Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress


It was first released in May 2003 by its co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as the successor to b2/cafelog. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « You can’t fight the power of video. It’s bigger than all of us. Main | Stop tweeting about the # of followers you have » October 23, 2009 Five Reasons Why I Love Wordpress WordPress was originally made as a blog publishing application but has now evolved into a huge content management system (CMS).

The State Of Business, Brands And Marketing With Tom Peters

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My level of respect for his thinking about business, marketing, and branding grows with every tweet, blog post, article and book that he writes. The Project50 (thanks for turning me on to this, Andy Nulman ) and The Brand You50 are the ones that have sent me deep down the rabbit hole of business non-fiction books. In 2003, I devoured Re-Imagine! brand. facebook. the brand called you. the brand you 50.

B2B Marketing needs a stronger Why

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Which reminds me of what Eric Schmidt recently said – that every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time up to 2003. You can go on and on about other brands (Southwest Airlines comes to mind) that have a strong mission or a strong why.

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Media's Massive Problems With Jay Rosen - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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He is the author of PressThink , a blog about journalism's ordeals in the age of the web, which he launched in 2003. brand. branding. Facebook. Episode #544 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. It's not just fake news. The entire media business is in a tailspin now. The last United States Presidential Election called into question what, exactly, is going on with journalism? Facts vs. opinions.

Content Marketing 2018 - The Next Chapter

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Here was my prediction: "I believe 2018 will be the year where brands publish more and more content natively on external platforms. I have been seeing this trend of 'hub + hub' versus 'hub + spoke' for some time, but it's becoming more and more apparent that brands will be publishing less and less content on their own platforms (or using their platforms more like archives)." . brand. facebook. What is the future of the content marketing industry?

The Life Cycle of a Social Network

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Later, several other websites such as and Friendster contributed to the development of social networking to help reach our present day scenario, where we see the domination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Launched in 2003, MySpace concentrated on the music niche.

The Shame of Content Marketing And Social Media

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Some brands (and individuals) have done quite well leveraging content and social media channels in a direct response fashion. If a brand (or individual) decides that social selling is for them, and - in turn - they are able to find a customer base (which may not be the same thing as an audience), it's not for us to judge (so long as the product or services does what it claims to do and that the customers are happy with their purchase). brand. facebook. facebook feed.

How to Create a Thriving B2B Advocacy Community

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jtroyer Tweet This Giving Back to Your Top Influencers Back in 2003, VMware ‘s online community was centered around a forum. This one page aggregates all of the data from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, the community forums, and any other place online where VMware chatter might be going on.

The Promise And Future Of Technology With Kevin Kelly - This Week's Six Pixels Podcast

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He is also founding editor of the Cool Tools website, which has been reviewing tools daily since 2003. brand. facebook. Episode #526 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. I could not be more excited. When anyone uses the term "Futurist," there is only one name that comes to mind: Kevin Kelly.

Where Is Content Marketing Headed In 2017?

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Instead of brands trying to drive eyeballs back to their owned sites, blogs, newsrooms, articles, etc. they are going to focus much more on creating and engaging with content wherever their consumers are (this, is mostly, places like Facebook , LinkedIn , Medium , etc.). I believe that a strong, intelligent and well-pursued content distribution strategy will become more important than the content marketing strategy for many brands. brand. facebook.

How Did We Do In Content Marketing For 2017?

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Instead of brands trying to drive eyeballs back to their owned sites, blogs, newsrooms, articles, etc. they are going to focus much more on creating and engaging with content wherever their consumers are (this, is mostly, places like Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Medium , etc.). I believe that a strong, intelligent and well-pursued content distribution strategy will become more important than the content marketing strategy for many brands. brand. facebook.

12 Years

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September 29th, 2003. Even Facebook's Notes seems to make more sense than holding down the fort that is Six Pixels of Separation. These people are not just blogging their thoughts, but then promoting them across Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and beyond. We now see a ton of articles that explain the merits of brands that actually help consumers. brand. facebook. facebook notes. That's when I wrote my first blog post. 5000 posts later.

The Hot Mess Dumpster Fire That Is Corporate Content

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How many brands are creating content that you just can't wait for? . Are there any brands on your list? My blog, Six Pixels of Separation , started back in 2003. Think about it: Facebook is closing in on two billion users. In short, any brand can create content (in short and/or long form) and have that content distributed (in text, images, audio and video) for free (well, almost free) to the entire planet. Still, how many of these brands have "must see" content.

