Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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Regular WUL readers know that Shonali (a friend and former colleague at ) showcases guest posts about how to build, engage and sustain an online community, among other things. so that others might gain insights for their own community efforts. My years in social marketing tell me that, yes, we need to infuse our content with SEO goodness, with keywords and structured data and optimized metadata. Building a New Kind of Cruise Community.

APOSDLE learn@work - Triple-I

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Workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata: Profiling and Modelling User Activities - Call for Papers. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications: Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications. APOSDLE is a 48 months research and development integrated project partially supported by the European Community under the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th framework programme for R&D (contract no. Sitemap.


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Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

Ari Herzog

Because today’s smartphones are preinstalled with GPS technology (that power your maps and Foursquare apps so you always know where you are), that technology is also added in the form of metadata that is attached to every photo or video your device records. AriHerzog is a digital marketing and government professional seeking a position in community affairs. Photo by Pieter Vieu. Used with permission.

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Bloggers Are Not Journalists – But They Are Abducted, Imprisoned Tortured and Assassinated the Same #HowManyMore

Laurel Papworth

It’s probably worth investigating the number of bloggers killed in the “Line of Duty”… Today, George Brandis Attorney General for Australia stated that “ bloggers are not journalists ” in regard to the #metadata debate (Government accessing Big Data vs Privacy debate). Bloggers speak for their community, Facebook updates herald shifts in opinions, twitter tweets represent the Will of the People.

How to use YouTube Creator Studio to Grow Your Channel


Here’s a quick overview of the metadata elements that you can optimize: Edit your video title. Outside of optimizing your video metadata, the content section allows you to monetize your video content (more on this below!). Have no community strikes on your channel.

Using ViralMoment to Track the Top TikTok Beer Trends

Ignite Social Media

Therefore, it’s possible to track (to an extent) variations of a brand and how successful those marketing campaigns are taking place on Internet social communities. Incidentally, measuring Beertok TikTok Intelligence reveals the metadata, such as video format and hashtag videos.

Voice Search: 6 Invaluable SEO Strategies to Improve Your Rank

Pam Hughes

When Hummingbird was released in 2013, “ conversational search ” was making waves in the SEO community. Schema markup is simply metadata: data about the information on your website.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube: 12 Tactics that Actually Work


Take those relevant keywords and use them in your metadata (i.e., Use metadata to get recommended after a popular video. Videos with related or similar metadata (i.e., Pro Tip: Unlike other video metadata like titles and descriptions, YouTube video keywords aren’t listed visibly.

Using ViralMoment to Track the Top TikTok Beer Trends

Ignite Social Media

Therefore, it’s possible to track (to an extent) variations of a brand and how successful those marketing campaigns are taking place on Internet social communities. Incidentally, measuring Beertok TikTok Intelligence reveals the metadata, such as video format and hashtag videos.

HubSpot vs. Marketo: Which is Better?


Integrations with such platforms as Metadata and Adroll. Community. HubSpot Community. Marketing Nation Community. Sparta vs Athens: Which was the greatest empire? Back in the day, these two famous city-states were bitter rivals for dominance over the Greek Archipelago. Sparta was known for its military and, well, spartan culture with its fierce warriors and advanced fighting strategy. On the other hand, Athens was inherently different.

How to Make Better “No Results” Pages for Your Ecommerce Store


Not only does showing UGC shared on social media or directly uploaded by your existing customers show your site visitors you’re celebrating your brand community, but it also serves as inspiration to help them find a product that might match their needs.

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50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

Harp Interactive

Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. Build community platforms around real communities of shared interest. Start a community group on Facebook or Ning or MySpace or LinkedIn around the space where your customer does business. Consider the value of hiring a community manager. Learn what other free tools might work for community building, like MyBlogLog.

How To Automatically Convert Voice Recording To Text On Computer (Any Language)


Unlike the SRT file for captioning, VTT lets you add frame placement details, caption styling, and metadata information within the frames. Want to automatically convert your voice recording to text on your computer for free?

Facebook Filed for a Trademark on the Word Meta. You Should See the Description.

Bill Hartzer

On October 28, 2021 Facebook filed for a trademark on the word Meta. Of course, that’s not surprising, since Facebook announced that they are changing the company name to Meta. If you go to the website you’ll be redirected to this web page on

Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Here they are in a nutshell: Metadata Flow Content Sectioning Content Heading Content Phrasing Content Embedded Content Interactive Content All of these types of content are in current use, of course, but HTML 5 provides definitions for them and specific protocols for deploying them within the HTML code. About Us What’s a Maverick?

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How to Use YouTube Analytics and Track the Right Metrics


Use these insights to inform your content and community management strategies. If you have an active Community Tab, make sure an admin is available to create posts and respond to comments at this time. YouTube analytics allow you to measure the success of your YouTube marketing efforts.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? A Guide to Getting More Views


Borderline content is defined as content that doesn’t quite violate the platform’s community guidelines , but is harmful or misleading.). Search results are based on factors like: Your video’s metadata (title, description, keywords) and how well those match the user’s query.

10 clever ways to improve your Glassdoor presence using Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Given that 86% of job seekers are likely to research Glassdoor company reviews and ratings before applying, it’s critical for businesses to engage with that community and actively put their best employer brand forward.

