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How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Business

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#hashtag As anyone who uses Twitter knows, the ‘#’ symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Interestingly enough, it was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Hashtags are simply a way to “tag” your tweet with subject matter to make it easy to be found. Blog How To Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources Twitter growing twitter hashtags hashtags for business how to find twitter followers social media twitter chatAnyone [.].

Hashtags, the Good the Bad, the Oh So Ugly

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It can’t be over-stated how important it is to research a hashtag before you use it and to give a little thought to what people may do with it once you unleash it on the world. I stuck to Twitter posts simply because they’re easier to embed, but most or all of these hashtags appear across social platforms. “What if I did an #AskThicke hashtag on twitter?”

Why Use #Hashtag In Twitter ? - Social Media

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This sign on Twitter is the most known and used: #. It is called Hashtag. Though it may be a little difficult to organize content on Twitter #Hashtag has made it a little simple. Hashtag has made searching on Twitter easy. You will have yourself used the Twitter Hashtag at some point in time while Tweeting. The Hashtag is put along with a word or phrase. There is no space between the Hashtag and the chosen word. In a way you create categories via the #Hashtag usage. A #Hashtag enables others to Re-Tweet your Tweets.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

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In just a few short years, Twitter has transformed from an odd little sort of public IM service where people posted what they just ate for lunch or what their cat was doing at the moment into one of the big four social networks and a significant channel for news, PR & marketing, politics and more. Twitter’s 200 million users collectively tap out a billion tweets per week.

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Learn Twitter From Justin Bieber

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Does it surprise you that pop star Justin Bieber is ubiquitous on Twitter? Retweeting is how news about the recent Egyptian revolution spread across Twitter. Given Justin’s 7,677,139 Twitter followers (and granted everyone likely wasn’t glued to Twitter at that moment in time), it’s notable that the tweet mentioning Scooter and Gena was retweeted 100+ times.

25 Suggestions For How To Use Twitter

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Twitter sent an email around to users yesterday, giving four suggestions for getting the most out of Twitter in 2011: Follow your interests: Follow the people who share your passions. Don’t panic: Search for hashtags and relevant accounts during emergencies to stay informed. Ask your Twitter friends for recommendations on who to go with. Twitter how to

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Twitter Cheat Sheet

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Today I was speaking with one of my coaching clients and he asked me “Is there a Twitter cheat sheet anywhere I can get?&# In TwittFaced (Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media) my co-author and I cover Twitter basics and ideals extensively, but I have yet to do that here.Well friends, that’s what this post is. Twitter Cheat Sheet.

Twitter Cheat Sheet

Josh S Peters

Today I was speaking with one of my coaching clients and he asked me “Is there a Twitter cheat sheet anywhere I can get?&# In TwittFaced (Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media) my co-author and I cover Twitter basics and ideals extensively, but I have yet to do that here.Well friends, that’s what this post is. Twitter Cheat Sheet.

How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

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Twitter chats, sometimes known as a Twitter party or a tweet chat, happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific tag (#) called a hashtag that allows it to be followed on Twitter. Sign up for a free Twitter account. Fill out your profile, add a picture and follow at least the leader of the Twitter chat you want to participate in.

Filtering Out the Hashtag Economy

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At the epicenter of Twitter marketing (and bad jokes) are hashtags. Hashtags have become dominant in the stream, depicting events, twitter chats, initiatives, and more. Yet, much has been said about how Twitter has become too noisy and commercialized. Enter the hashtag filter, compliments of Tweetdeck. So if you can get people to use a hashtag, great!

You’re Using Twitter Wrong

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I wrote about the mistakes new Twitter users make based on some of my past mistakes. First, let me be clear, everyone has their own opinion, there is no ONE right method of using Twitter. We all use Twitter in our own way with our own goals. . Don’t make the same mistakes that others have… like when Kenneth Cole promoted his latest fashion line using the Egypt hashtag.

How to Get More People to Read Your Tweets and Get More Retweets!


Twitter has been growing tremendously. In 2010, Twitter had 75 million user accounts. In 2011 (and the year is not over yet), there are 100 million active user accounts, with 50 million active users and 230 million tweets every day. Twitter says it expects to add 26 million active users by the end of the. Social Media Marketing Tips Twitter Getting ReTweets hashtags marketing for small business more retweets Retweets social media Twitter directories twitter marketing twitter networking twitter tips Wefollow

Fifteen Ways to Use Twitter to Build an Army of Adoring Journalists

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I spent 10 years as a reporter in the BT (Before Twitter) era. Now as a social media strategist and public relations professional, I’ve found Twitter to be my primary and most successful method of building and maintaining relationships with reporters. One public relations agency I work with even grew out of a connection made on Twitter. How to Find Journalists on Twitter.

