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Lost A Sock? Betabrand Has You Covered With Facebook-Powered Insurance Program

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The campaign – or “sock insurance” as the brand calls it – is a brilliant way to interact with consumers on Facebook, and a great customer service effort. . In order to be eligibile for sock replacement, consumers must buy a pair of Betabrand insured socks – and have a Facebook account to upload the funny photo of their lonesome sock.

Social Media Insurance: Do These Things Now Before Your Account is Hacked


About the Author: Ann is the social media junkie and blogger for , the free insurance resource. Social Media social media social media hacked social media insuranceEveryone fears being hacked online. Just having your social media account phished can be catastrophic , especially since we share so much of our lives on the Internet. Setting Up A Secure Profile.

Auto Insurance Premiums Based on Facebook Posts? No, Says Facebook

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insurance firm Admiral that would have determined auto insurance premiums based on information gathered from customers’ posts on the social network. The insurance company billed its firstcarquote service as “insurance for the digital generation,” saying on its website: firstcarquote is a new insurance service created by Admiral to help people who are buying or driving their first car. New drivers are often quoted much higher insurance premiums as they have little driving history, zero no claims bonus and are viewed as “high-risk.”

How Promotion Affects Engagement for Malaysian Insurance Brands


Insurance agents make a living out of their gift of the gab. The report generator was kind enough to give me a detailed analysis of what the top Insurance Brands in Malaysia were up to on Facebook during the month of July 2016. This is just one in a series with the hashtag ‘PRUdictionary’ where they define Insurance terms to their Fans. Engagement. Promotion. Prudential.

Business risks from and for the insurance industry


Insurance companies struggle with the rapid pace of change within an increasingly demanding and digital market and customer context. Digital transformation Research Allianz Allianz Risk Barometer 2015 Big Data cybercrime digital transformation disruption insurance industry predictive analytics

Salorix Launches AI-Powered Predictive Influencer Marketing And Social Media Management Platform

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To date, the company has defined the taxonomy for two industry verticals: automotive and insurance. Realtime Tools Ampfly analytics automotive consumer electronics influence measurement influence measurement tools influencer marketing insurance monitoring realtime monitoring tools Salorix social media managementThe Fortune Global 100 companies are mentioned 5.6

Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube | Sherrilynne Starkie

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Financial Services: How Securian’s Content-Centric Social Media Strategy Paid Off

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Social Media Case Studies financial services insurance Securian YoutubeA recent campaign by Securian Financial Group illustrates how social media can be a great tool for the financial services industry. The brand chose a relevant topic, engaged with the public, and used social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – to reach out to potential customers. ” Set Goals.

Success Stories From Twitter’s Front Lines

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A large insurance company wanted to drive new qualified form leads, and it included Twitter in its media mix. Twitter has had an extraordinary year by any measure. Regardless of the headlines, though, leading brands continue to invest in the platform to achieve a variety of marketing objectives and insights. Twitter’s open nature lends itself to this approach. As Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe put it recently: Twitter plays an influential role in public discourse. It captures people’s attention and engages them, particularly around high-profile events and meaningful moments.

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Social Media Marketing For Health Insurance Industry

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Health Insurance marketing has always been perceived as a challenging subject. The key players in the health insurance industry have been dealing with prominent issues such as consumer trust and category education. At Iffort , we have created a presentation which covers 5 Must Do’s for Health Insurance Players on social media to ensure trust, seek attention and create impact! Filed under: Social media Tagged: health insurance , health insurance marketing , presentation , Social media. Social media health insurance health insurance marketing presentatio

A Quick Explanation of Mortgage Protection Insurance


Often people get mortgage protection insurance confused with other forms of life insurance. It is important to understand what this type of insurance is, so you will know exactly how you and your family can benefit from it. The reason for having this type of insurance. Upon your death, this type of insurance will pay your mortgage. Business & Marketing

Three Ways to Be Prepared for the Inevitable Fake News Crisis

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Insurance, if you will. No brand, organization, or executive is immune from fake news or a 5 a.m. Twitter frenzy. Here are three things you can do right now to prepare. The post Three Ways to Be Prepared for the Inevitable Fake News Crisis appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments I like it when people think!

Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Social Media Activities?


The webinar offered good information but the insurance section was a little weak… so here are my thoughts. Back in June 2010 I wrote a post, Social Media, Liability and Insurance , offering a “quick and dirty” explanation of the social media insurance coverages needed by associations. However many associations don’t have media liability insurance. Media Exposures.

Can Small Business Owners Do It All?


