How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The new layout, rolled out to all Pages on March 10, 2011, gives over a full two-thirds of Page real estate to the Page owner: The Perfect Fan Page Leverages ALL the Available Opportunities. How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ].

Startups To Watch in 2011


Here are some examples of recent startups that stayed in touch with the average user to create exceptionally usable products: Easy Photo Sharing with Startups rapportive Startups To Watch in 2011 storific supermarmite this or that

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Clever QR Code Example: The World Park


Today’s YouTube Tuesday video shows a clever use of QR codes. The World Park campaign turned New York City’s Central Park into an interactive board game. You have to see it for yourself. Video URL: [link] ].

17 Examples of Blog Archives

Ari Herzog

Thanks. -- Thanks for reading 17 Examples of Blog Archives by Ari Herzog. If you never visited my blog archive , a screen shot is below: Blog archives come in many styles.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

In January of 2011, I said that I’d make our Internet Marketing Posts of 2011 subscriber only. This year, I am pleased to bring back our Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011 thanks to an excellent sponsor, HubSpot. New Edition of the Ranking Factors for 2011 is Now Live !:

Eleven Digital Trends to Watch In 2011


Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011. Lots of orgs are, for example, talking to WordPress or other blog platforms about developing their blogs and talking to mobile app developers about their apps. We’ll all need to figure out better ways to deal with this problem in 2011.

Top 11 Social Media Marketing Blog Posts of 2011


Here are the top 11 social media marketing posts on the Firebelly blog in 2011 based on number of views. Clever QR Code Example: The World Park. Facebook For Business Tip #1: Pages not Profiles. Social Search: Tempur-Pedic “Ask Me” Commercial.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. Is a Blog Still Important in 2011?

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

Find the answers to these questions and many more here in more than 30 of the best articles and blog posts on Facebook marketing of 2011. How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition by techipedia.

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Deconstructing Your Social Business Plan For 2011

This requires a complete assessment of what's available now, what's coming in the future and what types of platforms can be used to manage others (social CMS) for example. For a real world example of how all three come together, consider Dell's social media command center.

11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Here are 11 concrete ways I think the environment in which B2B Marketers operate will evolve in 2011. He’s got tons of examples of firms that capitalized or failed to capitalize on Real Time issues (United Breaks Guitars!)

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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, 2011 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Review and Interview – Freelance writers, journalists, and bloggers need to show editors and prospect clients examples of their work.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list. One example, the word: Aware.

My 3 Words for 2011

Justin Levy

Over the past week I have been working on my goals for 2011. to pay off a debt during 2011, I must make a specific payment each month) and then what the next action is to achieve that goal (e.g. Here are my 3 words for 2011: Consistency, Growth, and Create. For example, I’ll blog daily for 3 weeks and then not publish another post for 4 weeks after that. Growth – Growing will be a major part of 2011. Those are my 3 words for 2011.

Mix of Social Media Trends 2011

Digital Influence Mapping Project Home About John Speaking & Events Papers Contact Archives Links Useful Tools December 28, 2010 My Mix of Social Media Trends 2011 It's trendy to write a "trends" post at the end of the year. I see many indicators that that will change in 2011.

Top 10 Public Relations Blunders of 2011

Bill Hartzer

So, here is this year’s list, the top ten public relations blunders of 2011. PRNewser called the actions of his communication staff “an example of how little some people know about how this whole social media thing works.”. I always look forward to the end of the year.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

40 Examples Of Creatively Designed Twitter Backgrounds by Tripwire Magazine. The 11 Twitter Tools and Apps I Use Every Day in 2011 by Business2Community.

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How to Spice up Your Social Media Strategy in 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, you might have launched a Twitter account hoping it would drive tons of customers to your e-commerce site quickly. It might happen after solving a customer’s problem because of a social network complaint, for example. This is a guest post by Jennifer Mattern.

Did you write any social media policies or guidelines in 2011?


They need examples of orgs who have: Created a privacy policy, especially for an organization that needs to be HIPAA compliant. Idealware is working on creating a Social Media Policy Workbook to be released in April at NTEN’s 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference. To support the Workbook content (and to highlight in an upcoming NTEN:Change article) they are hoping to profile a number of different organizations who are dealing with tough social media policy issues.

Two Examples of What NOT to Do When Asking Influential Bloggers For a Link


First example. In October 2011 a post has been published about an awkward email in which the owner of a famous blog was asked to insert a link to an existing post on his blog using the precise keywords (already in place in text) as the anchor text. Second example.

Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Charlie White shares an infographic loaded with facts and statistics about LinkedIn use, for example: 61% of curvey respondents said that LinkedIn was their primary social networking site used for professional networking (versus 22% who said Facebook and 4% Twitter).

Global Social Media Adoption In 2011 [White Paper]


Tweet In January 2012, a report called ‘Global Social Media Adoption In 2011’ was published by Forrester. This report uses Forrester’s Social Technographics groupings to show how people around the world use social media.

Why Most Social Media Departments Fail

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It’s 2011. Those who joined the social media party in 2007 are thriving; those who join in 2011 often find themselves at a complete loss.

Once upon a time, I Believed in the Fairytale of Klout


On August 10th 2011 Klout announced on their blog that they now measure influence across 10 networks. ” On September 20th 2011 Klout announced that Google+ now has Klout.

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Best Quora Guides and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

According to, traffic to the site did fall off sharply in February and March of 2011 after an initial surge, but has rebounded to new highs since then (though half a million unique visitors per month isn’t particularly impressive for a social media site).

Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters


Example: Consider two users who Re-tweet my Tweet. Klout did this recently in fact, in November 2011. Klout back dated their Terms Effective as of June 6 2011, when in fact the update occurred in November, 2011. Beware of the Pied Piper on Social Media.

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34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Kelli Shaver shows how to display your Google+ profile information on a WordPress site/blog, add the +1 button, and even use a Google+-inspired WordPress theme, with details about and illustrations of three examples. 13 Cool Examples of Google+ Brand Pages by DreamGrow Social Media.

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Is Klout On The Way Out?


According to Klout for example, I am now defined as an influencer of a person with whom I only communicate via Facebook messages on the Facebook network. This morning, Klout launched a new algorithm, which has affected the scoring of Social Media users “Online Success Scores.”

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24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Top 10 Blog Directories 2011 by SEO Wizardry. Examples of Exceptional Corporate Blogs. Despite any recent recent rants you may have seen about how blogging is dead or blogs are passé , the fact of the matter is that business blogging is now more important than ever.

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Link Love Monthly: Best of February 2011


Beautiful Event Website Design: 10 Inspiring Example s (Event Manager Blog). unassociated 2011 is open for registration! Here’s a monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that we’ve read and shared over the last 30 days.

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QR Codes, Email, and Mobile Marketing: Tools for Small Businesses to Compete Digitally

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, Food Should Taste Good is a small company focused on making healthy snacks that taste good (duh!). For example, restaurants are trading instantly redeemable offers for email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

Google Expanded Sitelinks: Optimize Opening Text in META Description Tag

Adam Sherk

MLB and the Chicago Bulls offer examples of what can get pulled in from pages with no META description tag and not much text content: — Related posts: Publishers: Solve Tracking Code, Duplicate Content Issues with the Canonical URL Tag.

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Why Twylah Is My Favorite Influential Tool


To give you a better understanding, here is an example of how this works for me: Klout has determined that one of my influential topics is Social Media. Twylah is a blog of your own tweets arranged by your most influential topics.

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How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

Janet Fouts

I frequently participate in Twitter chats and moderate some, for example the #TGTaste chats held by @BeaThirstyGirl and I’m participating in a few upcoming chats including #CabernetDay in September.

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, I like to share links on Twitter from say 8am-9am every 10 minutes, then share a link to my post for that day. Here’s an example query to show the broad reach of IceRocket – a vanity search: [link]. Here’s an example.

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How Consistent Branding is Being Challenged in the Digital Age

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, even simple things such as your Twitter background should match your brand colors. Take Eurostar for example who successfully rebranded earlier this year. For example, imagine you were thinking of buying a new car. This is a guest post by Lucy Hunt.

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Email Overload: The Secret to Getting Inbox Zero Every Time

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For example, let’s say someone emails me about a possible project. For example, someone may email and I just happen to be on their list where they are all congratulating each other because their child is finally potty trained.

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39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Kent Lewis packs an incredible amount of useful information into this concise post, which outlines tactics for marketing success, illustrated with real-world examples, for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, SlideShare, Quora and Foursquare.

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Does Google Freshness Update Make Online Reputation Management More Difficult?

Adam Sherk

Unfortunately a recent example that illustrates this concept in action is Joe Paterno and the terrible events that allegedly took place at Penn State. To be clear, Joe Paterno is very serious example and I am not implying that he should have an ORM team helping to clean up his search results.

Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Here a few examples: 77% of the population of the world own a mobile phone. There are far too many ways of utilizing SMS marketing to list, but to give you an example, here are a few examples of potential implementations. For example, by gender, age, purchase history etc.

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