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Microsoft and LinkedIn: A Primer for Social Marketers

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When I heard the news that Microsoft is set to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 This is the perfect match for both the Microsoft brand and the LinkedIn brand. Together, they’ll be an unstoppable force, and the go-to network for professionals, on and off social. Microsoft and LinkedIn’s Economic Graphs side-by-side from the presentation deck. Microsoft has 1.2+

Romi Mahajan leaves Microsoft to Join Metavana as CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Long time friend and well respected CMO buddy of mine Romi Mahajan is leaving Microsoft to join Metavana. A: After an aggregate of 9 years at Microsoft, being the CMO of a $100M dollar digital agency, and a writer, I wanted to get back to my roots in terms of “building” something that had huge customer promise and could make a dent in reality as we know it. We are an engine!

Are Social Media Companies Overvalued? [Infographic]


Are we experiencing a tech bubble in shares of social media companies? In addition to LinkedIn’s IPO, there have been some other recent developments in the world of social media finance: Microsoft purchased Skype for $8.5 The company is projected to be worth $100 billion by the time it goes public in 2012. billion. billion. billion. times its annual revenue.

Facebook Employees Gain Access to Microsoft Office 365

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Facebook reached a deal with Microsoft under which the social network’s more than 13,000 employees will use elements of web-based workplace productivity suite Office 365. Jay Greene of The Wall Street Journal reported on the pact, saying that Office 365 elements including email and calendar functions will be available to Facebook employees, but workplace social network Yammer and messaging and videoconferencing tool Skype for Business are not included in the pact, as Facebook has its own services in those areas, which are direct competitors.

Workplace (Formerly Facebook at Work) Officially Launches Worldwide

SocialTimes Facebook

Workplace brings traditional Facebook features such as News Feed , groups , messaging , Facebook Live livestreaming, Reactions , search and Trending to company networks that are kept separate from Facebook users’ personal profiles. The social network added in its Newsroom post: The workplace is about more than just communicating between desks within the walls of an office.

Engaging the Right Audience on LinkedIn

Adam Cohen

LinkedIn, one of the established social networks, is making strides in advancing how businesses can leverage the platform to engage followers. Several weeks ago, LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn Follow Button allowing followers to follow a company page on LinkedIn directly from owned assets like web pages and blogs. Customer Engagement LinkedIn Social Media Social Networking

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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the sources below provide a vast wealth of data, statistics and research results, as well as a bit of interesting social media trivia. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Which social media platforms are most effective at influencing buyer behavior? How do the audiences differ across various social networks?

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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This year, colleague Cheryl Burgess and I changed things up a bit, opening the award to nominations but focusing specifically on outstanding men and women who work for technology companies and are active on social media. We’ve also expanded the focus of the #Nifty50 this year to include an element of social good—the #Nifty50 Kids project. Stacey Acevero. sacevero. Zdatny.

How Facebook is Slowly Strangling Twitter

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But here’s why even a Jack Attack might not save the company from eventual MySpace-ization : Facebook is slowly strangling Twitter at every turn. Is Facebook the New Microsoft? This series of mirrored moves is right out of the Microsoft playbook of the 80s and 90s. No coincidence perhaps that Microsoft owns 10% of Facebook. Image via Video.

Twitter Managing Director for China Kathy Chen Out After Eight Months

SocialTimes Twitter

Kathy Chen , who joined the social network in April as managing director for China, became the latest exec to shuffle through the company’s revolving door. 6/12 At this time, our HK office will stay open to maintain our Greater China presence & for business opportunities with Chinese companies. 7/12 Now that the Twitter APAC team is working directly with Chinese advertisers, this is the right time for me to leave the company. Prior to joining Twitter, Chen served as general manager for China at Microsoft. LoveTwitter.

How the New Twitter Moments Change News Discovery

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On Monday, the social networking giant announced its appointment of co-founder, Jack Dorsey, as CEO. With Dorsey now running Twitter on a permanent basis, there has been some discussion about leaving his other company, payments behemoth Square , behind. Microsoft Event. #SeeTheMomentWhen Twitter Got a New CEO. Only time will tell. Devices, devices, DEVICES. Tech blogs.

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Does a Social Score Make a CMO?

Geoff Livingston

A recent infographic published on a Forbes blog ranks the top 20 Fortune 100 CMOs based on social scoring. The graphic poses an interesting question: Should CMOs be judged by their individual social media prowess? Today let’s address the question of CMOs and social media scores. The first group of people to tell you that is the influencer/social media community.

