Worst Blogs Online & Why Technorati Likes Them


And any blog, good or bad, has the same chance of making it onto the Technorati Top 100. Unfortunately, Technorati doesn’t actually judge the socially redeeming value of a blog; it only gauges popularity, so dumb blogs make it onto the list all the time. These dumb blogs are on the Technorati top 100, so there must be something redeeming about them, right? The fact that blogs like these can make it onto the Technorati Top 100 only reflects badly on the rest of us.

Does your brand take bloggers seriously?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Brands are flocking to Facebook but are overlooking the significant opportunities and value that bloggers bring to digital marketing initiatives, according to the T echnorati 2013 Digital Influence Report. Technorati is not the voice of blogging authority that it once was, but each year the advertising network publishes a report that is required reading for internet marketers. The state of influence today: increasing marketing budgets and greater influencer professionalism.


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How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10 Written by Glen, this post has 62 Comments It’s no secret that one-man blogs can make a lot of money. Well, I’m going to leave the personal sites alone, and possibly prove those people wrong by examining the Technorati Top 10. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

Social Media Presence of the Technorati Top 20

Viper Chill

I help people build remarkable websites that gain traffic through viral marketing. Many people who come across the idea of writing guest posts and the benefits they offer automatically think it’s the best use of your marketing time. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" Hey, Im Glen.

How (and Why) to Map Your Company’s Digital Landscape

Webbiquity SMM

Many organizations, having now realized that the “build it and they will come” model doesn’t work in social media and that it isn’t just another channel for promoting news releases and marketing brochures, are stepping back and retooling their social media strategies. Which voices are most influential in your market space. Identify the key influencers in your market.

100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog

Webbiquity SMM

To give credit where it’s due, both the TopRank Online Marketing Blog and Robin Good have provided nice lists in the past, but as changes in the blog directory world can be challenging to keep pace with, both now include dead links and directories that have significantly changed their policies (e.g. Webbiquity B2B Marketing Blog). Technorati. Share this on Technorati. Over time, the top source of traffic for most blogs is search.

Smart iPod Touch Marketing


Share this on Technorati. Tags: Apple iPod Touch ipod touch ipod touch marketing lost ipod touch Email this to a friend? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn. Post on Google Buzz. Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon. Share this on del.icio.us. Share this on Reddit. Digg this!

Strategies 360 Is Hiring: Marketing & Social Media Associate

Jason Yormark

Today I begin my search for the first piece of many in building out the S360 Marketing & Social Media team. Share this on Technorati. The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360. 9 Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. Digital Marketing Social MediaTweet Like I mentioned in my earlier post, things couldn’t be better in my new gig at S360.

What To Remember In Social Media Marketing & PR


Tweet Now, when we talk about marketing & PR, we are not only talking about the traditional way to do it. When starting to think of practicing marketing & PR through social media, there are some specific elements that are worth taking into consideration. Similar Posts: Making an Integrated Marketing Communication Effort. Social Media Marketing Policies and Education: The Employee Perspective.

Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing

Convince & Convert

Most of us are familiar with the concept of influencer marketing, i.e., marketing to a select group of individuals — such as journalists, bloggers, consultants, or industry analysts — who influence your buyers’ decisions. If you were to market your product to her and get her seal of approval, her endorsement would go a long, long way toward boosting your sales. If you are looking for bloggers specifically, Google Blog Search and Technorati can also be valuable resources.

2011 Social Media Marketing Trends

Webbiquity SMM

Social media marketing has progressed from radical new idea to widely adopted practice in a remarkably short period of time. Three-quarters of b2b buyers use social media at some point during their purchase decision process, and marketers are responding with increased spending on social media marketing. “Social is much bigger than marketing and PR. “Social is much bigger than marketing and PR. Share this on Technorati.

Trends 160

2011 B2B Marketing Trends

Webbiquity SMM

MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. The summary reveals no shocking surprises but a few interesting trends: 78% of marketers identified “generating high-quality leads&# as their top priority, while 44% said the same for “generating a high volume of leads&# (so generating low-quality leads is a priority for some marketers? Perhaps more of these marketers should seek professional outside help in these areas.

B2B 159

11 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Though social media marketing is rapidly advancing in terms of adoption and sophistication, many marketers and business executives still struggle with it. This confusion is partly due to some still-common misconceptions about social media marketing. As the goal of Social Media is Simpler Than You Think was to demystify social media marketing, this post will attempt to de-myth-ify it. Social media marketing is really hard. Social media marketing has no rules.

The New Gig: VP of Marketing & Social Media @ Strategies 360

Jason Yormark

communications firm offering a full-team approach to marketing, government relations, business strategy, creative services and. Share this on Technorati. 9 Great Social Media, Digital Marketing & Productivity Tools. Tweet It would take a pretty sweet opportunity for me to leave. what was a pretty good situation at Microsoft. Despite the. fact that I was unhappy with my role, with. href="[link]. size-full wp-image-358" title="Strategies360Logo". src="[link].

