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Google Helpouts- Small Biz Boon?

Janet Fouts

We are big fans of the Google Hangout around here. Now Google’s introduced a new program called “Helpouts” The idea is to do a hangout with someone else to help them solve a problem or learn a skill. Tried Google Helpouts?

How To Set Up a Google+ Page


In this article I am going to talk about the ins and outs of setting up a brand page on Google +, the web’s newest social network. A brand page on Google + is basically the equivalent of a fan page on Facebook and I highly recommend it for all of you budding marketeers.

Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm

Viper Chill

Cigna, a Global Health Insurance company. I’d never heard of them so was quite surprised to see them literally dominating their industry’s search results, in some cases occupying 17 of the first 20 Google search results. The Google Paranoia Train Keeps Running.

20 Most Expensive Google AdWords Keywords [Infographic]

PWB Marketing Blog

Google makes a killing selling advertising – nearly 97% of its revenue comes from advertising. 41% of all online advertising dollars go to Google. Ever wonder which keywords are the most expensive with Google AdWords? I had never heard of cord blood so I did a Google search.

SEO Agency Launches Google AdWords Campaign Targeting Blueglass

Bill Hartzer

Vizion Interactive , an SEO Agency, has launched a Google AdWords campaign where they are specifically targeting searches for a competitor’s brand name.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

Webbiquity SMM

Women make up the larger share of users on Facebook (58% to 42%) and are a slightly larger share on Twitter (52% to 48%) while men are the predominate users of LinkedIn (63% to 37%) and Google+ (71% to 29%). Furthermore, half of all Google+ users are under 25 years old.

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Social Media is Dead, Long Live Big Data

Laurel Papworth

your health/car etc insurance goes up or down. “Because, you see, customers who drink lots of milk and eat lots of red meat are very, very good car insurance risks versus those who eat lots of pasta and rice, fill up their petrol at night, and drink spirits.

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Blog Topics: How to optimize content for topics versus keywords

Razor Social

Google understands context better… You don’t always have to exact matches of keywords for Google to index your content as it understand context better. So even if you don’t have the exact match keywords Google is better at understanding what the searcher wants.

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Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication

Waxing UnLyrical

You put on your Dr. Mom hat, jump online and feverishly Google their symptoms, you check social media to see if any of your friend’s children are sick. Your child has come down with a rasping cough.

How Social Media Can Improve Your Business SEO

Engaging Brand

Believe it or not, search engines like Google are changing faster than ever to implement data from social media for their search results. The more people interact with your business''s social pages and share your content and engage with you, the more significant Google will find your activity.

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A Mobile Marketing Strategy That Helps First, Sells Second

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It doesn’t matter what you sell—insurance, pills, cars, energy, bonds—you’ll be reaching many of your customers through these ecosystems in the future.”. Many of our most used applications— like Google Maps—rely on it. This is a guest post by Jay Baer.

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New Search Engine Launched: Only Searches New gTLD Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

Using Google’s Custom Search Engine, Newgle has done what no other search engine has ever done before: only show search results from websites on New gTLD domain names. Newgle is a new search engine using Google Custom Search that takes the legacy TLDs out of the search results.

Agile Marketing in B2B

Buzz Marketing for Technology

It was a complex revision of previous regulations that changed how broker-dealers, investment advisers, insurance agents and consultants are compensated when dealing with investment and retirement accounts.

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Video: The Internet of You!

Sherrilynne Starkie

Related posts: Betty White flogs insurance via YouTube. Headline YouTube Facebook Google Social Media Social network Twitter Finally, a video that reveals the power of social media and why it’s changing us all! Measuring influence online. What the hell is social media?

Google Went “Code Red” to Save Google Buzz


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Google Went “Code Red&# to Save Google Buzz by Pam Dyer on February 18, 2010 Share Here’s the story of how panicking just enough may have saved Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter. Last week, Google launched an add-on to Gmail called Google Buzz. Then, on Friday, the team took questions at a company-wide meeting with Google employees.

Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands.


Infographic] Careful, Google: Facebook Has Passed You in Time Spent on Site [Chart] Social Media Ad Spending Will Hit $3.3 pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands?

9 Ways to be more visible in social media

Janet Fouts

Even if you have to Google it and look it up. If I need an insurance agent and I like your posts about Shelby Cobras I’ll let you know. So you built a new blog , set up a Facebook page and started tweeting and STILL you’ve got virtually no friends? You’re not alone.

What I Have Learned from Selling on eBay Since 2010


Instead research the price of your goods on Google and Amazon. 5.Always Ship with Tracking and with Insurance, when applicable. 2) Insure goods. As for insuring goods, I would recommend to set yourself a limit that you’re comfortable with. I always insure.

How To Hire A Marketing Agency

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I once heard an insurance company ask their agency to figure out who is the best at selling insurance online and beat them. My only thought was, "why look at who sells insurance best online, when you can study Amazon - a company that is proven to be one of the best players in selling online. There's nothing that a Google search box can't tell you about an agency - from their work to awards to community recognition and beyond. google.

Why Hiring a Marketing Department Has Changed—5 Subjects a Business Owner Must Now Consider in Every Interview

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Ask them if they are familiar with StumbleUpon, Digg, Quora, and Google+. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including business insurance to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the leading B2B Directory , [

Is It All About The Money?

Small Business Mavericks

If you look at the top 20 keywords that Google makes money on with its AdWords service, you’ll find that 4 out of the top 5 are all about money. Here are the top 5 keywords on which Google is earning its gold: Insurance. That’s why you’ll see education and training in Google’s top 20 income earners. And that’s why I think it’s Google’s top earning keyword category. When money talks, people Google.

