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YouTube Announces Updated Monetization Guidelines, New Analytics Tools in the Mobile App

Social Media Today

Worth noting for creators and YouTube advertisers.

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Facebook Timeline for Pages on Mobile Devices


Tweet Facebook has announced that the timeline design will now also be implemented for pages on mobile devices, which can improve user engagement. The timeline design will make the Facebook experience more consistent and could also help improve conversations for mobile Sponsored Stories. How Will Timeline Work on Facebook Pages?

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Using Google AdSense Hurts Mobile User Experience, Violates Google’s Own Guidelines

Bill Hartzer

Adding Google AdSense to your website hurts the mobile user experience on your website and violates Google’s own suggested guidelines. If you look at the screen capture above, Google’s own Pagespeed Insights is giving my site a 99 percent out of a possible 100 score on the mobile user experience. But, apparently not.

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Increase Your Mobile Page Speed

Small Business Mavericks

Chances are, if you’ve done any fair amount of study on responsive web design, then you are thinking about how visitors are viewing your mobile website. Until now, you couldn’t do a whole lot about the speed of your website loading on mobile devices. Even better, they have a tool for testing your mobile page load speed.

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The Quick Guide to Social Media Photo Sizes in 2022


Use the dimensions listed here and the following guidelines to ensure you are displaying your company in the best way possible. Facebook’s profile photo will display at 170 x 170px and 128 x 128px on mobile. Take into Account Mobile Dimensions. Test your platforms on your mobile device. Ask in the comments below!

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Guidelines for Successful Targeting Through Social Media


Because no one likes to talk to a computer or a mobile phone, we all like to interact with human beings. Retain: It is always advisable to hold a conversation and not a rhetoric. Ask, listen and respond, that’s very important! The key here is to give a more human feel to the entire experience.

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Larger Pictures in Facebook Page Link Posts


However, Facebook has recently changed the design of page links posts – the size of the images has increased 4x on mobile and 8x on desktop. In order to generate the new, larger previews Facebook have made some guidelines: The images for desktop should optimally be 1200 x 630px. Similar Posts: How to Customize your Facebook Page.

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