How to use social media crowdsourcing effectively

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This is an example of social media crowdsourcing in action. Not only did the company learn what its customers expected, it also gained some brilliant promotion ideas. When used correctly, social media crowdsourcing can be a powerful customer research tool. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use crowdsourcing for your business. What is crowdsourcing? First of all, what is crowdsourcing really? How social media crowdsourcing adds value.

Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page

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In the design space, crowdsourcing is being embraced as an efficient way to tap into the mindset of the customer and mine ideas directly from target audiences. Landing pages are ripe for optimization through crowdsourcing. Not only do they provide a measurable snapshot of campaign success, they’re a tried-and-true gateway to conversion : Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less.

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5 Ways Crowdsourcing Improves Your Content Marketing

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But if your company’s resources and budget are stretched to the limit, what else might you leverage? Crowdsourcing, when done properly, can play a pivotal role with your content marketing. Below are five ways crowdsourcing is impacting the future of content marketing: Crowdsourcing speeds up the content creation process (and frees you up). Keep in mind, however, that crowdsourcing projects do take a lot of moderation & feedback.

Crowdsourcing & Spec Work: Not a Great Rule of Thumb

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Since I respect her opinion, I invited her to guest post on WUL as to why she doesn't think crowdsourcing is the way to go. So let’s talk about exactly what happens when a project gets crowdsourced: The company is looking for a designer for web or print work. How crowdsourcing works is pretty simple, but the opinions on it are extremely different. From a business owner’s standpoint, crowdsourcing is a great way to get a project done at a lower price point.

Crowdsourced Laundry – Innocentive NASA

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Innocentive is the crowdsourced wiki where companies throw up patents, business problems and technical issues that you can wile away a weekend solving, such as “Synthesis of a Nucleotide-Selective Label for Single-Stranded DNA&# and other fun projects for the whole family.

Is Crowdsourcing Really the Industry’s Dark Side?

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Those words jumped out of my mouth when I learned what crowdsourcing was. With crowdsourcing you could simply log on to a website and get work from incredibly talented designers from all over the world, with different styles and approaches. Crowdsourcing forces them to do both and they resent it. That attitude just doesn’t cut it in a crowdsourcing world. Yours truly, a professional graphic designer, decided to crowdsource the logo.

Crowdsource: BP Oil Spill and social media

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And there are a lot of innovation crowdsourced communities online. By the way, only a totally evil company would ask the public for their ideas and then not even read them. So I got to thinking: what if we crowdsourced a solution? Crowdsourced innovation social networks.

Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

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Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce. Crowdsourcing, a term coined by Jeff Howe in a June 2006 issue of Wired magazine, is a model of labor that has been fully embraced on the Internet over the past couple of years. Crowdsourcing takes tasks traditionally done by a single person or small groups of people, and farms them out to a global workforce. One of the most well-developed areas of crowdsourcing services on the Internet is graphic design. crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourced Funding: How to ask for $75K but get $1.5million

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If I ran a billion dollar company, I would still put small projects up for $25,000. and crowdsourcing technology solutions, not just the money that helped. Online Communities revenue social media social networks crowdsource elevation dock how to build community kickstarterCasey Hopkins asked people to fund his new project to make a better dock for the iPhone. He wanted $75,000 he got $1.5 million. Kickstarter kicks ass. But how does one do that?

10 Social Media Tools To Help With Your Crowdsourcing Efforts

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Crowdsourcing has become more and more popular with private companies, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies. Crowdsourcing has become increasingly more widely used because it helps cultivate creativity and innovation.

Pringles and Star Wars Channel The Force For Fun in Crowdsourced Video Contest

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In a galaxy not so far away, a popular snack food brand, Pringles, has joined forces with the iconic movie franchise, Star Wars, to launch a crowdsourced video contest. The contest is hosted on Tongal , a platform that facilitates creative and video content for brands through crowdsourcing. According to Pringles and the Kellogg Company , the contest has generated more than a thousand fan-generated video ideas. The force is strong with this one.

Draft 3.0: The Sacramento Kings Crowdsource the Draft?

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With crowdsourcing from social media surging in popularity, companies are now turning to their online communities to seek feedback on new offerings, where to open up new locations, and more. So, why is it so surprising that an NBA team would use the internet to seek out superfan data experts to help crowdsource its 2014 draft picks? You can’t help but watch the video and wonder if the crowdsourced approach will work and what direction it will push the team in.

It’s a Mad Mad (Men) World

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or, The Horror CrowdSourcing and Social Media has Unleashed on Madison Avenue. This isn’t just about lost revenue and respective trickle down, this is also about the departure of mass media and the arrival of social media and crowdsourcing. Fast Company’s Danielle Sacks wrote an amazing article, “Mayhem on Madison Avenue.&# Thousands of small companies are using custom graphic design crowdsourcing sites like MycroBurst. Crowdsourcing for war.

