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On hardwork, Shorts Cuts and Aggregating in Digital

Direct Marketing Observations

In the world of digital, there exists the potential to aggregate your activities and consolidate your digital streams so as not to duplicate work. Do you ever hear anyone after a huge win, a major client victory or a momentous occasion within an organization say the following? That’s not really a short cut.

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How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Facebook Advertising

Ignite Social Media

Additionally, aggregated data will not include the ability to breakdown data by demographic. As is typical with these big platform changes, benchmarks from previous campaigns will not be as relevant a comparison when looking at the performance of campaigns executed after the iOS 14 implementation. Actions Your Brand Will Need to Take.


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The 9 best reputation management services for your brand in 2024

Sprout Social

In this article, you’ll learn what an online reputation management service is, how they support businesses’ goals and our recommendations for the best providers in the market. In comparison, a large fast-food chain may need software to handle a high volume of comments and reviews. What is a reputation management service?

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Instagram Looks More Like Snapchat and Facebook’s New Video Metrics | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

They’ve added aggregate video views for a page instead of just individual video views and they are simplifying aggregate video views by just including 3-second views (eliminating 10-seconds). For more context with analysis, they are incorporating comparisons between current video metrics and historical benchmarks. s stock price.

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Create the Ultimate Social Media Report That Impresses Your Clients (and Boss)

agora pulse

Social-savvy marketers. In-the-know marketers can easily understand in-depth information. Then choose the individual and aggregated data you want to include, such as audience insights, content summaries, and community management. Go for a data-heavy summary. Busy bosses and managers. Insert Comments and Insights.

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The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

Convince & Convert

Tweet There are four mandates that companies are adopting when they are examining and analyzing the success of their online marketing and social media programs. For a very long time, measuring marketing was a needle in a haystack approach, whereby we all agreed to lie to each other about data and extrapolations of it.

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4 ROI Formulas To Help Earn You a Promotion


If you’re drawing blanks, it’s time to recap a few marketing ROI formulas. Knowing some basic ROI formulas will help you better recognize the impact of your marketing campaigns and how to improve them. Use these four formula for ROI to analyze and prove the impact of your social media and digital marketing channels.

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