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14 Books to Read…or Skip

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has senioritis, I thought I’d not do my intended content planning blog post, but do a semi-annual book post. I always had my nose stuck in a book and today really is no different. 14 Books to Read…or Skip Here are the 14 books I’ve read this year. I am just finishing this book now and it is excellent! By Gini Dietrich Here we are. The Goldfinch.

4 Ways Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups

Buzz Marketing for Technology

While focus groups attempt to simulate and gain insights on what the customer potentially thinks, nothing can substitute truly anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback. So how are websites replicating—and advancing—the traditional focus group? We look at four ways that your website can replace focus groups: 1. Focus groups just can’t compete with situations like this.

WhatsApp Adds Ability to Tag Users in Group Chats

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WhatsApp added the ability for users to tag other users in group chats, according to a report from The Next Web. With this update, a user can tag another user in a group chat by typing the “@” symbol, typing their name and then tapping the right contact on a bar that appears. When users tag other users in group chats, the tagged users will receive notifications, even if they’ve muted the conversations. Apps Facebook Android android apps App Updates Google Play group chats iOS iOS apps iTunes App Store Messaging messaging apps The Next Web Whatsapp

Review of the Online Group Buying Industry


Group buying is a trend that had incredibly growth throughout 2010. Group buying, which refers to social buying or collective buying as well, is the buying an offer which has been significantly reduced, due to the fact that it is only valid if enough buyers are found. Here is a short review of these 2 key players in the online group buying industry. Enter: Google Offers.

Book Review: The Power of Unpopular

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We also moved around so much that I didn’t have a set group of friends. So painful, in fact, I refuse to attend any kind of reunion or Facebook groups. That’s why I was so interested to read Erika Napoletano’s new book, “ The Power of Unpopular.” Disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book from Erika’s publicist.

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5 essential books for geeks…

The Way of the Web

Having seen some recommendations for what Wired considered the essential books for any geek, and found it a bit esoteric in recommending the original Dungeons & Dragons manual, for example, I thought I’d recommend the five books I have read, owned, re-read and recommended on numerous occasions as the core of my own geek libary. It’s not a definitive list, as I’m sure there are some great books I’ve yet to read, and it’s not focused on marketing, because that requires it’s own list. The Hacker Crackdown on Amazon. Code 2.0 Code 2.0

Podcasts and Facebook Groups Are the New Community Levers

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For a $50 discount and a copy of Jay’s new book, “ Hug Your Haters ,” go to and enter promo code “JAY” through August 8. One of the ways Social Fresh connects its members is through Facebook Groups surrounding the conference. Now, the groups will be deleted a few months after the conference. jasonkeath Tweet This.

47 Books For Your 2011 Reading List

Dave Fleet

Tweet Looking for books to populate your reading list for 2011? Last year I set myself a challenge: reading a book every two weeks throughout the year (I actually managed one more than that). Here’s the list of books they suggested, along with a few books I plan on reading myself (links are Amazon affiliate links): Non-Fiction. booksWinning - Jack Welch.

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10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

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Good books teach us about our craft, inspire us to be better leaders and even allow us to fall into escapist fantasies during our cold winter commutes. “The C Programming Language” is one of the few programming books that not only offers valuable and practical information but is enjoyable to read. This book does assume some familiarity with basic programming concepts but even novice programmers should be able to pick up and follow along. Guess you could say he wrote the book on C. The Idea Factory” is his first book. Our Engineering Picks. Ritchie.

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10 Brand New Books That You Should Read

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It''s like the brains of the world converged, had a meeting and decided to overwhelm us with a mass amount of brand new books to get our brains frothing. This is, without question, a tough time to figure out which brand new business book you should start with. My Kindle runneth over with books that must be consumed, contemplated and implemented. All of these books have either just come out (in the past month, or so) or will be coming out at any moment. The book will be out on October 1st, 2013 and I am enjoying it immensely. This is Todd Henry''s latest book.