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The End Of The Smartphone

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When Tim Cook (CEO at Apple ) took the stage in the company's first post- Steve Jobs product launch to announce the iPad 2 in 2011, Cook's staggering statistic was that the iPad had already outsold all of the desktop and laptops sold by their competitors in the previous quarter. Beyond patent debates and legacy OEM manufacturers struggling to keep up, Apple and Android have set a furious pace as brands like Amazon , RIM , Microsoft and others continue to evolve from a personal computer business into a smartphone/tablet offering. microsoft. online social network.

Google+ and World Domination

Janet Fouts

If you’re as into social media networks as I am you’d have to have your head in the sand to miss the launch of Google+ , a shiny new social network from Google. Scoble makes the point that a network that isn’t really even in beta yet is a playground for us geeks and early adopters. After all, how many networks can real people manage at one time?

100 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

Koka Sexton

The following table contains the names of over 100 companies and organization that have published their Employee Social Media Policies or Guidelines online… The left side column is the name of the organization, and it is linked to their organizational or corporate home page. Template: Blogging and Social Media Policy. Social Media Handbook for Local Red Cross Units.

This Week in Social Media – 5/29/2013

Social Media Marketing

Each week, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep our wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in the This Week in Social Media Magazine.

The Year Of More

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More social. Social Media and online social networking has changed the very fabric of business and society. Along with the slew of customer service gaffs we've seen businesses go through in the past five years, this has forced brands to become (somewhat) social. While Social Media has aligned within the marketing and communications departments, we're going to see the social impetus be pushed through the entire DNA of a company. That may not happen this year, but you will see that consumers will be even more social in 2012. android.

3 Things About Facebook

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For some, it's easy to write off Facebook as the online social network du jour. While the company has deep challenges ahead of it (like getting a better grip on marketing opportunities and truly creating a more comprehensive mobile strategy), if you're at all interested in marketing and media, do yourself a favor and spend some time reading, watching and thinking about this. The current issue of Fast Company creates a four-dog race for technology and business supremacy. and huge mitigating factor in making purchasing decisions revolves around our social circles.

5 Things You Should Know About the LIFT 2016 Speakers

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We’ve got the “data guys” from two of the biggest social networks : Chris Moody , VP of Data Strategy at Twitter will be having a fireside chat with our co-founder Adam Schoenfeld, and Vishal Shah, Director of Product Management for Monetization at Instagram will deliver our closing keynote. Company News News & Events Social MediaAnd champagne.

Is Google becoming evil?

The Way of the Web

Given the high standards Google set for itself with the aims of indexing the world’s information, and the mantra of ‘Don’t Be Evil’, it’s likely we hold it to higher standards than most companies. Individuals can no longer have a basic sharing and following network within Google Reader. That’s entirely lost now. WTF Google?

The Problem with the Social Web

Direct Marketing Observations

Sure we might get a recommendation or suggestion from someone, or we might be motivated by some type of incentive-but ultimately, you make the choice to choose… Two years ago my friend Jason Breed and I created Hashtag Socialmedia - a tweetchat that revolved around talking about the business of social media. Right now we are stuck in the Me too phase of social. Maybe.

List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition

Webbiquity SMM

Jeremiah Owyang recently published a fantastic List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 (Buyer/Brand Side) , an impressive compilation of individuals either holding the title or performing the role of corporate social strategist, defined by Jeremiah as “the business decision maker for social media programs – who provides leadership, roadmap definition, and governance; and directly influences the spending on technology vendors and service agencies.&#. List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011. Here you go. Serious disconnect there.). link]. Digg this!

Apple Should Not Buy Twitter

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But a company that hasn’t made a cent in their entire six years? But now there is speculation Apple could buy the social networking giant with some of their cash reserves (it’s also said they have so much money, they could buy Facebook and Research In Motion ). . But Apple is a computer company. So why would they try to be a social network, too?

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A great opportunity for Nokia that no one has mentioned…

The Way of the Web

The news is full of reports on the abysmal second quarter results posted by Nokia today, which saw such a massive drop for the company that it has been surpassed by Apple in smartphone sales for the first time (16.7 But I think I may have spotted a big opportunity for a core of growth for Nokia, and it’s all based around Windows Phone 7 and their relationship with Microsoft.

Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For

Buffer Social

What does the future look like for social media? As part of our State of Social Media week, it feels like a great time to sit back and reflect on the social media landscape and what may be ahead. 2016 has been a period of consolidation for many of the biggest social media platforms out there. What’s coming next for the biggest social media platforms?

4 Reasons to Use Social Enterprise Networks for Business


Most people wrongly assume social enterprise networks are simply Facebook for business. If that were the case, Microsoft wouldn’t have dropped $1.2 This month, I surveyed end users to find out how they draw value from going social. Social enterprise platforms use shortcuts that make relevant conversations easier to find (using the #keyword, for example).

