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The Average Social Media Privacy Policy Takes an Hour to Read

The Realtime Report

The Average Social Media Privacy. Privacy Policies vs. Historical Texts and Literary Works. Whether you care to admit it or not, we’ve all hit the “I accept” button on a privacy policy without reading the fine print. Up until recently, it wasn’t that big of a deal to not read privacy policies. Written by.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy: How to Keep Your Online Activity Private from Pirates, Hackers and Marketers

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The recent proliferation of social media networks has increased awareness of online privacy issues. On the surface, some may feel that online privacy is only a concern for those attempting to hide their internet activities. Online privacy is an issue that impacts ALL of us. Avira, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials.

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[Interview] How Microsoft Uses Social Analytics, And How You Can Too


Ben Donkor is a social media analyst at Microsoft, and is adamant about the importance of social media analytics for all businesses. In this exclusive chat you will discover why social analytics is something every organisation should be looking at, how Microsoft are using it, and how you can start. How can we connect them?

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Free webinar on Twitter for Australian Teachers – PIL Microsoft Teachers

Laurel Papworth

I’m teaching a free webinar on Twitter for Australian Teachers – it’s on the PIL network for teachers and sponsored by Microsoft. **. Monitoring Twitter through 3rd party tools – ethics of spying and privacy. It’s often said Twitter is one of the most powerful teacher professional development tools available.

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How To Force Microsoft Edge Update Manually In Windows 11?


Microsoft Edge is a decent browser if not the best. It has made it to our list of best private browsers for Windows OS for its privacy-centric features. For instance, many users have come across an issue where they don’t get Microsoft Edge updates. The steps for the same are mentioned below – Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge.

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How To Disable Microsoft Defender SmartScreen – Slow computer


One of them is to use Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10 and above versions to offer extended security on your PC. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen analyzes the visited web pages and ensures that you are browsing safe content.

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How to Fix Microsoft Edge When It Doesn’t Open PDFs


When Microsoft Edge is not able to open PDF files you see an error stating “Couldn’t open PDF”. This is a common problem and there are some fixes by which you can open PDf files in Microsoft Edge without any trouble. Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Microsoft Edge Default PDF Viewer. Fixes to Open pdf Files in Microsoft Edge:-.