Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team


Your ability to communicate and keep your team working cohesively can be a mountain-scaling, yet necessary task for mastering entrepreneurship and selling online. Social media is the perfect medium for treating clients well and your team needs to be working in unison to achieve this.

The value of collaboration


John Stepper has an awesome series of posts about the value of collaboration, which I wanted to point you to if you haven’t seen it. The Value of Collaboration #1: Reducing internal service costs. IT and HR teams are already doing most of this this work.

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How to Collaborate on Social Media Without Going Bananas

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If you don’t have the right tools or plan in mind, working as a team can compromise your social media strategy rather than improve it. Find out how to collaborate on social media. Working with a team can mean great things for your social media strategy.

How to Collaborate on Social Media Without Going Bananas

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If you don’t have the right tools or plan in mind, working as a team can compromise your social media strategy rather than improve it. Find out how to collaborate on social media. Working with a team can mean great things for your social media strategy.

Realignment #2: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


What good will it do you if you stock your library with cutting-edge data that is not easily searchable or accessible to busy executives who are constantly on the move? From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside.

Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


What good will it do you if you stock your library with cutting-edge data that is not easily searchable or accessible to busy executives who are constantly on the move? From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside.

Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Attending the European Conference of Information Systems in Tel Aviv last week, I was happy to find that areas such as data visualization, predictive analytics, social CRM and ROI etc found their way into the conference. Facebook data was collected from over 60k users and 1.5m

3 Ways Enterprise Businesses Share Vital Data Faster

The Realtime Report

3 Ways Enterprise Businesses Share Vital Data Faster. Monetizing data is a front-and-center topic in today’s competitive business landscape. It makes sense that enterprises want to make the most of the data they’ve worked hard to amass over the years.

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The State of Social Media Marketing 2012 [DATA]


It’s perhaps this last stat that’s the most concerning since, without a CRM platform in place, how do you expect to truly measure activity and results, and allocate the right resources and team members, to ensure the customer experience is everything it can be? Featured Useful Data

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The 6 Ways to Organize a Content Team

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The 6 Ways to Organize a Content Team. According to the survey, content teams are organized in one of these constructs: 1. Digital Content Team. Dedicated team that produces all online and offline content and creative. Channel Teams.

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7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

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That’s why we’ve partnered with the incredible marketing team at Asana , a leading work management software, to break down the top 7 invaluable marketing skills that help some of the greatest brand teams on the planet produce consistently great content. Collaborating.

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10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

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As 2016 draws to a close we asked members of Team Sprout to share the best things they’ve read this year. Extreme Programming Explained” is a thorough but quick introduction to the XP management philosophy and walkthrough of how to involve the whole team to get buy in on said philosophy. Even if you don’t subscribe to all of the tenets of XP, reading “EPE” is a worthwhile exercise in checking your processes as a team. Recommended by Greg, Data Science Lead.

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Effective collaboration with wikis | DavePress

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‹ links for 2008-07-07 • links for 2008-07-08 › Effective collaboration with wikis. own blog ) for some advice how how wikis can be used to throw some rough notes up and invite people to collaborate and share knowledge and experience to develop them into more coherent documents. There’s no way you will pinpoint every person who might be interested in what you are collaborating on. And how will those who have collaborated on it be credited?

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Meet Team Sprout: Blake, Head of Infrastructure

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As an engineering manager and Head of Infrastructure, Blake Smith often works on projects that customers will never actually see—but his squad’s work helps our engineering team work faster and smarter to build the always-evolving Sprout platform. Blake places a strong focus on individual, team and company growth. In this Meet Team Sprout interview, we talked about what keeps him motivated, why he loves living in the suburbs and his advice for new software engineers.

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Meet Discover : Our Data-Powered Content Ideation Toolkit!


The need for a content ideation tool that content writers can use to identify trending topics, gain inspiration and then collaborate with the team is what we seek to address. Discover takes data-powered content creation to another level.

Make the most of your Sprout trial

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To answer that question, our team of Support Customer Advocates and Account Executives have compiled a week-by-week list to help you make the most of your Sprout trial. You can also download our Sprout 101 Guide for your own quick reference or for distribution on your team.

How to Use Buffer for Social Media Teams: The Complete Guide

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Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. Not only can it help you tap into multiple points of view and perspectives to bring a fresh take to your social media content – having a team of people contributing content to your social accounts can help you save a ton of time with content curation. So how do you go about working with a team to execute your social media strategy?

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IBM’s #CognitiveDress, Krispy Kreme’s ‘Leaked Memo’ And What Team Audiense Is Reading!


Don’t worry, we’re still going to write about the best campaigns we saw this past week, but we’re also going to write a little more about we, the Audiense team, are reading. My #cognitivedress would not have been possible w/out this team of heroes from @IBMWatson !

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8 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketing Teams


Each week, a new tool is introduced to help improve social media management team’s productivity or to help curate the best content. Instead of making you do the search work, we’ve chosen to promote a few of our favorite tools that our social media team utilize weekly.

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IBM SJ 45-4 | Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work

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IBM Research: Collaborative User Experience. IBM alphaWorks: Collaborative Development Environments. Business Collaboration Volume 45, Number 4, 2006. Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work. We present an ethnographic study in which we examine the ways collaborative knowledge work gets done in a process-oriented environment. The data we collected are based on field interviews, on observation sessions, and on validation sessions using prototypes.