Guerilla Community-Building Group Provides Insight to Modernizing Your Organization


I believe associations and other organizations, or even a group of erstwhile unaffiliated individuals can learn a lot about modern community building strategies and tactics from Office Heroes. You choose where you want to work, book and confirm and then use your rented workspace. This group is about networking but it is also rooted in appreciation. Anything.

Win a Copy of The Facebook Marketing Book

Ari Herzog

Want to win a free copy of The Facebook Marketing Book , a 262-page softcover guide that provides easy-to-follow advice and illustrations on profiles, groups, pages, applications, advertisements, events, and other Facebook etiquette you need to succeed? How does your book compare? Dan: I haven’t read the “for Dummies&# book. Me: Can anyone write a book?

Strategy Lessons: The Water Book

Geoff Livingston

A Book of Five Rings , written by Miyamoto Musashi in 1645, is one of the world’s classic sources of strategy. The Water Book is the second primary chapter of the Five Rings, following the Ground Book. This book primarily focuses on the The Five Attitudes and Approaches to strategy; Upper, Middle, Lower, Right Side and Left Side. Strategy Lessons: The Ground Book.

5 Tips to Help You Write a Book, Too

Geoff Livingston

Many people dream about writing books. Seven years later, I just sent the draft of my fifth book to my editors last week. Thanks to independent publishing , writing a book is something anyone can do. The trick is to demystify the aura of writing a book ( featured books image by Moyann Brenn ), and just do it. After the fifth book, it’s less of a moment.

CTRL ALT DEL Is My Next Book

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I am very excited to announce that the name of my next book is: CTRL ALT DEL - Reboot Your Business (and Yourself) in a Connected World. The official press release went out this morning via my publisher, Business Plus (an imprint of Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group USA ). This is the same publisher as my first book, Six Pixels of Separation , who had the option to pick-up my sophomore business book effort, and I am really (and sincerely) happy that they did. The book will be broken down into two sections. best selling business book.

Book Review: APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

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Stay Akamai: It’s a natural step for bloggers to consider publishing; self publishing books is easier than ever before. As a young writer, actually publishing a book seemed like a pipe-dream, particularly given the fact that I also always dreamed of eating and having shelter. I’ve considered several books over the years. Book ReviewAnd yet. Practical Advice.

Bring Your Own Meme to the #LiftOff Book Giveaway

Waxing UnLyrical

Via a quick (and FUN) exercise, I’m giving you another opportunity to participate in the book giveaway I announced last week. What books, you ask? Why, these books, my Social PR-lovin’ friend, which I call The Social PR Trifecta Giveaway: “ Known ” by Mark W. Then, post it to the Social PR Posse Facebook group before midnight EST on Friday, February 24.

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Announcing @SocialEmployee (McGraw-Hill) & Book Trailer #IBM #Cisco #Dell

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work , out August 23 through McGraw-Hill ! In our book, these international brands, were generous enough to open their doors to us so we could show the world how they are achieving revolutionary results. Watch The Social Employee book trailer video!

Amazon Get Serious About Book Publishing


While this headline may not appear as groundbreaking news to you, it really should because it may affect the way you consume books, again. Back in April 2011, the company announced that for every 100 print books has sold, it has sold 105 Kindle books. E-book sales continue to increase and to contribute to Amazon’s ever-growing sales. Laurence J.

Strategy Lessons: The Fire Book

Geoff Livingston

A Book of Five Rings , written by Miyamoto Musashi in 1645, is one of the world’s classic sources of strategy. The Fire Book is the third primary chapter of the Five Rings, following the Ground Book and the Water Book. This book is probably the most exciting of the five books from a strategic positioning standpoint as it delves into direct interactions.