5 metrics to track on Twitter

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Laser focused and sincere the question came: “How many followers should I have on Twitter?&# Of course you need some followers on Twitter, otherwise its as if your standing in the middle of the forest with a blow horn.what possible effect could that have (except to scare a few racoons)? A prime example is this article on Aston Kutcher who is wildly admired for his Twitter fan base. Keep in mind, that a little over 95% of Twitter users have less than 500 followers and only.05% have more than 10,000 followers. That’s the artform of Twitter. Ahh, yes.

Twitter Tip: What is a hashtag (#) on Twitter?

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Lucy asks me a question on Twitter. My Twitter buddy @LucyBakerMakeup asked me a question about hashtags (see above) so here’s a quick #101. A hashtag groups tweets together on a particular subject. When you add a ‘#’ directly in front of a word (or acronym) on Twitter – a link is automatically created. This is called a hashtag. Here’s why….

Promotional Hashtags – Trendy or Evergreen?


Twitter Trends — we all see them along the right side of our laptop screens or smartphones every day. I love the Trends for breaking news or following what others are saying during the season finale of my favorite TV shows, but there is a particular breed of Trend I never tag — the promoted hashtag. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the hashtag to see what people are saying.


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It is usually played on a platform such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite , though one could certainly use Twitter. Does anybody use Twitter for tweeting anymore? To those readers who have been using Twitter for a while, I don’t need to explain that the pound sign is also called a hashtag. Now don’t get me wrong, hashtags are very useful. Sure there will be skeptics.

Blog World LA 2011 Recap – Session Notes and Experiences from #BWELA


Before writing this post, I set it up in less than 10 minutes (including installation of the Chrome extension) and am ready to rock into the world of simpler sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ” Expand onto different platforms because different people may only follow you on one (Twitter, blog, YouTube, etc.). Why I Am Attending Blog World Expo 2011 Plus a 20% Off Discount Code.

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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Twitter came of age in 2010, growing at a scorching pace —from 75 million users at the beginning of the year to more than 190 million by the end of December. Twitter is used (officially) in 65 of the Fortune 100 companies , 63% of small to midsized businesses, and nearly half of all B2B enterprises. Which companies are really succeeding on Twitter, and how are they doing it?

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Google+ And Hashtags

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Hashtags got their start on Twitter. It was a way for tweeters to keep tabs on a conversation that was taking place and to follow that conversation because their Twitter streams were moving so fast. Without hashtags, many tweeters would have been lost, only capturing some of the conversation around a particular topic. Hashtags are real simple. Then, when you want to follow a conversation, you search for it by hashtag. It wasn’t too long ago when Google+ users suggested that hashtags be introduced for Google+. The Google+ team was listening.

Kenneth Cole Demonstrates How Not to Use Twitter

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled #FollowFriday to bring you the Kenneth Cole Twitter fiasco. But they used the hashtag #mousavi, so when people were searching for information on the protests, they instead found the Habitat contest. I’m not going to give Kenneth Cole a lesson in crisis driven by something stupid said on Twitter. But, first. Turns out there was.

12 Ways to Make a Twitter Chat More Enjoyable and Efficient

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I’ve been participating in or moderating Twitter chats (ok, “tweetchats,&# if you must) for about a year and a half now. Last year, I wrote two posts based on questions I received about Twitter chats. The first discussed 3 questions to ask – and answer – when launching a Twitter chat , and the second talked about making the most of a Twitter chat.

Everything you need to know about Twitter chats


A few good posts out recently with advice on how to start a Twitter Chat. Check ‘em out: Thinking of Starting a Twitter Chat? How to launch a Twitter Chat (SmartBlog on Social Media) – yep. 8 tips for running an effective group Twitter chat or debate – (TheNextWeb). Twitter Chats, The Ultimate How To Guide (Social Fresh). Read this First.

Twitter Chats: A Doorway Between You and Your Community

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When Gini and Lisa asked me to write about Twitter chats for Spin Sucks (ok, “tweetchats,” if you must, I’m going to stick with the former, I’m old-school, whatevs), I scratched my mane. But then, a friend who currently runs a popular Twitter chat DM’d me to tell me he might be shutting it down. Twitter chats have come a long way since Sarah Evans dreamed up #journchat. Today.

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It gives you a good sense of how far your message traveled on Twitter — I get that this isn’t always the best metric, but if you have breaking news, it’s nice to be able to equate how far and fast news traveled on Twitter in a way that most executives recognize: number of tweets, top twitterers and impressions! With Twitter, however, you can use Refollow.

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12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011

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PR pros now use tools like Twitter, PitchEngine , PRWeb and Vocus in place of fax machines, media packets, wire services and Bacon’s , but the fundamental skills of storytelling and relationship-building remain crucial. How can you make a press release more friendly to blogs, Twitter and search engines? Six Tips For Making Your Press Release Twitter Friendly by Mediabistro.

