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How Rhett & Link Manage Co-Founder Disagreements Without Sacrificing Friendship

Forbes Social Media

Best friends since grade school, the two former engineers began posting comedy shows on YouTube in 2006. Today Rhett & Link's Burbank, California entertainment company, Mythical, employs more than 100 people who create YouTube series.

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Rhett & Link Sell Pioneering YouTube Brand Smosh Back To Original Co-Founders

Forbes Social Media

Smosh co-founders Ian Hecox and Anthony bought back the YouTube comedy collective they founded in 2006—which has garnered more than 10 billion views—for an undisclosed amount after selling it for less than $10 million four years ago.

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Is blogging still relevant in 2019?

Sherrilynne Starkie

The blog post below was first published on July 12, 2006, about six months into my blogging journey. Yes, in 2006 blogging did work. For the first time in nine years, a greater proportion of Fortune 500 companies use blogs compared to that of Inc. 500 companies, according to new research from Umass Dartmouth. . Does blogging work?

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A Brief History of Social Media [Infographic]


In 2006, Twitter joined the social media sphere with an interesting niche: you could only publish micro posts of 140 characters or fewer. In 2005, the platform was rolled out to university students across the country, looking much different than it does today.

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Create Shorter Content For More Effective Marketing


Twitter launched in 2006 and the short form text content platform quickly gained popularity among businesses, the media, government, and artists. Short form video exploded first with apps like Vine (6 second videos) and later Instagram and TikTok. Shorter, shorter, shorter!

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The History of Social Media in 33 Key Moments


LinkedIn “in the Black” (2006) In sharp contrast to other networks, LinkedIn was the first to offer users paid premium packages. Ahead of its acquisition by Google in the fall of 2006, the site grew to 100 million videos watched by 20 million dedicated users. and really set the tone for future tweets. My, how times have(n’t) changed!)

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Bloggers Flash Back to 2006 and Flash Forward to 2009

Diva Marketing Blog

Several 2006 wishes came true. I hope you enjoy the 2006 - 2009 comparisons. Elana Centor , Funny Business 2006 If I am going to be completely honest and self-absorbed, the thing that I would like it see more of in 2006 is more traffic at Funny Business. Yvonne DiVita , Lip-sticking 2006 MORE Smart Women Bloggers.

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