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The 10 Best Books For Women, According To Amazon Reviews


Books took center stage precisely at this moment. Although books are not categorized for men and women but still, according to the choice and taste of the readers, there are some particular genres and books written explicitly on feminism and women. And we have that list of the best books for women.

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#545: Behind-the-Scenes: My 4-Phase Book Marketing Blueprint Revealed

Amy Porterfield

Listen on… The step-by-step marketing launch strategy behind my new book, Two Weeks Notice If you had told me years ago that one day I’d be a published author, I probably would have called your bluff.

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10 Must Read Books For Men Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored


With time, the habit of reading books is being lost in people. Books can be your ultimate friend in any situation. So, here I am to influence you to read books. But that too can drag you into the habit of reading books. Must Read Books For Men: 1. The book focuses on the greed of power and rulership.

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26 Social Media Marketing Books to Advance Your Skills

agora pulse

Need a good social media marketing book that fuels your learning and your career? Whether you’re an experienced social media manager or you’re just getting started in the field, reading the right social media books can help you level up. Social Media Marketing Books for Newbies. This book is for you.

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[BOOK ALERT] The Non-Obvious Guide to PR & Communication

Waxing UnLyrical

Super quick and exciting (well, for me) announcement: I’m writing a book! While I’ve contributed to a ton of other books over the years (chapters, interviews, etc.) Gotta go, I have a book to write! The post [BOOK ALERT] The Non-Obvious Guide to PR & Communication appeared first on Shonali Burke Consulting.

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Social Media Influencers Love These Insightful Books For Spring

Forbes Social Media

These books have hit a nerve with readers and are full of incredible insights about the world around us, how we interact with each other, and what we believe.

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Everything You Need to Know About Booktok + 5 Best Books


The TikTok community of BookTok has quickly become one of the leading book recommendation platforms in the world. Its unique combination of social media and book reviews has revolutionized how people find new books to read. BookTok started as a hashtag on TikTok by a group of book lovers, and it quickly became a massive trend.