Implement a Social Media Policy: Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors


Every day, you are faced with multiple considerations concerning your organization’s social media strategy. In order to ensure effective stakeholder communication and avoid any unfortunate situations, it is a good idea to create a social media policy for your employees. What is a social media policy? How does a social media policy benefit your company?

Four Billion Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

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This is the highest amount a web company has ever seen. Microsoft with 905 million (15 percent increase). Microsoft with 204B minutes spent (13.6 With 714 million unique visitors spending more than four billion hours on the social networking site in just one month, this screams build your company here. Last month marked big news in the Internet world.

The role of social media in managing projects for brands

B rands believe social channels are only to create engagement. In this article, I’ll discuss how social media can assist brands in managing projects. Some studies have found social media is not as effective in garnering B2B leads as are time-tested lead-gen methods like business events, trade summits, and telemarketing. How can social media be of help in this? Source.

Facebook’s IPO: 5 Must-Reads


But Facebook has many of the traits that made Apple, Microsoft, and Google great in the long run. By Tim Worstall It might sound a little strange claiming that a company which has just launched a huge IPO has in some way failed. Everything from mobile to ecommerce to pure research and development are ripe for investment, but the company can’t do everything at once. Bright.

Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn't Matter

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

First, I’m going to say kudos to Apple for trying involve themselves in the world of social media. If it was a Comcast product, you’d get a near immediate response from Frank Eliason , the company’s Director of Digital Care. Social media is exactly that: “social.&# It can instill faith that your customers have in your company. Empower them.

The Rise and Rise of Apple Inc


Fast forward to the 1984 Super bowl and a Ridley Scott directed commercial for the company. The PR spread like wildfire, and it established a motif that would run through Apple’s marketing through to their present day battles with Microsoft. The late 80s and early 90s saw the company take on new investors and a board of directors. A company for the New Millennium.

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What Leading Candidates Need To Land A Top Social Media Job In 2016


Social media is occupying a growing place of importance in brand strategies, with 63% of CMOs saying it will soon be the most important way of reaching customers. As a result, CMOs are looking to increase social media spending to 21.4% Therefore, a social media job is an exciting career option and looks set to remain one for some time. Think Bigger Than Social.

7 Popular Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Great Things on Social Media

Buffer Social

Setting social media goals is hard. ” This is how I tend to go about setting social media goals. Coming up with social media goals for our marketing team here at Buffer has often been a bit haphazard for me. And feel free to share any thoughts on the way that you’ve gone about setting strategies for your social media marketing. Absolutely! S.M.A.R.T. Hairy.

Protecting Your Online Privacy: How to Keep Your Online Activity Private from Pirates, Hackers and Marketers

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The recent proliferation of social media networks has increased awareness of online privacy issues. Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system and is therefore the biggest target for criminal activity. Microsoft claims that the computers with Windows XP are four times more likely to be infected with malware than computers with Windows 7. Social Networks.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #55

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My friends: Alistair Croll ( BitCurrent , Year One Labs , GigaOM , Human 2.0 , the author of Complete Web Monitoring and Managing Bandwidth: Deploying QOS in Enterprise Networks), Hugh McGuire ( The Book Oven , LibriVox , iambik , PressBooks , Media Hacks ) and I decided that every week or so the three of us are going to share one link for one another (for a total of six links) that each individual feels the other person "must see" Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: Effeminate Lumberjacks and Stuffed Turtles - The Good Men Project. microsoft.

Seven Ways to Change the Perception of PR

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The communications industry is guilty of deception – even murderous deception, if you believe the following books: Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans. Don’t create fake social media grassroots support for your product (a practice called astroturfing ). You get the picture. So what can you do about it?

Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

Social networks Automotive United States David Bausola Ford Ford Drives U Social networks Automotive United States David Bausola Ford Scott Monty Organization & staffing Automotive United States Peter Kim Ford Twitter account Microblogging / Microsharing Automotive United States social brand index- twitter Ford FordDriveOne Microblogging / Microsharing Automotive United States Social Brand Index- Twitter Ford Where are the Joneses? adenin Facebook Page Social networks High Tech United States Meryl K.

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Gin and Topics: Boobs and Wind-Blown Ducks

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Small Business Social Media Study. It shows that, even though 88 percent of small business owners understand social media can affect the growth of their companies, and even have a social presence, 67 percent won’t invest in it in 2012. Microsoft Socl. Microsoft is “quietly” creating a social network to compete with Google+ and Facebook.

How Tools Measure Your Internet Life

Ari Herzog

Thanks to your participation in the comments, your choosing to link here from blogs and social networking channels, and web standard compliance in numerous areas, this site is ranked in the top 1% of those 1.2 There are many tools that analyze your internet life, some focusing on brands and companies and others specific for individuals. Look at a Heardable report extract.

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