Use Google Analytics to Track Inbound Links from Social Media Profiles


1: Create a trackable link Head over to Google’s URL Builder to create a URL that can be tracked separately in Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see your referrals by going to Google Analytics -> Traffic Sources -> Campaigns. Have you used Google Analytics this way?

SquareSpace vs Wix (and Everyone Else): When Paid Links Work

Viper Chill

Take paid links for example, an SEO tactic that has seen Forbes, JC Penney, Interflora and Expedia penalised by Google. The consequences for a linkselling site start with losing trust in Google’s search results, as well as reduction of the site’s visible PageRank in the Google Toolbar.

What the New Google+ Mobile App Additions Mean to Small Business Owners


Google+ just won’t sit still. With today’s relaunch of the Google+ mobile apps for iPhone and Android, it’s gotten even easier to let customers and clients keep tabs on your day to day, and give them a glimpse of the faces that make your company work.

What the New Google+ Mobile App Additions Mean to Small Business Owners


Google+ just won’t sit still. With today’s relaunch of the Google+ mobile apps for iPhone and Android, it’s gotten even easier to let customers and clients keep tabs on your day to day, and give them a glimpse of the faces that make your company work.

Stand Out With Breakthrough Ideas

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She also believes that this is the one (and potentially only) thing that will give us all the ultimate career insurance. google. advertisingpodcast audio blog blogging brand businessbook businesspodcast davidusher digitalmarketing dorieclark evolution facebook flipthefunnel forbes google harvardbusinessreview itunes reinventingyou standout Episode #459 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

Four Things Customers Want When Making a Purchase Decision

Spin Sucks

Let’s say Car Company A does a nice search engine marketing program where they have some fancy Google ads that drive people to their website, when searching specific keywords. Most of us know the marketing mantra KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Monday Roundup: Building Thought Leadership

Waxing UnLyrical

Why: “You don’t have to be a world expert, but if you can point to your expertise in your given community, you have career insurance in an unstable economic climate,” explains Dorie Clark as she speaks with Jay Baer about how you can “get people to understand why they should hire you and not somebody else who invariably is going to be cheaper” through thought leadership. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: Building Thought Leadership.

20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools


Twitter Analyzer : This is an interesting tool — if you love using Google Analytics then this will impress you. Infographic] Careful, Google: Facebook Has Passed You in Time Spent on Site [Chart] Social Media Ad Spending Will Hit $3.3

White House Creates Crowdsourcing Site

Spin Sucks

You share your petition on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, your blog, etc.,

Marketing Minds: Chris Pinkerton – VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research @ Mediative

Puzzle Marketer

He has had the pleasure of working with the digital teams at enterprise companies including Allstate Insurance, 3M, Toys R Us, Tyco, Zurich Financial, Avis Budget Group, Zipcar, CitiGroup, The New York Times and The American Red Cross.

5 Common Actions Competitors Take

Geoff Livingston

There are instances when a company like Netflix or Google rises up and wrestles the market away, usually through some sort of technological innovation. Google beat Yahoo by offering a superior search algorithm. Marketing extends beyond stakeholders and organizations.

How to Generate Around-the-Clock Content for Your Social Media


An auto insurance quote takes 15 minutes. Before more than a few minutes, he’ll start hitting up forums and searching all over Google looking for an answer. Guest post by Dean Olsen. —————-. The internet never sleeps.

Facebook Unveils the Most Powerful Social Ads of All Time

Convince & Convert

Bing and Google. Imagine, this time, that you’re Allstate, and a user searches for car insurance quotes. If you’ve been thinking Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX) as just a source of display, prepare to have your conceptions flipped on their head.

The Time Has Come For The Marketing Hacker

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The idea is fairly simple: by measuring your raw materials twice before you cut it down and try to fix it into place, you are better insuring that you didn't make a mistake in the measurement, and that the plank of wood is going to fit rather than discovering that you have to start all over again. I love Google 's advertising platform because it is the right thing for the right thing. google. google advertising. "Measure twice, cut once."

Your Google Searches May Be Used Against You, Artificial Intelligence Gets Smarter And More On This Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM

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We tell things to Google that we would not even tell our spouse. We're not talking about hackers, but insurance, lending and health-based companies. The Atlantic published a scary article back in 2015 that was making the rounds again last week online titled, People's Deepest, Darkest Google Searches Are Being Used Against Them. Everyone from Google to Facebook to Amazon are investing heavily. Google's AI created its own form of encryption ! google.

When Your Body Gets the Better of You

Waxing UnLyrical

But all said and done, we are lucky to have good medical care, insurance, and great family, friends, clients and colleagues, who are all so supportive – very, very lucky. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn When Your Body Gets the Better of You.

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth

Less necessary today with the inbuilt object recognition algorithm (google for example can tell the photo is of the Eiffel Tower BEFORE you tag it). Search: Google SEO Analytics - drops keywords, adds #hashtags. Google have announced that all their searches are now encrypted.

How Women Use Social Media [Infographic] | pamorama


Infographic] Careful, Google: Facebook Has Passed You in Time Spent on Site [Chart] Social Media Ad Spending Will Hit $3.3

5 Ways to Measure Agency Operations

Waxing UnLyrical

Including rent, utilities, payroll, marketing, insurance, etc., Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn 5 Ways to Measure Agency Operations. Guest Post by David Klein. More than ever, clients demand that PR agencies prove their value.

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