Brand Humanization: Transparency vs Authenticity

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” To understand this, let's first dig into the definition of authenticity and transparency. Authenticity. authentic — adj. not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique. Authenticity does not require same level of transparency with every relationship.

Personal Branding: Authenticity vs Transparency – Do You Know the Difference?

Pam Moore

” To understand this, let's first dig into the definition of authenticity and transparency. Authenticity. authentic — adj. not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique. Authenticity does not require same level of transparency with every relationship.

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Snapchat – Proof That Simplicity & Authenticity Wins


Because of its “in the moment” nature, Snapchat began as a more personal and authentic alternative to Instagram and all its filters. And somehow, the further development of Lenses has been successfully implemented and hasn’t damaged the spontaneous “here and now”, authentic feel – it has combined filters with real-time. Creating cool snaps on a regular basis requires a lot of resources for brands and the high expectation for authenticity can be hard to meet.

Personal Branding 101: Power Up Your Business with the Authentic YOU FACTOR

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It's how you respond to their Facebook Messenger private messages on your Facebook business page, Instagram or blog comments, tweets, posts on your Facebook page… or ignore them. Do you need a personal brand as a working professional or business owner?

Eight Tools to Grow on Instagram During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Are you using efficient Instagram tools to boost your sales? Here’s why you need various tools to support your Instagram marketing efforts, along with guidance to help you determine which tools are likely to work best for you. Why Instagram? Guest post by Tom Siani.

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How to Make Money on Instagram


But the good news is there are still plenty of ways to make money on Instagram. Whether you’re a brand or content creator, there are plenty of ways to make money on Instagram. If you’re a regular on Instagram, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts popping up in your feed.

Social Media Authenticity Lessons From Nicki Minaj

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HSN : Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest , YouTube , Like2Buy. That will keep you grounded in authenticity and help you evolve without losing what makes you unique. It’s All About Her. With 1,600 brands, 1.2 million registered players, 1.1

Round Up of All of Instagram’s Newest Features and Features to Be on The Lookout For

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Instagram is constantly keeping all of us on our toes with new features to the platform, changes to their algorithm, and so much more. Instagram Hides “Like” Counts in Leaked Design Prototype. Instagram’s Test to New Communal Video Viewing Option.

What is the Best Instagram Caption Length in 2020?


This year Instagram captions are taking center stage on the platform. . are sharing their behind-the-scenes and company values in lengthy Instagram captions. . But just how much are Instagram captions growing? Why Instagram Captions Matter . View this post on Instagram.

How to Create Authentic Instagram Content

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People go to Instagram to be inspired by others, including brands, that they care about. As marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of pushing your brand’s message with the same content that you’re using for other marketing channels, but that doesn’t always work on Instagram.

Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020


Wondering what the big Instagram marketing trends of 2020 will be? It’s a new decade, and Instagram is no longer just a social platform, but also an economic engine for small and big brands alike. View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram for Business

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Let’s focus on using Instagram for business. Your business may currently be on Instagram, but we have a few tips for how to maximize your efforts. Utilize Instagram Stories. Instagram Marketing Instagram Instagram for Business instagram marketing

LeBron James’s 54 Million Instagram Followers Get A ‘Master Class’ In Authentic Leadership

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LeBron James controls his social media posts--a key lesson for leaders in any field

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How to Get Verified on Instagram

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Getting verified on Instagram and across social media is one of the ultimate signs that your channel has ‘made it’. Requirements for Instagram Verification. Instagram said they are opening the ability for global public figures, celebrities, brands and entities to apply for verification.

How to Get Verified on Instagram


If you’ve ever wondered how to get verified on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place! There’s always been a great deal of mystery surrounding Instagram’s verification process… Does the number of followers you have matter?

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Real or Fake: 5 Instagram Rumors Explained


When it comes to the Instagram algorithm, everyone seems to have a theory about how it works. Lately, there’s been a steady increase in Instagram rumors spreading around the platform, with brands and influencers posting both warnings and pleas for engagement.

Drive authentic connection at scale with a sophisticated listening solution

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Advanced Listening also brings new channels into the fold with data from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, Tumblr, Blogs, Forums and more to make sure you can get a complete view of the social conversation around your desired topic. This post Drive authentic connection at scale with a sophisticated listening solution originally appeared on Sprout Social. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Instagram Gets Reel(s) About Going After TikTok

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Instagram Reels is ready to one-up you. Sharing photos, plus liking and commenting on friends’ photos, was just about all you could do on Instagram in the early days. A prime example of this was Instagram’s Stories feature , which it took straight from Snapchat. Instagram

Here’s Why Brands Are Taking Over Your Instagram Comments


Have you spotted Instagram comments from huge brands or celebrities popping up in your feed as you scroll through the latest posts? . It used to be that brands wanted to receive Instagram comments from followers to grow their account. Instagram comments are going through a big change.

Brands Rocking Instagram


Instagram has gained a large popularity during the past years – more than 100 million people have signed up and the platform has even outscored Twitter in number of active, daily users. With more than 850,000 followers, Redbull has been quite successful on Instagram.

Where is the Instagram Aesthetic Headed in 2020?


Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly evolving — but what does 2020 hold for your feed? . From the “no-edit edit” to homemade memes and the obsession with carousel posts, your Instagram feed is about to become more creative than ever. . View this post on Instagram.

9 Popular Instagram Trends of 2019 (So Far)


Summer has finally hit, and while most brands are taking a vacay, now’s the time to level-up your Instagram strategy and jump on some of the hottest Instagram trends in 2019! View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram.

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How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing on Instagram


Thinking about jumping into affiliate marketing on Instagram? With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, partnering with influencer affiliates could help you reach a huge and highly profitable audience. How to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Program on Instagram.