15 Top Digital Marketing & Branding Trends for 2020 [podcast]

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They have powerful data at their fingertips to be more agile. Even if they aren't experts on everything they would like to be, they will take risks, embrace new technologies, and continually use data to optimize results.

Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Developers: Use Your Skills In The Fight Against Diabetes!

SocMed Sean

I like to bring people together as a team to solve problems. The program, called the 2012 Data Design Diabetes™ Innovation Challenge is seeking new ideas for the next advancement in Diabetes care that: Improve the outcomes and/or experience of people living with diabetes in the US.

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The Michael Sampson Company Limited: 7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity

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Improving the capability of teams that cant be together, to work together. 7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity. During his work at Shared Spaces , Michael wrote a lot about collaboration. Shared Access to Team Data. The Michael Sampson Company Limited.

How Are Serious Games Reinventing Businesses?

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and creator of Innovation Games ® and Knowsy ® to discuss how serious games are changing Sales and Marketing teams at major brands. PD: Let’s go into some examples of how sales teams have solved potential business problems. If it’s not, we’ll discover this soon enough as a team.

3 Ways Social Media can Boost Sales Success

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Social media provides a platform to collaborate with potential buyers. Other technologies like Postwire can be used for more direct collaboration with more middle of funnel prospects. Marketing teams provides the platform and resources to sales to be able to do this.

The End Of Agile Marketing (Before It Begins)

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The ability to use data and analytics to make more informed decisions. The ability to collaborate (both internally with our team and with our agency partners) and to break down the silos within the organization (this can be both physical spaces and internal social technologies to foster better ideas). It''s easy to present big ideas about big data. collaboration. Is the concept of Agile Marketing a failed state?

What Mad Men Skills Do You Need To Rock Your Marketing?

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There is no question that marketers are increasingly required to better understand data, analytics, technology and yes, even math. This is a new-ish field and finding professional marketers who can do the strategic, creative and data work is no simple challenge. All of the data in the world doesn''t add up to a winning campaign or platform, if you don''t have the ability to be strategic and creative. Being open and collaborative. What about a course on collaboration?

Social Media isn'ta Prerequisite for Open Government

Social Media Strategery

Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 is about more than wikis, open data , Twitter , Web 2.0, or social media—it is about the strategic use of technology to transform our government into a platform that is participatory, collaborative, and transparent. Open government doesn’t start or end with social media – it starts with a mindset that you want to become more participatory, collaborative, and transparent.

STUDY: The Business Impact of Online Communities


Communities are silo-breakers – the place where marketing, corporate communications, operations, support, and other departments collaborate across organizational boundaries. Community leaders’ biggest obstacles are data analysis and reporting.

Love Your Brand

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We're inundated with technology (data, analytics, automation, platforms, channels and more). What do the top performing marketing teams do? With that, they were able to rank what these top performing teams were doing. Excel at collaborating with other business units. Say their executive team is completely committed to the overall marketing strategy. We want our team members to love the brand that they work for and represent. collaboration.

Time for a Social Media Assessment?


Clarity and collaboration –finally, you’ll get a sense for how your organizational dynamics are impacting your social media efforts. Finally, you’ll get a 3-page social media assessment report, grading your team on the three key focus areas, and suggesting next steps in each area.

Breaking the Silo: Why Every Department Can and Should Benefit from Social Intelligence

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Social data is particularly susceptible to getting stuck in “siloes” due to common perception that social data is only of use to social media and marketing departments. Here are a few key points from the report: Social Data Isn’t Just for Social Media Teams.

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Digital business is a strategic priority for CEOs… but not for CIOs (yet).


Tons of interesting data in this survey. Also required is a new approach to managing talent by utilizing flexible team structures, engaging outside collaborators, and increasing corporate tolerance for failure. Featured Humanize Useful Data

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Interview with Tom Taylor of Blueprint Technologies

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We believe our success can be attributed to a combination of our unique perspective, drive for innovation, laser focus on the customer, and the quality of our team, our customers, and our partners. That’s a core part of the collaborative approach we take at Blueprint – Client Development doesn’t end with the team I lead, it runs across the entire company. Marketing Darwinism met up with Tom Taylor, Managing Director of Blueprint Technologies on his recent trip to NYC.

[Interview] How Microsoft Uses Social Analytics, And How You Can Too


In 2016, mature social media teams can adopt a myriad of roles across marketing, communications, customer service, audience research, product development, and much more. At the core of this activity is using social media data intelligently to extract smart insights.

How to Grow Your Marketing Agency

They need to know you and your team are knowledgeable in your area of expertise. With this system, everyone at your agency will store their data in a single location with advanced security. Collaborating is a good way to get introduced to a whole new audience.

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Social business demands culture change


Internal collaboration platforms not working as they should? That’s a transparency and data sharing issue. Problem: Departmental silos are inhibiting internal communication and collaboration. Problem: Conflict within or among teams slows you down and never seems to go away.

5 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers at Your Business

The Realtime Report

However, it’s crucial that your marketing team understands your business intimately. Instead of putting your marketing team under pressure right away, be patient with them and encourage them to test and experiment. Coordinate & Collaborate.

Unmetric joins the Falcon & Cision Family


It began when I was at my previous company in the enterprise peer-to-peer data backup space. This started a mad scramble amongst brands to figure out budgets for social media and it all started with data. There’s a massive data haystack out there.

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

The Realtime Report

Some HR software solutions can run computer analyses so that the only time an HR team member would see a document or job application is if it meets key criteria that has been predefined. You would be surprised just how much time this saves a busy HR team.