The Changing State Of Blogs

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In the early days of blogging (I started Six Pixels of Separation in 2003), I defined blogs as a personal publishing platform that enabled anyone to write something, hit the publish button, and instantly have it distributed to the world for free (and fast). brand. facebook. facebook notes. Are blogs dead? Why is this question being debated so much lately? Earlier today, Social Media Examiner 's Michael Stelzner invited Mark W.

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Noodling Towards Greatness

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That it pushes you to appreciate the brand(s) that you are developing. It just sits there on Facebook , on Twitter and/or LinkedIn. Two, Ernie Ball is really thinking about how to use content marketing (across multiple media) to build their brand. brand. brand ambassador.

My 3 Words For 2017

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When I started out in that business (over a decade ago), I was known as the "personal brand" speaker. Plus, if a brand calls my bureau and asks for a speaker who can talk about "what's next in business and consumer behavior," I'm often not thought of, because these agents are still thinking "personal branding", "social media", etc. The monetization has created giant new media companies (take a look at Facebook , Google , Snapchat , etc.). brand. facebook.

The Chasm Between Knowing And Doing

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You''re probably waiting for me to respond to an email, a tweet, a Facebook post, a blog comment. I find it hard to believe that I have written close to 4000 blog posts since I first started Six Pixels of Separation back in 2003. Since Twist Image got acquired by WPP , the interest in brands wanting to work with us has picked up. The opportunities to work on some super-interesting brands has put me back in a much more operational role (which I really do love). brand.

Upgrade Your Social Strategies By Understanding Network Theory

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You might already be familiar with the book by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Linked: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else (2003). In social media, they would include our Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc. Building a network of people around your brand or idea is a way to build loyalty and trust. However, there needs to be a balance between quantitative goals and qualitative strategies that contribute to overall brand growth.

Watching Me Blog

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I started blogging in September 2003, and since then I have written almost three thousand posts. I do not mention brands. As often as possible, I try not to call out brands - especially ones that have screwed up. After the post: Once it's posted and live, I tend to let people on Twitter and Facebook know by asking a question. brand. facebook. Blogs are one of the most valuable marketing tools ever created. I believe that. I don't just say it.

And In The End.

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I love working with brands and thinking about brands and tinkering with what they can do to connect (more honestly and powerfully) with their consumers. How many people do you know who started a Blog, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn community or many other things that they simply dropped or got bored with? brand. facebook. Do you have a morbid fascination with the end?

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The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 [SSM069]

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What if I told you that LinkedIn, a social media platform that is now 14 years old, is the next big opportunity for marketers and brands? A quick look at LinkedIn’s journey to 500 million members: 2003 (0 members): Launch. Personal branding.

A Pinteresting Story

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That Facebook IPO. With rumors swirling of Facebook 's pending IPO (and the billions at play that go along with it), it does seem like the most opportune time for the online social networking behemoth to go public. In fact, if Facebook's growth and interest continues to propagate, we can expect that more and more platforms will simply offer social networking solutions that can live and play alongside and within Facebook (much like Twitter does). facebook.

15 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Initiative

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LinkedIn has enjoyed explosive growth since its debut in 2003. Remember, you’re not on Facebook, Google+, or MySpace here – this is a social network for business professionals. Also, the groups on Linkedin are not like your average Facebook group.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #202

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"Back in 2003? And it was my first true experience really using Wikipedia , which, despite its flaws, was an amazing tool for an independent researcher, writer, even back in 2003. Well, it turns out that this is a very strategic move for these types of brands. Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you play. facebook.

[Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped


His vision of Solar Impulse came to life, and in 2003 the project came to life here in Switzerland. The project dates back to 2003, before social media really kicked off, how much advanced planning was done in the social media strategy?

How to add Social Networking Buttons to Your Email Signature in.

Saying It Social

Comment by john | May 27, 2010 | Reply It is the 2003 version, is this doable? We help your business to increase brand awareness, build relationships with and establish trust within your target market, be seen as an industry expert, provide exceptional customer service, increase customer retention, and increase search engine ranking all with the ongoing goal of generating more quality leads.

Social Success Comes from Individuality

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Some of them were talking about creating a wonderful individualized experience for customers, while others emphasized tailoring a social experience based on the individual strengths of the brand. Not surprising for our regular Social Pros readers, the advice varies depending on the brand.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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In fact, some companies thought we were a bit crazed to encourage brands to embrace concepts like transparency, authenticity, honesty and the most radical of all … customer-to-brand, peer-to-peer conversations in public forums. We came, we saw, we kicked its ass. Ghostbusters.

Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

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With The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More , authors Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot and Jeffrey L.