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How It’s Connected With Social Media


Like Mindjumpers, he is associated with Social Marketing Forum. Last week I posted a brief on Focus.com, titled “Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Social Media Age&#. It’s basically a relatively long look at the phenomenon of word-of-mouth, what it is, why people engage in it, when it becomes marketing and how it can benefit your business. So, how is word-of-mouth marketing connected with social media? But when do we talk about word-of-mouth marketing (WOM)?

How to Market Banking to Gen Y


Despite stepping up their marketing efforts, investment companies claim that they cannot get the attention of Gen Y. Last but not least, showing how to market banking/investment to Gen Y. – Facebook and Twitter are not Ways to Market Online Banking/Investment to Gen Y. – How to Market Banking/Investment Offers to Gen Y: Email. Stop spending time and resources with online social networking sites to market banking/investment offers to Gen Y.

Unique Unconventional Marketing Nuggets


Guerrilla marketing ideas are known for their creativity, humor and effectiveness in promoting a concept, product or business. Here are some great marketing ideas to use for your business. Every single day of the year can be a perfect way of engaging in unconventional marketing, using a bizarre holiday calendar. If you have the budget for unconventional marketing, get branded items for the contest such as t-shirts, caps, stationery and other items.

URL 106

Dilbert on Using Facebook and Twitter as Marketing Tools


Another Dilbert cartoon on social media marketing. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Twitter facebook vs twitter social media marketing dilbert dilbert on social media managers dilbert on using facebook and twitter as marketing tools dilbert takes on social media managers twitter vs facebook Email this to a friend? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn. Post on Google Buzz. Stumble upon something good?

Tools 126

How LinkedIn Does Email Marketing


Here’s the email that LinkedIn sent out on August 3rd, 2010: LinkedIn is following 2 of all of the 4 Steps to Get Started on Email Marketing and creating a great call of action. Even though LinkedIn does not make use of Steps 3 and 4 of the 4 Steps to Get Started on Email Marketing , it does make a big effort to truly reinforce the value of its gift by providing a simple and easy to understand receipt via email. Share this on Technorati.

Top Social Media and Marketing Books of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

In Defy Gravity: Propel Your Business to High-Velocity Growth , Rebel Brown shows business owners and executives how to shed the weight of legacy baggage, filter out the noise and focus on those opportunities which provide the best potential for profitable growth… Social Media Marketing by Liana “Li&# Evans. Despite its airy title, Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day by Dave Evans is anything but a lightweight treatment of this topic. Share this on Technorati.

Book Review: Social Media Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

With Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media , the inimitable Liana “Li&# Evans has provided the definitive handbook for social media marketers. This presents misunderstandings (at the least) and enlists your people beyond just the marketing and PR groups. Minor quibbles aside, Social Media Marketing is an essential handbook for anyone involved in business social media, or anyone who manages those people.

Review 143

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Google , Industry News , Internet , Interviews , Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media , Viral Marketing , Web Design > Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 by Tamar Weinberg on January 5, 2010 Share It’s my birthday!

How Marketers are Using Social Media for Business: New Report

Webbiquity SMM

Whatever questions you may have about social media marketing, you’ll probably find the answers in the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from white paper guru Michael Stelzner. If there was any doubt that social media has become a mainstream marketing channel, 91% of respondents of respondents said they are using social media for marketing. A year ago, the top questions most marketers had about social media related to tactics, with ROI second.

Report 166

7 Truths About Social Media Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on April 8, 2010 Share Even though social media isn’t new to many of us, the world is waking up to this new shiny toy. We should still tackle some realities about social media marketing before you get too excited about its potential.

Five Social Media Marketing Reports and Guides Worth Checking Out

Webbiquity SMM

Much has been written about content marketing from the delivery side. A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Great Facebook Pages from HubSpot (29 pages). Though Facebook is generally more effective for b2c marketers than on the b2b side (as even this report notes), there are nevertheless b2b companies standing out from the crowd by getting results through Facebook. Social Media Marketing GPS (91 pages). 10 Key Online Marketing Trends for 2010 (3 pages).

Report 154

Get Free 4 Chapters from Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing


As a token of my appreciation, I would like to offer you a free PDF copy of the first 4 chapters of Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Blog announcements Blog marketing Get Free 4 Chapters from Seth Godin's Permission Marketing Seth Godin permission marketing Free 4 Chapters from Seth Godin's Permission Marketing free permission marketing copy Dear Readers of idaconcpts.com, Thank you for reading my blog.

