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New gTLD Domain Name Forum Launched

Bill Hartzer

A New gTLD Domain Name forum has recently launched. I’ve recently joined the forum, and so far have made several helpful connections through the site. Right now, there are domain name forums out there and they have areas to discuss the new gTLD domain names. Recently Sold gTLDs. gTLDs For Sale. gTLDS Wanted.

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4 Research Methods to Find Unique Angles Outside The First Page of Google

Buffer Social

My content and keyword research was limited to what I saw on search engine results pages (SERPs) for a long time, especially at the beginning of my content writing journey. So, I ventured out to find more research methods to address this issue. You need to expand your research beyond those pages to serve these gaps.


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Social listening analysis of COVID-19 vaccines: market research guide


They post on social media, leave comments on videos and forums, and write blog posts. Every day millions of people share their opinions, thoughts, and feelings online. For many of us, it's exciting content, but for marketers and brands, it’s a gold mine of consumer data that can potentially revolutionize their product and business strategy.

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How Social Media Has Become a Tool For Clinical Research

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The exceptional growth and adaptation of social media networks represents an ideal opportunity to overcome one of the most challenging aspects of the clinical research industry. Getting patients to enroll in a clinical trial is one of the biggest challenges that clinical research coordinators face. Reduce overall costs.

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3 Types Of Research You Shouldn’t Ignore

Small Business Mavericks

When it comes to research, you should make sure you are being thorough. Here are three types of research you should conduct to ensure your online marketing is everything you expect it to be. Competitor research – Your competition is not going to wait around for you to get your marketing in order.

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How to Create a Rocking Content Marketing Strategy

Writtent Blog

Creating a content marketing strategy that incorporates customer research, quality content, and methodical distribution is key to successful inbound marketing. First, Do Your Research Before you can create the amazing content your customers and prospects want, you have to know what they want.

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Keyword Research for Blogging


Before starting your research, it is important to note that there is no “magical&# process which assures you the top position in a search engine. In Market Samurai, click on the section “Keyword Research.&# Market Samurai Keyword Research. Market Samurai Keyword Research Results. Your Keyword Research Process.

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