How to Protect Your Instagram Account from Being Hacked


In the wake of an apparent “hacking spree” on Instagram, a lot of people are wondering how to protect their Instagram accounts from being hacked. So what can you do to protect your Instagram account? First Things First: What to Do if Your Instagram Account Was Hacked.

Get to swipin’! How Brands Can Story Tell Through Instagram Photo Albums

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WHAT ARE INSTAGRAM PHOTO ALBUMS? Instagram is giving us yet another way to story tell, sharing a more complete picture of our experiences. A few months ago, IG launched Instagram Stories, a platform for more authentic sharing in real-time.

Breaking Down Instagram Stories Creative Tools

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Over the last few months, Instagram rolled out a slew of new features and updates for Stories, its rapidly growing, ephemeral content sharing section of the app. And if you’ve already got the latest updates down pat, skip ahead for tips on how to create great Instagram Stories ).

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing


If you’ve ever considered using Instagram influencer marketing for your business, now is the time to start! Adding Instagram influencer marketing into your overall strategy for Instagram can help to increase your brand awareness, grow your follower base, and drive major sales!

How to Use Instagram Branded Content Tools for Your Business


Instagram branded content tools may seem like a feature only mega-brands use, but trust us, it can be a real asset to your strategy, regardless of your following! . Ready to find out how to set up Instagram branded content tools for your business? View this post on Instagram.

8 Instagram Analytics Tools to Help You Grow in 2019


Looking for an Instagram analytics tool to help you grow your account in 2019? One of our biggest Instagram predictions for 2019 is that businesses will be investing a lot more time and energy into tracking their Instagram analytics and optimizing posts based on their learnings from the data.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Good Instagram Captions


Writing good Instagram captions can be really hard. Should your Instagram captions be funny? To help you get started and create Instagram captions that are as great as your photos, we’ve put together this guide with all our top tips: Why Are Good Instagram Captions So Important?

How to Increase Instagram Followers in 30 Days


Knowing how to increase Instagram followers (without any shady tactics!) Thankfully, the key to increasing your Instagram followers is easier than you think! . The Instagram Challenge: Growing Followers Isn’t as Easy as It Used to Be. View this post on Instagram.

7 Tips To Make Instagram’s Algorithm Work For You


In my previous blog , I explained how the Instagram algorithm works in 2019 (courtesy Hootsuite ). Here are 7 tips to make the Instagram algorithm work in your favor! Video consumption on Instagram increased 80% year over year from 2018). Instagram likes videos! Use Instagram Insights. So build those relationships up authentically. Instagram has said again and again that the only way to lift your content’s feed ranking is to produce great content!

7 Ways Brands Can Use the Instagram Close Friends List


If you’re looking for a way to drive more interest in your campaigns, product launches, live broadcasts, and more, you definitely want to check out the Instagram close friends list ! 1: Create an Instagram Close Friends List for Influencers & Collaborators.

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10 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook Live Video Streaming

Pam Moore

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat What You Need to Know. Related Stories Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know 10 Time Hacks to Design Your Dream Life and Business Time to Rethink Your Blog Strategy?

12 Myths Holding You Back From Instagram


Could Instagram myths be holding you back from growing your business? From Instagram’s shadowban, to your posts only being shown to 7% of your audience, we’ve heard lots of rumors about how Instagram works. So here’s the truth about 12 BIG Instagram myths — so you can start growing your brand on Instagram with confidence: Instagram Myth #1: Instagram is Shadowbanning Business Profiles. View this post on Instagram.

10 Brands Killing it with User-Generated Content on Instagram


Sharing user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective ways to build brand love and strengthen your online community on Instagram. Get inspired by these 10 brands taking user-generated content to the next level on Instagram: UGC Brand Inspo #1: Set a Challenge like @over.

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10 Ways Brands are Using Instagram Highlights


Instagram highlights are less than a year old, but they’ve already made a huge impact for businesses! In the following post, we look at how 10 brands are using Instagram highlights for business: #1: Showcase Your Products in Instagram Highlights Like @article.

13 Experts Share Their Instagram Predictions for 2019


Wondering what Instagram is going to look like next? Get a glimpse of what’s to come with these 2019 Instagram predictions from influencers, experts, and the strategists behind some of your favorite Insta-brands. A screenshot from Facebook’s Instagram Account analytics beta.

Instagram is Hiding Likes: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Have your likes disappeared on Instagram? Instagram has officially hidden likes from users in Canada, and we have all the info you need about this major change to the platform. ” But can you still see how many likes you get on your own Instagram posts? .

How to Publish Instagram Stories From the Desktop

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Want to schedule Instagram Stories from the desktop using a third-party tool? More and more people and brands are using Instagram Stories every day. In fact, there are now over 500M active daily users for Instagram Stories. Why Schedule Instagram Stories? Instagram

20 Most followed brands on Instagram


Which are the most followed brands on Instagram and how did they get there? Luckily, we have an Instagram analytics tool that tracks, among other things, which brands have the most followers. Instagram has proven to be a great platform for brands to market their products.

11 Instagram Strategies & Industry Secrets You’ll Learn at LaterCon 


While we’re busy working behind-the-scenes to get ready for the big day, all you have to do is tune in to our digital conference on September 12th to learn the best Instagram tips, strategies and industry secrets out there! . Instagram advice here! View this post on Instagram.

How to Develop an Authentic eCommerce Brand to Drive Holiday Sales


The holidays are the most important time of year for your eCommerce business—and authenticity is on the top of every consumer’s mind right now. If you want to make an impact this holiday season—and earn the sales to match—develop your authentic eCommerce brand now.