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The State of Social Media Marketing – Summary of Annual Survey Report (Part 2)


The findings are based on a survey, conducted among 469 marketers from wide varieties of industries, company sizes and levels of social marketing expertise. Interesting is that for next year, 66% of survey respondents are planning to invest in increasing presence across all social media platforms. For comparison, in the January edition – 56 % of survey respondents stated the same.

The Challenge of Online Selling for CPGs


From the graph above, it is easy to see why CPG online retailers believe that it is a simple matter of being a great online marketer. According to an Integrated Marketing Services survey in February 2012, Millenials, Generation X and baby boomers all are looking for better prices, free shipping and same-day service as much as possible. Great Outlook, Even Greater Task. price.

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The E-commerce Tipping Point

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Do you feel that it's still a fairly nascent part of the retail experience or do you think that it has matured to the point where it's not only a proven merchandising channel, but a critical function of how people buy? He thought to himself: "this is the what retail looks like in 2012." Retail is, without question, morphing from a physical location (a shopping mall or a busy intersection of a popular city) to a state of digitization. What Amazon started is now being continued by new and fascinating online retailers like Fab. online retailer. retail.

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Tracking, Personalization And Screams Of Privacy

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According to the Business Insider article: "Nomi's team gives retailers a snippet of code that lets wireless routers listen for nearby smart phone signals. Instead, Nomi will show retailers how many customers visit each day, the average time spent in the store, and new versus repeat visitors." " Creepy invasion of privacy or awesome use of technology at the physical retail level? of smartphone owners say they most often research products on their phones when away from home, the survey finds. compare prices among retailers, the survey says.

Is Marketing About To Get Really Creepy Or Really Good?

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It is the ability for a brand to deliver contextual and highly targeted marketing at the local retail level. Applications range from step-by-step indoor navigation, to product-level retail customer engagement, to proximity-based social networking." It turns out that consumers are looking forward to more technologies at the physical retail level. The agency surveyed 1,874 U.S. In short, retailers want to capture this new, connected and highly untethered consumer. Amazon has been hard at work capturing tons of consumer information at the retail level.

Survey results: The top Twitter tools and apps « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Survey results: The top Twitter tools and apps 06/10/2010 tags: Twitter tools and apps by Gemma Went This is the second in the series of results that came out of my tools and apps survey a few weeks ago. The first post covered general social media tools. Both Seesmic and had 6.3%

Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction.

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Survey: Blogging within the architecture, design and construction industries 21/04/2010 tags: blogging by Annalisa Morgan In January of this year, we conducted a survey on the use of blogging amongst professionals in the architecture, construction and design industries. Why did you launch the blog?

The Next Great Marketing Disruption

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I was in New York speaking at the National Retail Federation ''s Big Show in New York City. Bush , was going to speak and then Costco co-founder, Jim Sinegal , would be awarded a lifetime achievement award during the NRF Retail Industry Awards Luncheon. " Is the next big disruption in marketing, retail and technology the sales receipt? national retail federation. nrf retail industry awards luncheon. retail. retail disruption. Last week was a weird week. That''s weird, right? that he was sitting at a tilt with it in his back pocket? chipotle.

Thanksgiving Marketing Statistics You’ll Gobble About

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Steal the last piece of pie as you distract cousin Fred with astounding holiday retail facts. They coined the term because of all the traffic jams, crowding, and often violence that resulted from the retail frenzy. My absolute favorite Black Friday fact comes from a RetailMeNot survey (as reported in Time ). The survey found 40.1 According to the survey, 46.9

The Power Of Direct Relationships

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On one hand, we're happy when retailers that we like provide us with discounts and bonuses because we're valued customers and, on the other hand, we're willfully sharing (some might argue over-sharing) so much information via social media that we're simply more comfortable there. The majority of survey respondents (55%) responded that they are 'mostly willing' to provide shopping preferences to trusted retailers in exchange for an enhanced shopping experience. My personal take is that the online survey above is a little off. online survey. retailer.

10 Reasons Market Research is Critical to Social Media

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It happens in all industries, but lately I’ve seen retail companies keep their “Consumer Insight&# group focused on traditional insight like mall traffic patterns and planograms. Tried and True Methods to Solicit Customer Feedback Industries are changing rapidly, and the need to conduct focus groups, surveys and gather feedback is too. Do they share opinions?

No Turkey For You

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Many retailers are opening tomorrow to give stuffed families the opportunity to walk off their tryptophan induced comas in the store aisles. Some retailers are receiving negative backlash for opening on Thanksgiving. But most turkey-blind retailers will be rewarded. Rants 2013 retail thanksgiving tradition work Today is the first day of Hannukah. That’s right.

