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Do More in Microsoft Dynamics with Oktopost


Today, we’re happy to announce our integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. By connecting Oktopost with Microsoft Dynamics 365 , you will be able to improve customer experience, personalize sales conversations and streamline social media attribution, making an impact across the whole organization. So we did it again!

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Streamline Internal Communication with Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Microsoft Teams


In the era of WFH, business communication platforms like Microsoft Team are mission-critical for driving operational and organizational processes for any department. For employees: Discover company news, updates, and messages and quickly share them with your social networks without leaving Teams.

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5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps

Jason Yormark

There aren’t too many great social networking apps for the iPad, but I have found a select few that I find myself using on a regular basis. Below is the list that I use regularly that cover using Twitter, Facebook, blogging, news consumption and social/web stats. Fantastic UI, and crazy easy to use.

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Microsoft Launches So.Cl Social Media Network

Bill Hartzer

So.Cl (pronounced “social”) is a social sharing network currently in beta that was launched December 4, 2012 as an experiment by Microsoft FUSE Labs to provide a social media platform for students to share content with others. You can either sign up with your Facebook ID, or a present Microsoft Windows ID.

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LinkedIn - A Newer Professional Social Network?

Twist Image

Within that one hour flight, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for over $26 billion dollars. If Facebook is our social network, is Microsoft now our professional social network? social media. Right after our segment last Monday, I hopped a plane to The Art of Marketing in Toronto. Are we done with words?

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Will Clubhouse be the Next Apple?

Webbiquity SMM

One thing all of the most popular social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, even Pinterest and TikTok) have in common in the asynchronous nature of their content. Similarly, Clubhouse is breaking all the established “rules” of social networks. But here are three reasons for skepticism.

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Romi Mahajan leaves Microsoft to Join Metavana as CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Long time friend and well respected CMO buddy of mine Romi Mahajan is leaving Microsoft to join Metavana. Romi has been profiled on my blog several times so its only fitting that reached out to find out why. What follows is a transcript of what I learned.

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