25+ Phenomenal Resources to Help You Market Your Blog Better

Writtent Blog

If you truly want to become a successful blogger, you need to nail the marketing part, and not just the content. Go through these 25+ resources that teach you how to market your blog better and the next thing you know you’ll be commanding a six-figure monthly audience. What do you get when you put a 7-figure blogger with marketing knowledge to spare and a resoundingly obvious domain name together? Social Media Examiner is the resource when it comes to social media marketing.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Forrester recently released a report by Laura Ramos and Augie Ray on How to Assess the Impact of Social Media in B2B Tech Marketing. While B2B marketers have been ramping up social media activities over the past 18 months, not all are seeing the outcomes they’d hoped for. Wow — “mistrust, uncertainty and ridicule&# — obviously not the objectives of any marketing activity. Social media is more like a PR activity than marketing or advertising.

B2B 157

10 Strategies of Push-Pull Marketing for Your Online Business


If you want your online business to be successful then you need to actively market your business. An introductory marketing class will teach you that there are two basic options for marketing: push and pull. A smart online business marketing strategy is to use both types of marketing at the same time. Push and Pull Marketing. The two different types of marketing are: 1. Push marketing : This is marketing to push your product to the market.

Four Ways to Measure Social Media Marketing Results

Webbiquity SMM

While there are unquestionably many ways that social media marketing results can be measured , the debate rages on as to whether it’s truly possible to quantify the ROI from these activities. While larger numbers are generally better, keep in mind that it’s easy to inflate a Twitter following (note all of the spammy “Internet marketers&# with ridiculously large follower counts) and that in terms of generating business value, quality is more important than quantity.

SM2 163

Vote for idaconcpts.com for Best Marketing Blog at Blogger’s Choice Awards


idaconcpts.com has entered the race for Best Marketing Blog. Sign up and give your vote to idaconcpts.com in the Best Marketing Blog category. Share this on Technorati. Tags: Blog marketing Blogger's Choice Awards blogger's choice awards The Blogger’s Choice Awards is now accepting nominations for the 2010 competition. link]. Email this to a friend? Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Facebook. Tweet This! Share this on LinkedIn.

Search Engine Marketing Job Opening: Organic Search Marketing Strategist

Bill Hartzer

ICONSTAFF has an opening for an Organic Search Marketing Strategist. The Organic Search Marketing Strategist applies their SEO and Marketing skills and experience to develop SEO campaigns that increase visibility, drive qualified traffic to their client’s sites and build/buy tools to help the SEO group become more effective. – Review all relevant material or attend meetings to gain a full understanding of their client’s marketing/site goals and objectives.

Why Radio Is Still A Very Strong Marketing Technique


For several years radio has been the form of transferring news and marketing. When TV didn’t exist radio was the only resource used to listen to latest news and also was the only marketing technique which could reach the market within seconds. And now Internet and TV have become a strong marketing technique for many years but are taking over the market? I don’t disagree with it but I would also use radio marketing. Share this on Technorati.

6 Things Parenthood Taught Me About Social Media Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Personal , Social Media > 6 Things Parenthood Taught Me About Social Media Marketing 6 Things Parenthood Taught Me About Social Media Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on June 3, 2010 Share Just last year, I became a mother for the first time. Many companies that have not embraced social media marketing often do so because of the fear of an uncontrolled message.

What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing?

Webbiquity SMM

How social media is like the seventh grade by Training Marketer. You might be a redneck SEO if… by David Leonhardt’s SEO and Social Media Marketing. Highly creative take on Santa’s marketing and business brilliance, from branding (the red suit is instantlyrecognizable) to human resources (who’s ever heard of an unhappy elf?). Who knew a marketing blog could be “visually restorative&# and “enchanting&# ? Share this on Technorati.

Gleanster Market Research Report on Social Media Marketing

Bill Hartzer

Gleanster is a new breed of IT market research. Gleanster takes a different approach by providing market research that they have gathered: and you can get the data for free. I took a look at the Social Media Marketing research data. Here is some interesting information from the Gleanster Social Media Marketing Report: – Consumer product companies are paying their agencies big money to incorporate social media into their marketing campaigns.

Survey Shows Marketing Budgets to Increase Spend in Social Media, Search Engine Marketing in 2011

Bill Hartzer

An annual marketing budget survey of business-to-business marketing trends released today is showing that marketing departments are going to increase their budget in Social Media and in Search Engine Marketing in 2011. Two years ago, marketing budgets still were split 60-40 traditional to online. In online spending patterns, search engine marketing and online advertising continue to consume larger portions of the budget. Share this on Technorati.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Business , Marketing , Social Media > How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing by Tamar Weinberg on May 5, 2010 Share As much as Facebook may not be kind to businesses , it’s still a tremendously valuable business tool. You can do many things to market your business, add value, and empower your customers.

URL 219

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?), How do social media marketing strategies in small businesses differ from those in larger enterprises? Although social media has been the hottest topic in marketing this year, what other tactics are critical to adopt, maintain or expand? B2B Marketing and Social Media.


Myrland Marketing

Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense MARKETING: A CONSTANT TAP ON THE SHOULDER by Nancy Myrland on September 16, 2010 ??Yesterday Yesterday I was part of a discussion about how to market a new service a company was thinking about launching. One of the participants commented: “We have one chance to market this new service to our target audience.&#