Social Commerce IQ 2012 [Report]


Data from the report was gathered during the period from August to October this year, where 475 companies based on the 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500 and Second 500 were involved. Customer Survey. A survey among 1,819 U.S. 43 % of survey participants have asked their Facebook friends for advice before buying a product. Social Commerce Trends.

Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

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In their latest “Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing,” Econsultancy and Adobe share survey data revealing the sectors exploring this technology: Consumer goods: 33%. Retail/mail order (including online retail: 40%. Meanwhile, Motorola intends to dispatch Bluetooth-powered sensors to its retailers, The Washington Post reports. Telecoms: 30%.

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F-Commerce - Rise Of The Facebook Consumer

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Gift cards are big business these days and many retailers are getting in on the action. Soon after that, an Ad Age / Ipsos Observer survey of digital media habits reported that 75 per cent of Facebook users have "liked" a brand as well. The challenge was in figuring out the analytics to link those social acts back to a sale in order to create a semblance of proper retail attribution. retail. retail attribution. What the Facebook? While visiting Florida last October, I noticed a wall of gift cards near one of the checkout counters at a Target store.

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4 Quotes That Show Facebook’s New Touchy-Feely Intentions

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Most online retailers talk only about themselves on Facebook. According to research compiled by data-driven social media marketing company Argyle Social (a sponsor of this blog, and the software that we use for social communication), 65-66% of 566 online retailers surveyed only post content about their own company on their Facebook pages. Those days are about to end.

Just get us the Millennials! #Marketing #Fail

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They check in at retailers, restaurants and they expect brands to respond with authentic voices, not canned responses. This data is based on surveys, but in my experience working with millennials they are a diverse group and generalizations don’t always fit. “Just get us the millennials” This mind set is short-sighted and mindless old-school marketing at best!

Survey: Third of Companies Use Social Media to Promote Their Business

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According to a brand new survey by CareerBuilder , one-quarter of businesses leverage social media to recruit and research possible staff. A brand new CareerBuilder survey reports that 35 % of employers use social media to market their company. The survey was conducted among much more than 2,500 employers between March 18 and June 3, 2010. Survey Methodology. and +/-1.46

Association Social Media: Kelli Windsor, Food Marketing Institute


I had the great pleasure of moderating a panel of fabulous association social media managers at an Association Trends breakfast last month, where results were shared (and we opined on them) from the Association Social Media Benchmark Survey. First, we serve as the voice of food retail and use social media as a tool for sharing that voice. We love to hear about what you guys are up to.

Savvy Shoppers Use Cell Phones to Make Buying Decisions


The study also showed that as many as 6 out of 10 shoppers that were surveyed used their phone while in a store. Some retailers also took advantage of the abundant use of smartphones during the holiday season, by allowing consumers to price match other stores and even some websites right from their phones. Everywhere you go, people you see are glued to their cell phones.

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The End Of The Dial Tone

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You have your social media fully integrated into your website, which matches up to the retail experience and beyond. When a consumer is in the parking lot of a retailer, looking to find out what time the store opens at, or what''s on sale on their iPhone or Android device, and they''re suddenly faced with an non-responsive experience, that''s the failure of omnichannel. Meanwhile, a survey this week says that 47 percent of U.S. retail. retail experience. Things change quicker than most of us realize. It''s a long, hard slog for most brands. It''s old. Not so.

Top 5 Facebook Trends & How to Implement Them

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According to a 2016 Content Marketing Institute survey of content marketers, 61% used promoted posts as a paid advertising method, up 14 percentage points from the previous year. For example, if a customer visits a denim retailer online, but doesn’t buy anything, the business could promote an ad that features a third-party denim review to the potential customer. Facebook Live.

Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

SMS messages allow retailers to deliver promotions and discount vouchers straight to their mobile, based on previous purchases from the brand. Sending customers receipts via SMS not only helps the environment by reducing paper wastage, but also allows you to attach details on competitions, cross selling promotions or surveys for example. This is a guest post from James Bentham.

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Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

The Realtime Report

Are you surprised that social media websites ranked so low among the industries surveyed? Specialty Retail Stores 79. Internet Retail 78. Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. However, there are plenty of exceptions. Banks 85.

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6 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2017

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According to a KPMG survey, 92% of C-level executives already use data and analytics for marketing insights. Throughout the year, expect retailers to find faster ways to make sales and limit purchasing decisions. There was no shortage of changes to the social media industry in 2016, which included several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. VentureBeat ).

