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3 Key Features to Blog from a Smart Phone


However, after watching the launch of the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint on August 2010, it made me rethink about the 3 key features that I would need to blog from a smart phone more often. My iPhone 3G blogging experience made it very clear that to properly blog from a smart phone you must have a full-slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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Losing the stress in the hospitality biz

Janet Fouts

I loved those days but moved into tech with an award-winning community for people working in the business. You can view it on any internet device, from your smart-phone to a desktop. Since then I’ve been trained in the art of coaching people on how to practice self-care with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

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Welcome to the Participation Age: Is Your Digital Brand Ready?

Pam Moore

We help brands of all sizes embrace the media of today to build community, build their brand, build their business and most importantly build the people who want to engage and join them in this world of inspiration and participation. Did you know that 90% of smart phone owners have their mobile device in arms reach 100% of the time?

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Creating a Virtual Community to Build a Better Blog


There are many online communities available for your readers to reach out to, on all manner of topics – so how can you fill a need that isn’t already being taken care of out there? I found it built a wonderful community on my blog, and provided a place where readers could come together to cheer each other on and support each other.

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4 Internet Radio Apps for Android Devices


Download one or more of these apps to turn your smart phone into a radio. Experiences from the Pandora community indicate that if you have Pandora and want to install an update or another version then the best strategy is to first completely uninstall your current version to add the new one from scratch. Now that’s progress.

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9 social media trends to keep your eye on in 2012

Akamai Marketing

Cross-Department Social Media: As businesses continue to face the reality that community management (social media) requires time and committment, they are likely to empower more and more employees to work on the “social media team” the social media team won’t be a coming exclusively from the marketing and communication teams.

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Flash Mobs Go Social in India

Waxing UnLyrical

What the iPhone is to smart phones, flash mobs are to marketing. As organizations all over the globe try to use smart moves to attract and retain customers, the recent and ongoing turbulence in the global economy has only intensified this need.

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