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Social CRM: How (and why) to manage customer relationships on social

Sprout Social

Social media provides businesses with direct, real-time access to their customers. But without a social CRM tool, that information stays isolated within marketing teams. The right social media management tool can unite teams around deep customer insights, cutting confusion and increasing collaboration. What is social CRM?

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What is Social CRM and How to Make It Work for You


Quality CRM solutions pay for themselves many times over. However, if your CRM only has data gathered through form conversions and other direct interactions, it’s probably not fulfilling its true potential. There’s a wealth of additional information on your customers out there, voluntarily offered up on social media.


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Why The Term “Social CRM” Is Just STUPID!

SocMed Sean

Social CRM. Does adding Twitter to your CRM process make it more social? SalesForce has really gone eyeballs-deep into the Social CRM space by recently purchasing Radian6 , the leading social monitoring tool on the market. ALL CRM IS SOCIAL. Let me repeat that.

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Is Social CRM the key to growing membership?


We’ve also written a white paper on Social CRM for Associations, which is out very soon. Social CRM is a term fraught with some confusion. It was coined in the corporate world to describe a business strategy for managing customer relationships in the age of social media. Not to mention public and shareable.

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White paper on Social CRM for associations


Who owns Social CRM? Making member management social takes teamwork. We’ve just published our latest white paper, Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. Marketing designs campaigns for products, services, and events.

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Do I Really Need a Social CRM for My Business?

agora pulse

But it’s hard to manually track thousands of conversations. To build and maintain these relationships many businesses use social CRM tools. What is a “social CRM” and what does it do? What is a “social CRM” and what does it do? The value of a social CRM tool.

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What’s a social CRM going to do for my business?

Janet Fouts

According to Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang , social CRM will give businesses a way to really focus on listening to what their customers want and still have time to do business. “Jeremiah Owyang’s vision of Social CRM where products that we want will find us, will be realized.