4 Reasons to Use Social Enterprise Networks for Business


In this and similar scenarios, the employee would have otherwise “ relied on a central repository of all company’s experience that is located in one person’s head, or nowhere at all.”. Social enterprise platforms provide a platform for crowdsourcing innovation – from responding to queries and surveys, to posting ideas in a group discussion threads. Several companies responded to this story saying the platform was more “of a distraction” than a value driver.

Social Media Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

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If you don’t have all the answers, perhaps crowdsource some of them and share? Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Coronavirus and social media marketing COVID-19 and social media marketing Social Media Agency Social Media Marketing Agency social media marketing company social media marketing during coronavirus social media marketing during COVID-19

Social Media On The Farm: Crisis Management, Market Research, Education And APIs

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And then there’s Real Time Farms , a a platform designed to help consumers learn where their food comes from, in realtime, which features crowdsourced data about 4,900 farms, 2,600 food artisans and 7, 200 farmers markets, with data from an additional 22,000 farms coming online soon. The company recently announced a new partnership that would connect its data not only to restaurants, but also to home cooks.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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What is the next generation of crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is evolving beyond the shiny contest model (Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” ) and into something more meaningful to the brands embracing it and the consumers contributing to it. There is no better ‘bang’ for your buck than a well thought out and properly executed crowdsourcing initiative. Market research is as important to most companies as the payroll department. This is where crowdsourcing comes in.

Social Media for Sales

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through co-creation and crowdsourcing ) and customer service ( Best Buy and Comcast for example) to human resources (outstanding HR tweeps: Sharlyn Lauby and Alicia Arenas ) and sales groups. The first is for the sales team to understand what their own company is doing with social media, and how customers and key influencers are responding. If customers are praising the company’s service through social media channels, that is a strength the sales person can play to.

How To Organize A Brand Hackathon (And Why) – Interview With Betabrand’s Chris Lindland

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The company used its customer newsletter and social media to promote the event. Its fans are its biggest marketing asset, and the company uses its brand as a platform on which its customers can express themselves. Insights Social Media Case Studies Betabrand brand apps brand hack brand hackathon crowdsourcing online retail retail

Social Media is not a campaign it’s a commitment!

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Using Social Media to Deepen Customer Relations An obvious win for companies looking to jump into Social. Blogging Communications Crowdsourcing Customer Support Enterprise 2.0

A Social Network For Genetics Research: Can It Help Isolate Parkinson’s Genes?

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The company has already collected more than 125,000 DNA samples from customers, and is now specifically reaching out to those with Parkinson’s, in an effort to find new genes linked to the disease. The company recruited people using social media, and at Parkinson’s research conferences. ” 23andMe is hoping that by using online crowd sourcing methods, the company will “revolutionize” genetic research around Parkinson’s.

How Are Serious Games Reinventing Businesses?

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Posted in Crowdsourcing Gaming Innovation. When I’m playing Scrabble with my wife on a Saturday night, we’re just enjoying the company and the time together, and there’s nothing really serious about it. LH: One of our clients, Serena Software, makes a software application that help large companies manage the flow and upgrade of other software applications on mainframe systems. I had a chance to sit down with Luke Hohmann, founder of Conteneo , Inc.

Using Visual Recognition to Tap into the Consumer Mindset

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Posted in Advertising Applications Content Marketing Crowdsourcing Visual Recognition. Other companies like smartsy are showing a more targeted approach to visual recognition, allowing consumers to use devices they already have and apps they already use to interact with the world in specific ways. Advertising Applications Content Marketing Crowdsourcing Visual Recognition google glasses Mobile smartphones Smartsy VR

Do you need to be an Extrovert to be in Social Media Marketing?

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Certainly internally in your organization you need to be an extrovert if you want to organize a Tribe or movement in your company to take on social media. Tags: Blogging Communities Crowdsourcing Enterprise 2.0

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Location is important for your Contact Center too!

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Start up companies like Foursquare which is a web based check in service where you can declare your location to your friends, and even popular sites like Twitter and Facebook are getting into the act and attaching location based information about your status updates.

Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

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Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies. Information gathered as part of market analysis might signal that customers are showing strong preference for the features of another company’s competing product. In particular, manufacturers are tapping into social conversations as they explore new product ideas in order to learn what consumers are interested in and talking about.

Generating a Buyer Persona with Facebook Advertising

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So do you have buyer personas at your company? Tags: Advertising Crowdsourcing Facebook Marketing Social Media Social Networking Strategy behavioral targeting

Gushcloud: Mobilizing Social Media Marketing


The idea of Gushcloud, according to Vincent, is to create a social media marketing platform out of the ordinary, where companies can reach a number of target participants (“Gushers”), or influencers, and then mobilize the participants’ networks by rewarding these Gushers for sharing something in their social networks, downloading an application, blogging about a product launch or completing the marketing surveys etc.: Basically, let’s say a company rewards Gushers anywhere from $0.25

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Why Doesn’t Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document?