Blog Social Media business Business & Economy Credit score Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax Limited liability company Magazines and E-zines small business Sole proprietorship I think that most of the time when a small business comes to mind, we think of people who are a one man band, so to speak. Many small businesses are a sole proprietorship or have just a very few employees.

Esurance Tempts Super Bowl Fans With $1.5 Million Twitter Sweepstakes

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Social Media Campaigns Esurance insurance Super Bowl Super Bowl advertising Twitter contest Twitter sweepstakes Esurance found one way to get fans tweeting about their company — just offer them the chance to win $1.5 million. Rather than spend the big bucks on an advertisement during the game itself, Esurance opted for the first commercial slot after the game ended ( AdWeek ). Did you?

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SECURA Insurance and Social Media Claims Investigation


Guest Post: Scott Huiras, SVP - Claims at SECURA Insurance* Social media is a growing area that we see a lot of our policyholders involved in. It is a pure form of communication where users tend to be very open, sharing publicly where they are, what they are doing, what they

Social Media Strategy: State Farm Insurance | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media Strategy: State Farm Insurance by Pam Dyer on October 5, 2010 Share In this video, Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner interviews Kelly Thul , Director of Communication Services at State Farm Insurance. Social Media Strategy: State Farm Insurance ( [.]

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands. And The End Of Sucky Service

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This is great if you just want to hit a button to make your regular order, but this is terrifying if Chili''s shares this information (say with the insurance companies). Sure, it''s great to order your Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich and cold beer at the touch of a button, but it may be sad to watch your insurance premiums go up when that information is shared, and your insurer knows - down to the pint - how much you love the ale. insurance. insurance premiums. The system is like this because of the human factor. Your food arrives as ordered. or not. big data.

Social Pros 13 – Ryon Harms, Farmers Insurance

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This episode features Ryon Harms , the head of social media for Farmers Insurance. Jay : That is a really interesting point and I think a fantastic segue to bring in our special guest for this week, Mr. Ryon Harms, who’s the Director of Social Media for Farmers Insurance. Special Guest: Ryon Harms of Farmers Insurance. Ryon Harms, Farmers Insurance @thesocialexec.

Social Media Report Card - Cigna


Social media is a great way for insurance providers to reach their prospective customers. Since insurance is a recurring investment, social media aids in consistent persuasion. Still skeptical about insurance brands being on social media? The frequency with which they tweet is more than the average for Insurance brands in North America. Twitter. At a glance, Cigna has.

Interesting Marketing Trends of Small Businesses [Infographic]

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Bolt Insurance Agency compiled an interesting infographic that compiles research and data from Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-Dialog, ExactTarget, and the U.S. View the Small Business, Big Impact marketing infographic below: Via: Bolt Insurance. They often don’t have the luxury of celebrity sponsorship or mass media ads such as Super Bowl commercials.

Micro Targeting your Online Media

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Let’s say you’re an auto insurance company. You want to target micro-segments where people think about buying auto insurance. We know that people buy auto insurance when they buy a car. But where else can we find people who intend to purchase insurance? Using social data, we have discovered that people tend to think about auto insurance when their kids are going to prom.

Hot Association Marketing Jobs This Week – December 22


Director of Company Relations , Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America – the Director of Company Relations exercises relationship management responsibilities to develop existing and cultivate new insurance industry strategic partnerships in support of the leading consumer brand for independent insurance agents. This position reports to the Deputy Director.

Social Media is Dead, Long Live Big Data

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your health/car etc insurance goes up or down. “Because, you see, customers who drink lots of milk and eat lots of red meat are very, very good car insurance risks versus those who eat lots of pasta and rice, fill up their petrol at night, and drink spirits. Shares Social Media has trained artificial intelligence and now Big Data is taking over. Scary, illuminating, real.

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The Mobile Revolution is Here Now [Infographic]

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Only 22% of insurers have a mobile quoting app. For the past 5 years or so, research has predicted that mobile devices would overtake personal computers when it comes to internet usage. The infographic in this blog post pulls together data that shows that the turning point is here now. people on Earth). 79% will abandon your business’s website if it’s not optimized for mobile.

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Consistency: The Key to Marketing


Geico's brand promise is “easy and affordable insurance.” ” The company discovered the red tape of the insurance business was so extensive, the time and energy involved in changing companies made doing so seem like too much of a hassle (even when it meant paying less). Enter the Geico cavemen, who demonstrated just how easy it is to switch insurers.

Obamacare And Social Media: 5 Must-Reads


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) health insurance exchanges have opened and social media is being used to both promote and debate the new law. By Chris Miles Rolling out with the official opening of the new federal health care exchanges is a significant marketing campaign by the White House to inform and get people signed up for health insurance.

Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication

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Attending the session “A Dr, Patient & Insurer Walk into a Social Network“ at SxSW last year really opened my eyes to the social media obstacles healthcare professionals face. Whether a doctor uses Skype to consult with a patient or creates an educational video or blog, the obstacle is insurers don’t cover the time and energy doctors put into using social media to help their patients.

The Truth About Content

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For instance, let’s say you run an insurance company. Instead of producing boring, lame content about your insurance products and services and how useful they are (we all already understand the value of insurance), why not produce content that will be helpful to people who buy insurance (which is almost everyone)? Here are some types of content that an insurance company could produce that would be helpful: Highway driving safety tips. After all, everyone needs insurance so your audience is very broad. Maybe they will. It just has to be useful.

7 Tips for Managing Your Money More Effectively


What percentage of your budget is going towards your car insurance? One example is to find out if you would save money by bundling your home insurance and car insurance with the same provider. Whether you’re living large as a millionaire or struggling to get by from paycheck to paycheck, you can always make some improvements to your personal money management. Set Goals.

Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

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Property & Casualty Insurance 83. Life Insurance 81. Health Insurance 73. Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. Released today, the study found that average website satisfaction is 78.2 However, there are plenty of exceptions.

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8 Life Lessons I Learned After 40

Jason Yormark

Friends, investments, insurance, income… etc. Make sure you spread out your investments and insurance to minimize risk and maximize return. For the first few years of my blog I wrote exclusively about digital marketing, social media and technology. It was the only way I could find the motivation to continue writing. And these 8 nuggets are the result of that. You Are A Brand.

Kristin Binns Is In as Senior Director of Communications at Twitter

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Wagner reported that Binns had been at Anthem (formerly Wellpoint), a health insurance company, for six years, and she previously worked with General Electric and NBC. Anthem vice president of communications Kristin Binns became the latest to try her hand at leading communications at Twitter, joining the social network as senior director of communications. Kurt Wagner of Re/code reported on the hire, and Binns confirmed the news in responding to a tweet from chief marketing officer Leslie Berland , to whom she will report. Thrilled to have her! Thanks @leslieberland !

Easy Ideas to Turn Twitter Trending Topics into Gold

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In the example below, the insurance company couples the trending topic #HolidayCrafts with one of its posts discussing inexpensive holiday projects. Trending topics are the most talked-about news, and on Twitter, it can help companies boost their engagement, awareness, and clickthroughs. So how can you use Twitter trending topics? Let’s explore a few creative options. Why not share it?

Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

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Financial services and insurance: 37%. Some forms of marketing are fairly black-and-white: Company A emails a coupon to Customers A to Z, who can then use it to take 10 percent off of their next purchase. Or perhaps a restaurant launches a campaign of print, TV and social media marketing to advertise a new selection of entrees. This is the world of location-based marketing. Telecoms: 30%.

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Agile Marketing in B2B

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It was a complex revision of previous regulations that changed how broker-dealers, investment advisers, insurance agents and consultants are compensated when dealing with investment and retirement accounts. Agile marketing increasingly is being recognized as a powerful key to content effectiveness. And did I forget to say it can produce stupendous ROI results? The quick or the dead.

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Personalizing With Purpose

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For instance, an insurance business may not realize that the person making a call center inquiry about auto insurance was just browsing life insurance offers on the Web the day before calling. Posted in CRM eCommerce Personalization. Most e-commerce sites still struggle to leverage the growing wealth of customer data to which they have access. billion. Following the Leaders.

A Mobile Marketing Strategy That Helps First, Sells Second

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It doesn’t matter what you sell—insurance, pills, cars, energy, bonds—you’ll be reaching many of your customers through these ecosystems in the future.”. This is a guest post by Jay Baer. This is the “appification” of brand value. For decades, the key question has been “how valuable is the brand?” The key question moving forward is “how valuable are your apps?” By being a Youtility.

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Top Twitter trends for 2011

Sherrilynne Starkie

Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. This infographic describes the top trends on Twitter last year. It’s a snapshot of popular and youth culture. It’s probably an accurate reflection of users’interests; interesting that there are no major brands mentioned (other than sport). Related posts: Women in social media. Social media boosts campaigns. VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

Seven Simple Steps to Become a Trusted Advisor

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My particular industry is insurance, but it could just as well be any other service industry such as public relations, marketing, or advertising. And no, I’m not State Farm, Progressive, or Geico, but that is the general perception of insurance; every business or municipality you see will buy insurance and over 98 percent will not buy it from the 3 companies I just mentioned.