Get My Next Book CTRL ALT Delete Now

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My second business book, CTRL ALT Delete , comes out on May 21st, 2013, but you can get a pre-release copy today. Galleys are not finalized books. They are also used to entice booksellers to sell a book. Part of the success of any any book is how well it sells out of the gate. Most pre-orders that are made on Amazon or Barnes & Noble count as first week sales, so here's the deal: If you pre-order the book now and email me your receipt ( ), I will have the publisher send you a galley copy of the book right away. book review.

Free for 36 hours: The (Updated) Corporate Blogging Book is $0.00 on Amazon

Debbie Weil

Amazon is capturing headlines again as the company bullies its way into book publishing - as distinct from book selling. promos for your book. Download The Corporate Blogging Book (Updated Edition) for $0.00. The book is updated throughout. But there are some bright spots for self-published authors. You can run occasional ( very occasional ) $0.00 I was amazed.

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Book Excerpt: The Death of Facebook

Geoff Livingston

Facebook Questions and Groups compete with LinkedIn Questions and Groups. The following is an excerpt from Welcome to the Fifth Estate , Chapter 7: Sustaining Your Community Over Time. Who in their right mind would predict the death of Facebook, given its ever-increasing dominance? But everyone always asks, “What’s next?”. If a customer wants a latte, they can go to McDonald’s. Salad?

The Future Of Books And Publishing

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I wish more people would read (more) books. In a world of Blog, Podcasts, Twitter , magazines and more, I still get the most value out of reading and thinking about a good book over anything else. Along with starting one of the most interesting open source projects, LibriVox (for audio books based on books in the public domain), Hugh also works on book and publishing start-ups. Just recently, he launched a new book (which he co-edited with Brian O'Leary ) for O'Reilly called, Book: A Futurist's Manifesto. book a futurists manifesto.

How I Got a Book Deal Through My Travel Blog


It was from an editor at one of the biggest publishing companies in the world – she’d stumbled across my travel blog and noticed I was working on a book about my adventures; she wanted to know if I could send her a draft of what I’d written so far. As I was battling my way through those early planning stages, a book deal had been the last thing I was looking for.

Book Review: The Social Customer

Dave Fleet

The Social Customer is one of the best books I’ve read on practical uses and implementations of social media marketing. The author, Adam Metz , takes the reader through a straightforward, easy-to-read summary of the concept and potential for social CRM, but that’s really only part of this book. Section Two walks through 23 use cases of social CRM (based on Altimeter’s 18 social CRM use cases , with a few extras thrown in), dividing them into six groups: Social Marketing. The book is extremely easy to read. booksTweet. Structure. Social Sales.

Book Review: The Crowdfunding Revolution


In this series of posts about social media books, I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . so I find this book incredibly interesting. Book review Social, In Theory More: “Organic. Transparent. Decentralized. As a Ph.D.

YOU Get a Free Book! And YOU Get a Free Book! How to Use and Make Money Using Facebook Ads

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First, for every person that registers for the webinar by end of this Saturday (Mountain time), YOU GET A FREE COPY OF MY MOST RECENT BOOK with Jason Alba and Rachel Melia, "I''m on Facebook--Now What???" LARGE GROUPS - I can give you a group rate if you contact me. Just contact me at and I can arrange a group rate for your organization. 2nd Edition!

Book Review: The Social Employee

Webbiquity SMM

The most natural and knowledgeable group of brand ambassadors would seem though to be employees. Into this milieu have stepped Cheryl and Mark Burgess with their book, The Social Employee: Success Lessons from IBM, AT&T, Dell, and Cisco on Building a Social Culture. One of the most powerful impacts of social media is the way has democratized brands.

The Content Marketer’s Guide to Writing a Book

Convince & Convert

Does the very idea of writing a book scare you? But writing a book is a horse of a different color. A book represents an experience like no other your audience has access to today—a chance to sit down with their Kindles, shut off the white noise, and immerse themselves in a world of knowledge. Many of us who consume content on our phones and computers escape the constant barrage of information through books. Execs are busy, however, so the duty of creating and organizing a book could fall to marketers. This is your chance to take the initiative. (Of

Want To Join Seth Godin And Me For A CTRL ALT Delete Book Launch At Google In NYC?