A few years ago, I think you could have gotten away with keeping the company ‘voice’ safely locked away in a few choice individuals’ minds at your company. Pretend I’ve just waxed bombastically about the ubiquity of social media and the importance of getting everybody in the company on board. How can we expect uniform education across the company? What should be included in your company’s ‘Voice’ document?

Going Green with Facebook

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Environmental concerns are not new and Green IT efforts are gaining ground at many companies, both big and small. Of course, Green IT solutions are available to companies, but what else can businesses do to become more green?

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #341

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Coal Is Dying - Coal Country Doesn't Have To: Creating The Post-Coal Economy In Appalachia - Fast Company. "We Proponents call systems where computers put people to work ' crowdsourcing' or ' urking' or 'the wisdom of the crowds'. 5 Top Designers Own How To Create The Ultimate PowerPoint Presentation - Fast Company. crowdsource. fast company. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

Marketing Is Dead

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Not all companies need it. You're going to engage customers and have them crowdsource the next update to your 300-year-old product? crowdsource. It's a great blog headline that will get a lot of attention, right? The Harvard Business Review had a blog post today titled, Marketing Is Dead , written by Bill Lee.

Consumers Control The Brand (And Other New Media Myths)

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Either way, the company still decides the brand's path. Without being cynical, I'd like to know the last time Lego (or any other company) told their Chief Marketing Officer that they no longer report into the CEO, but that they now report into the consumers? crowdsource. Marketers don't control their brand. the consumer does. It's been the battle cry of Social Media enthusiasts since The Cluetrain Manifesto was first published over a decade ago.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #53

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"In addition to being a pretty funny video with a lot of truth to it, this is notable as a crowdsourced effort: the creators credit a subreddit with providing most of the lyrics. "My only regret with this piece is that it comes off as a little heavy-handed in the self-promotional department (the author works for the company they describe). crowdsource.

Brands Using Social Media to Take a Stand Against Racism


Resy did something similar as well—the company shared a collection of Black-owned restaurants (with specific city-by-city guides), as well as lists of Black food writers to follow and Black food publications to subscribe to. Pernod Ricard: Crowdsourcing App. Pernod Ricard announced its plan to create a crowdsourcing app that allows consumers and brands to collaborate with one another to drive real change. The technology uses crowdsourcing to surface hateful speech at scale.

General Electric Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon To Launch #SomeoneShouldInvent Campaign

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Inspired by science, technology and innovation, General Electric has partnered with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to host a series of Fallonventions segments and launch a new crowdsourced #SomeoneShouldInvent social media campaign. From the campaign’s star power, to the unique use of GIFs to bring crowdsourced inventions to life, General Electric has succeeded in raising the bar on social media innovation once again.

Geek curry night in Peterborough…

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And particularly as it’s revealed how many talented and skilled people are in the area – as a result, it’s led to the founding of digital design and development company Jodanma , of which I’m a co-founder, for example. But there’s no excuse for not giving it a try and finding out who else is interested… community Crowdsourcing Digital Culture social networks curry night digital people in peterborough dpip geeks meetup networks peterborough techy uk

What the Facebook Page Redesign Means for Businesses

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These crowdsourced recommendations will substitute traditional reviews. Make sure your page details are up to date with the latest company and page manager information before the updates go into effect.

Nike Celebrates Instagram Milestones by Thanking Its Community

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To commemorate both milestones, the company hosted a 24-hour long community celebration on its @Nike account. Throughout the celebration, Nike shared ten Instagram photos from its fans that inspire the company to “push further” on the platform. So, what can companies looking to celebrate their community on Instagram learn from Nike’s approach? What’s an event that could be a first for your company or brand?

Social Media That Made Us Laugh This Month

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It seems nowadays that everyone is jumping on the “millennials love pizza trend,” but there is one pizza company that is taking it to a whole new level. This month, Old Spice tested out a new engagement tactic by crowdsourcing a promotional video and hosting an open casting call on Twitter.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

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Penenberg’s ( @Penenberg ) Fast Company article: “Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love” examines research by neuroeconomist Paul Zak that suggests social networking triggers the release of the generosity-trust chemical in our brains: Oxytocin (known as the cuddle chemical). This should be a wake-up call for companies’ content on pursuing outbound marketing initiatives. Mike is the CMO at HubSpot in Boston, a marketing software company.

The Personal vs. Brand Approach To Social Media


While companies often use every platform possible to interact with their customers, the approach I take on my personal accounts is to utilize social to communicate, crowdsource, and collaborate. The way we approach social media from an individual and brand perspective are two very different things.

Pinterest Breaks Through to the Top 50 Websites!

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The Internet research marketing company, comScore, announced their data for the most visited websites and Pinterest attracted approximately 25.3 According to , Pinterest has a higher referral traffic than Twitter, although number one in the ranks is the very well known social media company , Facebook. Individuals as well as businesses use Pinterest for multiple reasons: To drive traffic to a personal or company website. Wow, did we see this one coming?