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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A comprehensive survey (1,753 respondents) released today by Edison Research, paints a fascinating picture of Twitter and its role in America’s social media ecosystem. Note that the survey population was 12 and up, including a representative portion of seniors). The full 49-page study is full of interesting graphs and data morsels, but these are the 7 findings that I didn’t anticipate: 1. Twitter is Ubiquitous Like Terrell Owens, Carrie Underwood, and Coke Zero, Twitter is almost universally on the radar of Americans. 42% learn about products and services via Twitter.

Five Customer Empowerment Tips: the Days of Intuition are Over


Just ask any retailer of consumer electronics, for instance. The effect is felt in several industries and certainly in retail. Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of using online surveys, NPS and customer feedback within a customer service scenario. You don’t really need studies to notice customer empowerment. The power of the customer isn’t new, it’s just stronger.

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104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle. Not a shock: retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twtitter. They prefer searching to being found, and will often be close to their final decision point before talking to a salesperson.

Affiliate Marketing is Far From Dead

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Thousands of prominent businesses have successful affiliate marketing programs, from online sales companies such as eBay and Amazon to retail stores such as The Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond. F or instance, we surveyed hundreds of advertisers for our affiliate benchmarks report. By Chris Kramer. Affiliate marketing gets a pretty bad rap. Wrong. Monitor. Check. Measure Value.

Finding Keywords: The First Step to Blogging Success

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Whether those are sales people, account managers, customer service, or retail workers, they are the people who are continually interacting with your customers. Send them a survey asking for feedback and input. Guest post by Sean McGinnis. I’ve been a web marketer for a long, long time. Finding keywords is one of the most important (and most overlooked) aspects of web marketing.

Customer Loyalty in a Changing World

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I’m a retailer’s nightmare! Eighty percent of companies surveyed by Lee Research say they deliver “superior” customer service, but only eight percent of people thought these same companies deliver “superior” customer service. By Laura Petrolino. Customer loyalty is akin to a really solid marriage—committed, enduring, and monogamous. Maybe not!

The (Forgotten) Power of Email


Online retailers and software developers usually have a list of emails readily available for them. An eMarketer survey in January 2011 revealed that out of US broadband users who opt in with brands, 53% join an email list and 31% become a fan on social network site. The conversation usually starts with a social media channel and how they can jump into it (e.g. How can I get started?).

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

Webbiquity SMM

Retailers are the biggest spenders on display ads, accounting for 21% of total spending. The three most sought-after types of content by business buyers are comprehensive industry/category surveys and studies (52%); technical details about products and solutions (44%); and analyst reviews or recommendations (43%). Internet Retailer ). Internet Retailer ). CMO ). CMO ).

The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

Harp Interactive

Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted —nearly 12 times more — than descriptions that come from manufacturers , according to a survey of US mom Internet users. 67% of shoppers spend more online after recommendations from online community of friends according to an Internet Retailer study. The New Rules of Social Engagement. See more! Reviews?

The 10 Commandments of Customer Engagement

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In addition to demanding trust in relationships with retailers with whom they do business, they demand those businesses be socially responsible. Think of all of the Facebook quizzes you have taken; think about the polls and surveys you clicked. Secondly, the target will most likely share that quiz, poll or survey with his/her community. By Andy Preisler. Customer engagement.

The Most Engaging Industries on Facebook and What to Learn from Them


The most socially devoted industry next after telecommunications is airlines followed by finance, retail and fashion. The phone company called Claro runs off with the title as the most responsive company within the survey with an impressive 96.99% in response rate. Tweet As consumers in social media, we rarely go look for information on company websites. Claro. KLM Airlines.

What Small Businesses Need to Kickstart a Programmatic Ad Strategy

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For example, retailers can ask for a customer’s email address after an in-store purchase, a travel agent can ask for an email address after a phone booking is made, or a business can segment email addresses of their top customers. The global survey of over 300 executives found that these leaders are roughly three times more likely to have increased revenues (55% vs. 20%).

510 – Customer Feedback and Social Media

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The 2014 Parcel Deliveries Usage and Attitude Survey highlighted the need for marketers to start using social media in the customer service context. But how? Today we discuss. Is social media a tool or a sales channel? Should we evolve from ‘online’ to a wider mindset of customer experience? What research shows how the customers view social media as a communication channel.

5 Ways to Master Your Local Search Ranking

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Did you know that 82% of local searchers will follow up by either calling the retailer, visiting the store, or making a purchase? In fact, this survey from Moz found that the top three negative ranking factors are: Incorrect business category. But that’s not all—the Moz survey mentioned earlier suggests that online reviews make up 10% of overall ranking factors. Acxiom.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

The report is primarily based on their own insights, research by industry analysis and the results of an informal survey they conducted. Seventy-six percent of respondents to Telligent’s unofficial survey said that finding answers quickly was extremely important to them; 56% ranked identifying relevant information and 55% ranked identifying experts as equally important.

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