Twitter Is Random

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I'm not very good at Twitter. You have to know why you're doing something to really get the value out of it, and I've made a decision that while I love having so many people follow me on Twitter and I do love posting little snippets and thoughts that don't flesh out into ideas for clients or Blog posts or Huffington Post columns, that I'm not great at the real-time heat and action that comes from Twitter in how it has evolved. That being said, Twitter is one of the best platforms for brands to do all of the above (and yes, they don't have an excuse like I do ;).

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Break It Down, Twitter


The other day I was discussing with a friend how to organically increase Twitter followers (She has photography business and has just started using Twitter for marketing). We discussed Tweeting more information-related content, but I also told her the key is to get retweeted by major Twitter players. You all know, that ripple effect thing. See my breakdown below.).

Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics

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Twitter activity around flooding in NYC on August 15th, 2011 showing peak responses at noon and 5 PM. Most commonly used hashtags during the August 15th downpour. Most influential Twitter accounts associated with this article. Twitter Influential Steven DiMartino. This is a guest post from Marshall Sponder , author of the newly released Social Media Analytics.

What If a Country Tweeted

Ari Herzog

Tweet It is common for organizations of every size, shape, and industry to create and use Twitter accounts for customer service, human resources, and business development. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip Crowley recently tweeted about Iran and Egypt and cities therein, he referenced each physical location by a hashtag. How I Trended the Country with Twitter.

Influence Met Transparency with @Kred


This gives your audience a quick look at your Kred, community, most used hashtags, links, mentions and a quick overview of your influence and outreach. You can share your Kred on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn via links, widgets or even export the chart. PeopleBrowsr is a high-tech social analytics company with a passion for marketing. What is Kred ? follows.

Alicia Cowan’s Best of the Blogs 2011

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2011 was a busy year for me: As I approached my third year in business I changed direction, practically starting from scratch and re-branded. Before I head off, I wanted to reflect on the year with a walk down memory lane with you, and share the most popular posts of 2011. 7 Steps to setting up Your Twitter account (November 2011). Another Twitter post from November.

Top Ten Reasons You Know You’re a Social Media Expert [Humor]

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So we thought we’d compile the top ten reasons you know you’re a social media expert: You have more than 6 social profiles – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, FourSquare. Bonus points if you’ve made up a hashtag and used it #sarcastically. B2B Social Media Facebook Media TwitterHow do you know if you’re a social media expert? Unlike Google AdWords, there isn’t any certification for social media. There’s not a test to take that’ll tell you how good you are. There’s a low barrier to entry. Create a free account and voila!, You subscribe to Mashable.

Where Does Social Belong?

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Last week, I was a guest at #bizforum , a Twitter chat where business professionals discuss the pros and cons of trending business-related topics each week. You can join the #bizforum conversation every Wednesday night from 8 PM to 9 PM ET by following the hashtag on Twitter. Or, monitor the hashtag daily for interesting dialogue around the “Question of the Day.&#.

Personas Created to Attack and Smear

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In this case there are specific social media strategy website RSS feeds we can subscribe to and then repost content on twitter with the appropriate hashtags. In fact using hashtags and gaming some location based check-in services we can make it appear as if a persona was actually at a conference and introduce himself/herself to key individuals as part of the exercise, as one example.

10+ Ways To Use B2B Social Media In Your Business

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Have branded wall paper for your Twitter profile. Have feeds from Facebook and Twitter, an RSS feed from your blog, current YouTube videos, a Google News RSS feed for your company news and press releases, etc. If you’re hosting a conference or event, provide a Twitter hashtag so attendees can tweet about the event. Eleven Different Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media.

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Social Sharing – Getting News Content Right in 2011

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They share news with one another on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. One place you want your news headlines to be shared is on Twitter. A Twitter post can only be 140 characters long and the tweet must contain a link to the full release. You also need to leave space for the re-tweet which will include the Twitter handle (name) of the person being re-tweeted.

Twitter Best in Events and Emergencies

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On an average day, I don't spend much time with Twitter. To me, it's the unusual days that really prove Twitter's value. I recently experienced two events—one good, one bad—that show Twitter at its best. Now, of course, the back channel is always Twitter, and it sometimes threatens to overwhelm the front channel (the person on stage). We had a lot of those.

Super Bowl Becomes Social Bowl


Therefore Mullen and Radian6 have created the site BrandBowl 2011 which uses Twitter to analyse people’s reactions and sentiment towards Super Bowl commercials. On the site people can see how the different brands are doing real time from monitoring Twitter and measuring people’s opinions. Especially, they make use of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

4 Social Media Mistakes Easily Prevented By Common Sense


A common fallacy that people really believe is that all they have to do for their brand is set up a Facebook fan page or Twitter feed and get instant success! Facebook and Twitter are arguably the top ways right now to establish customer trust and loyalty. Further reading: 5 Ideas for Building Customer Trust and Loyalty Via Facebook and Twitter via @ volusion.