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It''s actually a private book launch party for CTRL ALT Delete. On June 17th, 2013, Google in New York City will be hosting the official book launch for my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete. This is a very private and intimate event for the industry and media (sponsored by Google and my publisher, Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group ) and it is by invitation only. We''ll comb through these comments and choose 10 winners who will be given a pair of tickets to attend this book launch event in NYC. business book. hachette book group.

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Book Review: Stand Out Social Marketing


This is the second in a series of posts about social media books, where I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . But the key strategic point of this book is that you stand out NOT by shouting louder than everyone else. photo credit ).

18 Experts, an Infographic and a New Book will Convince you that Social Media Networking is Serious Business!

Blue Focus Marketing

Aside from the following pearls of wisdom, I also recommend reading Kathryn Rose ( @katkrose ) and Ted Rubin ’s ( @ TedRubin ) new book Return on Relationship. Set a goal of finding 10 new people to engage with each week, and soon you’ll have a core group of followers and sites like Twitter will become a wealth of resources.”. Spell it out. It’s your job to make it easy.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Samantha McCain

Spin Sucks

She is a Spin Sucks PR up-and-comer and, through that and the Book of Face, we’ve become friends. What is the Best Book You’ve Read in the Past Six Months? His books and speeches involve the utilization of basic human principles… like being nice. I continue to pull his book out when I need inspiration or to take a mental break. I love that. Woe is me. Ooops!

Announcing @SocialEmployee (McGraw-Hill) Book & Book Trailer

Blue Focus Marketing

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work , out August 23 through McGraw-Hill ! In our book, these international brands, were generous enough to open their doors to us so we could show the world how they are achieving revolutionary results. Watch The Social Employee book trailer video!

10 Business Books That Aren't Out Yet (But You're Going To Read)

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There is a whole new slew of great business books that are coming your way in the next little while. Well, he just released his latest book and I''m about to get started on it! From the book: "How many times have you heard yourself saying yes to the wrong things -- overwhelming requests, bad relationships, time-consuming obligations? " The book was published on July 15th, 2014. Paul wrote a super-interesting book titled, The Marketing Agency Blueprint , back in 2011. " The book will be published on August 11th, 2014. business book.

Psychology’s Six Tips for Killer Confidence (and A Story About A Book)


Once upon a time I decided to write and publish a book. I just really thought it would be great to write a book. Fast forward two years and I held in my hand not one copy of my co-authored self-improvement book, but three. The post Psychology’s Six Tips for Killer Confidence (and A Story About A Book) appeared first on ProBlogger. By ProBlogger Expert Ellen Jackson.

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

SocialTimes Twitter

From @Starbucks to @Samsung Mobile and even @LEGO_Group, they all use audience segmentation to break their potential followers up into smaller accounts, which all feed up to the main account. For example, there is the main @LEGO_Group account. — LEGO (@LEGO_Group) May 7, 2016. — LEGO (@LEGO_Group) April 24, 2016. YouTube and online video marketing. Yay Leo!

CTRL AT DEL - The Business Book

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CTRL ALT DEL is the title of my second business book. Author of the best-selling business book, Six Pixels of Separation , and President of award-winning Digital Marketing agency, Twist Image , signs with Business Plus for the release of his sophomore book. NEW YORK, February 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Business Plus, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing ( Hachette Book Group USA ), has announced it will publish CTRL ALT DEL: Reboot Your Business (and Yourself) in a Connected World by Mitch Joel. best selling business book. business book. imedia.

37 of My Favourite Blogs, Books and Products

Viper Chill

However, if I just discover one great book, product, or resource from them, then reading the article is invaluable. Everything here is a genuine recommendation, meaning that I actually read all of the blogs, have read all of the books, and use all of the products. SEO Book. He was the author of the highly successful SEO Book (ebook), and now runs a very popular membership site.