six years at Ford as a strategic advisor on crisis communications, influencer relations, digital customer service, innovative product launches, and more.

Google+ Continues Attempts to Start Major Trends in the Social World


Google+ is also benefiting from several new partnerships, with organizations such as Flipboard. Google+, the social media product of the search behemoth Google, has made several changes recently in an effort to court new users and to continue developing the product as a key social tool. Some of the most recent developments include the interface overhaul, which has received a lot of criticism for the large amounts of white space left on the screen.

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Facing Information Overload? Cronycle Can Help You Filter Through the Web’s Flood of Content


This is where tools like aggregators such as Feedly or Flipboard come in. Image courtesy: CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr, 25031050@N06. With the noise of information out there on the web, readers need help to find the topics that interest them most and collaborate with their teams. I n this digital age, we’re expected to keep up on never-ending news and trending topics.

The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Two of the most successful companies in this space are StumbleUpon and Flipboard. This is a guest post by Jason Butlion. The way that we explore and discover content on the Internet has drastically changed in the last decade. The first major step forward was with Google which organized the Internet so that anyone could run accurate searches on specific topics they found interesting. The next evolution in content discovery came with the social revolution.

This Week in Social Media – 7/24/2013

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customers love to complain on Twitter, Flipboard makes users’ magazines available on the Web, the CIPR issues guidance on social media measurement, the mix of journalism and marketing needed in brand newsrooms, the royal fuss over real-time marketing and more, it''s This Week in Social Media. And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine , which is now available on the Web. Facebook’s Q2 earnings show mobile growth, U.S.

This Week in Social Media – 4/3/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. Flipboard has launched user-created magazines and is partnering with Etsy. As always, all of the links above are available on Delicious ; and this week, I've added my This Week in Social Media Magazine on Flipboard. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

11 Google Reader Alternatives to Consider


Allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Google+, Pocket, Evernote, Yammer, HootSuite, Flipboard, Readability, or email. July 1st is just about here, so if you haven’t already, now is the time to choose your alternative RSS reader of choice to replace Google Reader. Since I last wrote about Google Reader alternatives, more services have sprung up to fill the voie.

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad


Flipboard News App for iPhone and iPad: Features: Users can create a personalized news feed as per their interests in Flipboard Magazine. Allows you to add your favorite stories to your own personal Flipboard Magazine. Download Flipboard News App for iPhone/iPad.

Five Expert Guides to the Best Blogging Tools

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As soon as the user moves their mouse outside of the main window it’s likely they are planning to exit so this pops up”), Daniel Sharkov, Mike Allton, and Aaron Lee (one of his favorites is Flipboard : “What not many people know is you can actually load twitter lists into onto Flipboard to manage your twitter stream”). Blogging, like any other task, is faster and easier with the right tools.

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14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

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” 5 Reasons to Consider Flipboard for Your Content Strategy by iMediaConnection. Tom Edwards recommends ways to use Flipboard, an application that “visualizes your social feeds such as Facebook & Twitter as well as providing access to curated topical magazines all while allowing the user flexibility in how they consume their content of choice.”

Xydo Now Tracking Over 1 Million People's Shares on Twitter

Stay N' Alive

Eric showed me how he can just add the RSS feed for the specific topic he wants to follow to FlipBoard for the iPad, and it's all displayed in a nicely formatted way for me to read the news. Eric showed me how he can just add the RSS feed for the specific topic he wants to follow to FlipBoard for the iPad, and it's all displayed in a nicely formatted way for me to read the news.

This Week in Social Media – 4/17/2013

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And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine. While LinkedIn is pushing to become more of a content provider (see below), it''s also clear that Flipboard is continuing to shake up the traditional media business. Recently, Flipboard began to allow users to create their own custom "magazines" and the app has seen more than 500,000 magazines created by users in just two weeks. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

How the New Delicious Stacks Up

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It's very reminiscent of Flipboard or other similar iPad apps that rely on a thumbnail and a headline to encourage further exploration. In the last week, we've seen major changes from Google+ and Facebook. You can now add Delicious to that mix.You'll recall that last December , Yahoo! decided to sell Delicious, and then in April, Delicious announced it had been acquired by AVOS.

Who are the Utah Tech Bloggers on Twitter?

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I’ll put all those you list on this Twitter list: [link] – please tell your friends about it, get them to follow it, subscribe to it in TweetDeck and FlipBoard, etc. I had this long-winded post on how I thought startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in Utah aren’t reading enough Utah based tech blogs, hoping to start a “Read Utah&# campaign, but I figured I’d do something about it instead. I’m looking for every Utah Tech blogger you know on Twitter.

Google Changes, Rocking Marketers and Other Content of the Week

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She thinks it’s the best way to perceive information, and tools like FlipBoard visualize even RSS or Twitter feeds. Ladies and gentlemen, prick up your ears for some interesting reading on the marketing world. You know that content’s a king these days, right? And that’s why we’ve got to learn how to become content kings as well! Epic Content Marketers: 20 More Women Who Rock.