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The Rise of the Do-Leaders

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I intended on throwing an image up on my Facebook wall with a quote and an hour later I realized it had turned into a full manifesto/rant and I hit publish. Your campaign from 2003 isn’t valid anymore. Build your personal brand based on results.

An Interview with Founder of

Idaconcpts is an online store that I launched in 2003 out of a 1 bedroom apartment. A spammer who had access to a number of emails used our brand to send out a fake email order confirmation. I think we had only 1 or 2 Facebook posts that time and no Twitter activity.

[Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped


His vision of Solar Impulse came to life, and in 2003 the project came to life here in Switzerland. The project dates back to 2003, before social media really kicked off, how much advanced planning was done in the social media strategy?

Why You Need to Care About Tomorrow

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Let’s start with everyone’s favorites: Facebook! 2003 brought along with it a heightened prevalence of Wi-Fi in hotels and airports, two places where getting online was formerly a tad trickier. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing.

The Internet Could Be Closed For Business

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When I first started blogging and podcasting (in 2003), the Internet was both an open and a closed environment. While people are sharing more personal information online than ever before ( Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and online dating sites), we're also seeing a world where the dominant players are creating nothing more than what many see another "walled gardens." We had Facebook launch their own app center. facebook. facebook app. Once upon a time.

Why Digital Influencers Can Explode Your Company’s Bottom Line

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Every day, 55 million Facebook statuses are updated. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stated that every two days, the amount of information published online is equivalent to everything created between the dawn of time and 2003 – 5 extrabytes of data.

Drunk On The Social Media Kool-Aid

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In 2003, I started a Blog, Six Pixels of Separation , because my marketing agency needed some clients and my background as a journalist/writer fit in very comfortably with the emerging popularity of Blogging. These micro-celebrities are racking up hundreds of thousands of friends and followers in places like Facebook and Twitter and they're generating millions of views in places like YouTube and Vimeo. facebook.

Join us for a Webinar “Social Media Marketing for Franchisees.

Saying It Social

About AK: AK has been working with social media for the past 6 years, having been amongst the first group of people introduced to Facebook. With a degree in Marketing AK prides herself in finding ways to utilize her knowledge in conjunction with the ever expanding mix and advantages of online tools to increase a brand’s exposure while establishing trust and cultivating meaningful business-consumer relationships. Pingback by Who Needs Friends Like Facebook?

LinkedIn, Social Media And Bubbles

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to speculation (the International Business Times published an article titled, LinkedIn IPO: What Does This Mean For Facebook? ), there is no doubt (just take a look at the market) that LinkedIn 's IPO continues to rally tech stocks. It's just hard to imagine that an online social network specifically targeted to the business professional suddenly has a valuation that rivals brands like Tiffany & Co. facebook. Late last week, LinkedIn became the biggest U.S.

Great Content Is Like Pornography

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While the notion of content as media is nothing new (it's something I was Blogging about back in 2003 and a topic I tackled extensively in my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation ), it's amazing how new and fresh this all still is for Marketers who - traditionally - have not had to focus on the role of content creator as a core pillar of their day-to-day business. There is an ongoing debate about how often you update your Blog, Podcast, tweet, post to Facebook , etc.

Social media and the rise of fantasy sports

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million in 2003. So in early 2003, we’ve got over 15 million people playing fantasy sports online. The following year, Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. It’s a fan-fave, and they’ve got over a million likes on Facebook, 200k+ followers on Twitter, and 38k followers on Instagram. Check out this question FanDuel asked their Facebook audience. They’ve branded the image with their logo at the bottom right.

What Does Eight Years Of Blogging Get You?

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Eight years ago on this day in 2003, I started Blogging. Most brand are. Chapman , Arjun Basu , Joseph Jaffe , Tom Peters , Jeff Jarvis , Jay Rosen and countless other (just look at my Blogroll on the left for more or who I follow on Twitter or Facebook :) I have coffee with all of these people each and every morning - whether they know it or not. Personal branding. facebook. personal branding.

Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

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Tap your internal subject matter experts and help them create personal brands. Facebook is better for B2B than many businesses realize (the one point of Steve’s on which I remain skeptical). • Even the best paid tools only find, on average, about 65% of your global brand mentions.

Entrepreneurs: Find Your Purpose with 16 Questions

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While my focus has and will continue to be on Facebook ads, I have plenty to share about what I’ve learned while building my business.]. – Facebook Marketing. In 2003, our oldest son Michael was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. I have a brand based on my name and I don’t hide behind a logo. As mentioned at the top, I am taking a risk by venturing away — even briefly — from my focus of Facebook advertising.