Here’s what you need to know about the Google+ shut down

Sprout Social

This will include data from your Circles, Streams and Communities as well as all your +1 data.The process is quite simple. One of the biggest losses could be in terms of connections made through Google+ Communities. These communities might have provided excellent networks to market your products or services. If you own or moderate an engaged community on the platform, make sure you download your community metadata using the instructions given previously.

Toward a New Knowledge Society

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Community. Virtual Communities. content author, publisher, classifier) Distributed metadata â?? metadata models â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? in communities of experts, communities of practice Thatâ??s (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |. Slidecasts. Uploading.

Ecommerce SEO in 2021: Google’s Algorithm Update


The SEO community actively discusses page experience and Core Web Vitals even in the absence of new core updates. This refers to using proper headings, metadata like titles and descriptions, and site structure.

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Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Industries such as marketing now rely heavily on a new field of social data science to make sense of the large quantities of information about their brand community. The obvious next step would be to detect topical relationships to patterns in different types of postings, and perhaps combine such metadata with other patterns from language and sentiment analysis.

8 Fun Things to Try on Instagram You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before

Buffer Social

Alt text is metadata that helps computers recognize what an image is all about. For instance, lists can be used to share and communicate with a group of VIP customers or a special community of users. One of the things we love about social media is how quickly it evolves. Products change fast, new features are added regularly , and before you know it, there are dozens — hundreds maybe — of different ways to express yourself online.

12 kinds of Knowledge Workers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Heres a little something I wrote in reply to High Context editor David Gammels introduction to the group-forming community. "Id KMPings has enabled the formation of a loosely coupled community of KM bloggers. Other interested webloggers could subscribe (via RSS) to such channels and could ping them whenever they write something that relates to the topic at hand that they wish to share with the community of subscribers. Metadata has never been more fun!".

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel: 30 Tactics That Work


Don’t forget about metadata. YouTube’s metadata guidelines emphasize two things when it comes to using keywords: Be honest. Audience Q&As are one of the most effective ways to build a community on YouTube. Be active in the community.

Pinterest for Business: How to Get Started & Be Successful

Sprout Social

Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement. To enable Rich Pins, you need to add some metadata to your site. Second you will use the rich pins validator to make sure your metadata is correct and then apply for rich pins. One strategy is to create and join group boards to build small communities of pinners within Pinterest. Should you be using Pinterest for business?

The Agreement has been revised as of September 3, 2020.

Writtent Blog

The UK Cabinet Office and the Commissioning Academy give the following explanation of commissioning: We “commission” in order to achieve outcomes for our citizens, communities and society as a whole; based on knowing their needs, wants, aspirations and experience.’ To retrieve agreement metadata for Microsoft Cloud Agreement, first create a REST Request to retrieve the AgreementMetaData collection.

How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success


Metadata on Twitter. Twitter Cards enable you to attach media to Tweets that link your content: It’s social’s all-important metadata. Lastly, you’ll want to look for the following metadata on each piece of content you produce to make sure it’s properly attributed to you: Authorship is valid if: meta[@name=''twitter:creator''] tag (@content is a valid twitter handle [0-9A-Za-z_]{1,15}). Jaclyn Freedman is the Community Manager for ClearVoice.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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PLEs are meant to simplify managing these artefacts, creating meaning through aggregation, linking and metadata tagging (eg comments, keywords). Hence, they prefer the more limited view of PLEs as a configurable extension to a VLE, especially when they continue to see themselves as the monopoly technology service providers for their learning community (eg online enrolment, email addresses). But a PLE could host a searchable index to metadata about offline resources.

The FASTForward Blog " Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? : Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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Community. metadata. John Marshall, VP Global Product Development for McGraw-Hill/ Platts, will discuss how his organization was able to significantly increase revenue from its online industry community by boosting the number of subscribers â?? Future of Communities. Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? by Bill Ives. May 2, 2007 at 2:45 pm. · · Filed under Enterprise 2.0.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

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Create communities - The World Bank uses electronic bulletin boards focussed around relevant topics, but which cut across organizational boundaries; 7. community. metadata. about. contact. subscribe. advertise. privacy. photos. Categories. Announcements (26). Blogs (28). Business (22). Collaboration (16). Content Management (2). Intellectual Property (4). Knowledge Management (35). Memes (10). PayPerPost (1). Technology (28). Time Management (3). Writing (2). Archives.

Knowledge Mobilization and Knowledge Translation

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Knowledge mobilization is closely related to a concept that is gaining currency in the medical education community, knowldge translation. Consider how the Canadian Institutes of Health Research talk about knowledge translation : "Knowledge Translation, Commercialization and Industry Collaboration are all aimed at engaging stakeholder communities in the funding and translation of research for effective and innovative changes in health policy, practice or products."

Toward An Integrated Model of Information Seeking and Searching

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What happens when this propensity encounters the complex structures of libraries, classifications, metadata, and so on? To put it in simplistic, but not seriously distorting terms, they equate the first model with a classically scientific approach, the second with a cognitivist approach in which the individual experiencing person is the focus of attention, and the third with the socially and linguistically negotiated production of knowledge and discourse communities.

The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


In the context of social media, archiving means creating an archive of your organization’s social media posts, messages, and associated metadata. Community manager. Crowdsourcing involves tapping into your online community for new ideas, suggestions, information, or content.

195: How to Crush Content Planning and Promotion with One Powerful Tool


We’ve got the metadata and then you just go straight to scheduling the social messages for it as well which is really great in terms of workflow. You’re very active in our ProBlogger community Facebook group. Using CoSchedule as a Blogging Tool.

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