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Twitter Deletes All User Photos And Links From 2011-2014

Forbes Social Media

Twitter appears to have deleted all images from the website that were posted between 2011 and 2014. Links that used Twitter’s native shortening service are also broken.

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47 Books For Your 2011 Reading List

Dave Fleet

Tweet Looking for books to populate your reading list for 2011? I was so pleased with the results that I’m doing the same in 2011. I was so pleased with the results that I’m doing the same in 2011. Here are a few to think about. Once again, I reached out for suggestions – this time to people on Twitter.

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The Corporate Social Media Summit 2011


In June 2011, they will be holding The Corporate Social Media Summit in both New York and San Francisco. The State of Corporate Social Media 2011. The Corporate Social Media Summit 2011. The first one was in June 2010 in New York City and the second one was in London in November 2010.

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What Happens On Social Media In 2011?


Tweet Having reviewed what has happened across the different social media platforms in 2010, the next thought is what is going to happen in 2011? However, I found this very good and simple presentation about 17 social media marketing trends for 2011, which can provide some tips of what to be aware of during this year.

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The 10 Key Mobile Trends for 2011


Juniper Research has released its top ten wireless predictions for 2011, let’s step through and take a look at where they think mobile is going in the coming year. Juniper believes 2011 will see the first cloud-based mobile operating systems launched. Word has it that Google will launch it’s Chrome cloud OS in early 2011.

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Event Trends for 2011


10 Event Trends for 2011. Short and sweet and perfect. Thanks to Julius Solaris for the great slide deck! View more presentations from Julius Solaris. Oooh and this just in: Samuel J Smith and Ruud Jaansen’s deck featuring Untech10 was featured on the SlideShare homepage. Congrats, gang!

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12 things I thought I knew About Social Media in 2011

Direct Marketing Observations

As 2011 winds down, it’s time for me to reflect on the state of my social media world in 2011. Things that I thought I knew about social media in 2011: 1) That I knew what I was talking about. 5) Corporations were ready to be transparent in 2011. 8) That FB would get to 1billion users in 2011.