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Social Media is the Back Channel for Teen Angst

Direct Marketing Observations

First I want to quote a paragraph from the abstract of a 2011 paper by danah boyd , a renowned expert on teen culture and social media at Microsoft Research. The paper is titled, The Drama! Teen Conflict, Gossip, and Bullying in Networked Publics. Here’s the quote: “Drama is a gendered process that perpetrates conventional gender norms.

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How To Drive Social Interaction At Your Virtual Event


Twitter and other networks are an ideal back channel for people to communicate before, during and after a virtual event. As companies have pivoted from in-person events to virtual events in 2020, one of the most common questions I’m asked is how to drive social media engagement.


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Back Channel for SMA Vendors

Net-Savvy Executive


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Twitter Best in Events and Emergencies

Net-Savvy Executive

Conferences and Meetups Back in 2007, I followed the back-channel conversation at the NewComm Forum using Internet Relay Chat ( IRC ). Now, of course, the back channel is always Twitter, and it sometimes threatens to overwhelm the front channel (the person on stage).

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New Research Shows Twitter Boosts TV Ratings (sometimes)

Convince & Convert

To me, the people tweeting about a show are already watching the show , so the Twitter-fueled “back channel” surrounding the show may result in additional loyalty and/or visits to the show’s website/Facebook page/SnapChat account etc., but won’t generate net new viewers.

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Brand Monitoring: Where Are They Now?

Net-Savvy Executive

Back-channel emails are a wonderful thing. A couple of CEOs have pointed out how few of the vendors ever featured in Forrester's reports on social media analysis are still independent. So, in the spirit of the filmmaker who's not sure how to end a movie, let's roll the "where are they now?"

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Who Owns Content Marketing?

Social Media Strategery

Open dialogue gives way to back-channel alliance building. This happened with websites, with social media , and it’s happening again with content marketing. We continue to make the same mistakes we did before. Drop-by meetings become scheduled status meetings.

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